Frankincense Oil During Pregnancy: Is It Safe?


It isn’t surprising that during pregnancy there are a lot of changes that a woman has to undergo in order to sustain the baby and have a proper delivery. There are so many check-ups and medications that they might have to go through in order to get everything perfect and not have any kind of delays whatsoever. Not only this but medication is on the very high as metabolism and mood swings jeep changing causing some really drastic changes that might affect the overall functioning of the body. But then due or constant change in the body, there are several ways of maintaining the body that can be used in order to obtain desired results and make the body healthy and fine right after delivery.

After immense anxiety and agony, there are certain artificial medications that you can use in order to reduce the overall shape and lose out on the belly fat as well. But then there are essential oils available where you can use them and have some really great results that will never disappoint. Out of the many that you can, frankincense is one of the highly recommend oils that you can use during pregnancy. But some might beg to differ and to clear out that doubt, there are several keys points that might help you in deciding whether or not to go for it or just try something else. Hence let’s first know what is frankincense oil and how can it be helpful for pregnant women.

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A Guide for Frankincense Oil During Pregnancy


What is frankincense oil?

Frankincense oil is an essential oil that is extracted from flowers that have a really sweet and nutty smell to it. Not only this but then it really boasts some interesting properties that help in reducing the overall stress and anxiety issues that a pregnant woman might be facing. But the frankincense oil is one such oil that you can use right from a pregnant woman to a newborn. The quantity that you might be using differs but other than that everything else remains the same.

Needless to say, it’s something that you could use over and over again that will not cause any sort of harm. But then what might be those special properties that are raising the demand for this oil. Well, the clear that out, frankincense essential oil is an oil that is filled with nutrients and vitamins such that massaging the oil mixed with water can provide some really interesting changes that are not only good for the body but also a relaxing sedative that a pregnant or after labor women would desire.


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Is it safe during pregnancy or not?

Frankincense oil is a type of oil that happens to be really useful in reducing the bumps and keeping all kinds of deformation of the skin away from the body after pregnancy. It can help you relax the muscles and overcome significant changes that you might witness during pregnancy. Well, it is advisable to use the oil during pregnancy but some might possess some kind of allergic reaction such that it can irritate the host and the baby as well. So doctor advice would be suggested in order to get the best use of the oil and also benefits from it in the long run. Needless to say that frankincense oil is the primary oil that almost all pregnant women happen to use during their pregnancy days to eliminate any kind of pain and agony that they might be feeling during the days of pregnancy.

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Benefits of frankincense oil

Not many people might be knowing this but then frankincense oil is a really good supplement that you can use whenever a person might be suffering from anxiety issues or dealing with depression that makes it really hard for a person to even survive. It tends to deal with the overall blood pressure of the body and reduces the pulse rate and gives the person a soothing and calming effect that can be a perfect use while performing yoga or while meditation.

When it has such great properties, the using of such kind of oils on the body of a pregnant woman is really useful in relaxing the muscles and giving them a much needed relaxing effect that they really need during labor and also during their pregnancy. Hence all of these benefits result in the safe usage of frankincense oil for pregnant women.

But then you may never know how much is too much as using too much of these oils is not that good for the body.


Side effects of frankincense oil

Frankincense oil possesses some really interesting properties to give people the best results during their pregnancy days. But then some of them might get some kind of side effects because of the allergic reactions that could pose some kind of threat to their baby and themselves. It might cause strokes and also result to  allergic attacks that can prove to be fatal. Hence a doctor’s appointment should be taken in order to know much more about the condition and have an in-depth take on how everything can be treated and have the best use of the oil.

Hence now that you have a general view about frankincense oil benefits and its side effects, do take proper measures in order to get the best of everything and also try to take proper measures as well. All the best and do the needful.


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