11 Effective Benefits of Cardamom for Babies


Cardamom offers several health benefits to your child. Some of the health benefits include improved digestion, healthy skin and the ability to fight common cold and flu. Cardamom is also known for their antioxidant, antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. It will help your child to cure stomach related problems and will have a cooling affect on his/her digestive process. Cardamoms are also good for strong and health hair growth. (Mayuri & Garg, 2012).  They cure constipation and sooths the nervous system of your child. Overall, cardamoms can be considered as a super-food for your little one.

Giving Cardamoms to your Child:

There are a number of ways by which you can offer Cardamoms to your child. However, make sure that the seeds are wet and soft. Otherwise, it will cause choking hazard for your little one. Cardamom soaks-up water much quicker than chia seeds. Cardamoms get soaked in five minutes. But if you are planning on giving Cardamoms to your child then at least soak the seeds for a couple of hours. It helps it to soften. Also soaking the seeds helps the digestive enzymes to release. There will a hard coating surrounding the seed. There are a number of ways by which you can offer Cardamoms to your child.

  • By adding them to the drinks
  • Blending them with the smoothies
  • Sprinkling them on top of salads
  • Mixing with cheese and cream sauce
  • Use them in desserts
  • Mix them with yogurt or fruit. (Dobe, 2012)

However, before adding to the drinks you should add Cardamoms in chewable food items. Mixing them with salads and fruits can be a good start. (Kaur, 2013).

Nutritious Value of cardamom

Nutritious Value of Cardamom:

Cardamoms are rich in vitamins like A and C. These vitamins can help your child to develop the red blood cells. They are also very good for your child’s gums and teeth. Cardamom also contains Vitamin B 12 and B6. Whilst the former is good for the overall brain development of your child, the latter will induce a natural sleep cycle in your child. (Kaur, 2013).

The presence of minerals like magnesium, manganese and zinc also is beneficial for your child’s overall brain and organ developments.


Health Benefits of Cardamoms

There are many health benefits offered by Cardamoms. Your baby can be befitted from Cardamoms, in a number of ways.

Boosts Digestion

Cardamom contains many digestive enzymes. This helps to improve your child’s digestive capacity. Weekly consumption of Cardamom can seriously improve the digestive potential of your child.

Improves Metabolism

Better digestion often improves the overall metabolism. During the early growth stage your child requires natural metabolic stimulators. Cardamoms solve the purpose.

Protects the Liver

Cardamoms have the capacity to boost and improve the liver function of your child. Consumption of fast foods and fatty foods often causes harm to the liver health. For that reason it is important to offer him/her some natural substitute which will protect the liver functions. (Kaur, 2013).

Rich in Vitamin A

Cardamom is a fantastic source of Vitamin A. It helps your child’s skin to remain healthy. Vitamin A is also good for your child’s little eyes. It will improve his/her vision and fight against any kind of infection in the body.

Strengthening Hair Autoptimize

Cardamoms are a fantastic source of iron. That is why she boosts the red blood cell formation in your child’s body. It also strengthens and nourishes hair. If you are worried about the lack of hair in your child’s wee head then feed him/her with Cardamoms. The nourishment derived from this kind of seed will definitely boost the hair growth for your child.


Soothes Nerves

 Cardamoms are also rich in potassium. Potassium is a mineral which ensures proper functioning of heart and the nerves system. In the growth stage it is important for your child to keep his/her healthy and free of any sort of fat.


 Cardamoms contain a high level of anti-oxidants known as phenols. This protects your child’s cell membrane from any sort of damage caused by the free radicals. This means your child will be less prone to falling ill if Cardamoms are given on a regular basis. It will protect your child’s heart and help it remain strong.

Cures Constipation

Plenty of sugary treat often causes constipation and gas in your little one. The high amount of digestive enzyme present in Cardamoms helps your child to digest food properly. This helps your child to regularize the bowel movement.

Improves Respiratory System

A mixture of Cardamom with ginger and honey can solve respiratory disorder for your child. You can also simply add Cardamoms to a glass of boiling water and offer it to your child. It will protect his/her lung along with the respiratory tract.

Fights off Flu

The anti-inflammatory quality of Cardamoms helps in fighting off common cold and flu. Regular consumption of Cardamoms will help your child to fight off flu and common cold and fever. It will also help him/her keep dangerous ailments like bronchitis and influenza. Due to the marvelous antispasmodic properties Cardamom can also treat diseases like whooping cough.

Calms Down

Cardamoms have an overall soothing effect on your child’s nervous system. It uplifts the mood. It also helps them to recover fatigue or exhaustion. In case your child gets tired easily then feed him/her with Cardamoms.  Otherwise, also Cardamoms have great impact on the overall nervous system of your child.


Precautions & Measures

Till date, there are no known side effects of Cardamoms. However, when you are planning to feed your child with such seeds, make sure he/she does not choke in it. For that reason you should soak the seeds for a couple of hours before giving it to your child. Also you should start adding them to solids like salad or fruits. Then you can add them to any juice or smoothie. Let your child understand the texture and composition of the seed before swallowing them. Otherwise, they might choke themselves leading to a blockage in the food tract.

Cardamoms are available in Asian or organic food stores. There are also canned desserts available with Cardamoms. However, it is best not to offer your child with canned desserts. You can sprinkle the seeds on yogurt and custard and offer it to your child.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!