11 Foods to Avoid During First Trimester of Pregnancy


Fish with high amount of mercury, junk foods, cheese, sugar rich foods, caffeine, canned foods, nitrate rich foods, street foods and licorice are some of the foods to avoid during first trimester of pregnancy.

During pregnancy a women experiences a lot. As it is known to maximum women, that pregnancy is an amazing roller coaster experience and has its own upsetting symptoms besides the wonderful feeling of carrying a baby. Now with this wonderful feeling a woman experiences a lot of pain and pressure as well.

It’s a beginning of a new life with a new generation itself and one should cherish every moment being in there. Women do experience a lot of mood swings, ups and downs physically, mentally, emotionally during this period mostly. Every pregnant women should stay happy, and must keep smiling. This will make the baby happy and healthy too.

Now, during this period they are not allowed to work that much because they should take rest and more than that they should be very careful with the baby as well. As the first time of being pregnant is itself a whole different experience and more than that, it’s starting of a new phase. So, during this period one has the eagerness to know everything related to pregnancy as well as parenting. New parents are really very much cautious and very protective and also possessive about their baby.

During pregnancy as women come up with a lot of mood swings and cravings which is one of the very essential part of this phase. As hormonal changes take place, this is normal during pregnancy. But the sad part is that you cannot have anything you want, or indulge anything you get near you.

First Trimester of Pregnancy 

First trimester the first lap of the journey. It’s around 1 to 12 week of being pregnant. The excitement of bringing the baby in this world and all those happiness with the pain at the same time means so much to a family and a couple who are going to start this together. An overwhelmed situation where you’ll be scared and happy too, nervous but excited. A phase with mixed emotions and that feeling of finally becoming a mother. So, in this stage one should be very careful with themselves.


As it is said that the first three months of pregnancy is very crucial and anything can happen. So one must be very careful and active in these first three months. The baby grows faster in the first three months and you can even hear their heartbeat. Eating habits should be proper and there must be a proper diet and be careful in stairs and on roads. There must be certain things or foods which one must avoid in this stage. Because they may cause harm to the baby or can make you feel uncomfortable and dizzy. So be aware and careful with the baby and take care of yourself.

Pregnancy Diet: Foods to Avoid During First Trimester


Fish having high amount of mercury

There are maximum women who love to eat fish and in cases like this, they should avoid fish with high mercury. Swordfish, tilefish and shark; all these contain high mercury in them which is harmful for the human body. Mercury is an element which is found in lakes and ocean. Methylmercury is a neurotoxin and can damage a baby’s brain and can delay the growth. Choose fish high in omega-3 fatty acids which will be good for the mother as well as for the baby.

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Junk foods

Junk food is not good for normal people then how can one have it when one is pregnant. There are a lot of spicy, sour, too sweet foods which can harm the health of the mother and also make the child uncomfortable.


A pregnant woman must not have soft cheese like blue cheese, camembert, gorgonzola, panela and feta. These cheeses contain listeria which is a bacteria that can harm the mother and the baby too.


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Sugar rich food

Stop having sugar rich foods such as candies, cake, desserts, ice cream, chocolates etc. They worse the pregnancy discomforts, which increases weight, contribute to gestational diabetes, increase the risk of preterm labor.


A lot of people love having coffee and tea, some have a habit of taking tea every day. A pregnant woman should avoid caffeine as much as possible because it increases the chance of miscarriage and low birth weight babies.

Some fruits and vegetables

Some fruits like papaya, black grapes, pineapple should be avoided during pregnancy. Papaya contains latex that can lead to uterine contractions. Black grapes makes the body warm which can be harmful for the baby.

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Canned foods

Canned foods are basically harmful because to store them, a chemical is used so that it can last long. It contains Bisphenol, a toxic substance which can cause fertility problem and heart disease in a pregnant woman.


Nitrate rich food

Avoid some foods which are rich in nitrates like hot dog, sausage, sandwich and salami. Nitrates increase the chance of having cancer in mother and abnormalities in the fetus.

Street foods

Street foods are unhygienic but still we are very much attracted towards street food. They look yummy but are very harmful for stomach. Oily street foods are not recommended for pregnant women as it is harmful for the mother and the baby as well.

Excess of vitamins

Vitamin is important and required but only if it is in a limit. Water soluble vitamins taken in may show irritating effects on the digestive system. Avoid excessive intake of vitamin A and E.


Avoid licorice (mulethi) during pregnancy because it may cause delay in your baby’s developmental process. It may affect the baby’s IQ. Licorice may cause health issues in the baby.

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