11 Benefits of Echinacea Tea During Pregnancy


Health benefits of consuming Echinacea tea during pregnancy include treatment of diabetes, infections, acne, herpes, cancer, anxiety, anti-inflammation, immunity building, lowering of blood pressure, cell growth and shorter labour period.

Echinacea, commonly called coneflower, is a species of herbaceous plants in the daisy family producing beautiful pink flowers. The extracts from this plant have a host of beneficial qualities which can be used to treat various ailments in the human body, and thereby sustain the power of immunity. Especially in pregnant women, the anti-bacterial and pro-immune properties of Echinacea are duly felt. Tea extracted from the coneflower can be beneficial to all women facing changes in their bodies owing to their pregnancy. Of all the varieties of the plant available in the wild, Echinacea angustifolia, Echinacea pallida, and Echinacea purpurea are the types used specifically for herbal remedies.

11 Amazing Benefits of Echinacea Tea During Pregnancy

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Echinacea tea is the most common way in which the extracts from the coneflower can be consumed by pregnant women, to open themselves up for the tea to take action. Here is a step by step guide on how to make Echinacea tea:

  • Obtain dried coneflower root from an herbal or medical store, in tablet form or as dry leaves and crush it to a powder form.
  • Make use of your tea diffuser and add two teaspoons of the crushed Echinacea.
  • The next step involves steeping the powder in around 8 ounces of boiling water, for a span of 2 or 3 minutes.
  • The Echinacea infusion must now be removed, allowing the water to cool down.
  • Adding a few drops of honey as flavouring agents is also encouraged.

The Native Americans resorted to Echinacea for herbal remedies of various illnesses. If you are wondering how this tea can help you live better, here is a range of Echinacea tea benefits

Treatment of diabetes

Diabetes is a common problem that plagues human beings, potentially ruining bodily organs. Drinking Echinacea tea regularly can keep your blood sugar levels from spiking up. Especially pregnant women, who are susceptible to gestational diabetes, can benefit greatly from a practice of regularly drinking Echinacea tea. In case of hypoglycemia, Echinacea can prevent the sugar levels from dropping.



A medical study conducted in Canada reveals the anti-inflammatory properties of echinacea¹. Eye inflammation from uveitis, inflammatory arthritis can be prevented with the regular consumption of Echinacea tea. Pregnancy can cause a host of problems and changes in a woman’s body. Taking Echinacea tea on a daily basis can prevent inflammation irrespective of the cause.

Immunity building

In general, echinacea tea is known to boost the immunity² of a human body against common cold and flu, bronchitis and other such issues. Alkamides present in the chemical composition of Echinacea can help in producing more white blood cells to build a stronger, more combative immune system that contribute to a healthier and longer life. When pregnant, a woman’s body is prone to infections and diseases. Consuming Echinacea tea during pregnancy can help lessen the susceptibility to infections.

Treatment of infections

By building the immune system, Echinacea tea can prevent infections but if infected, the purpurea species of Echinacea can help fight and defeat the infection. This can be of extreme relevance to a pregnant woman who is an easy target for infectious microbes and germs.

Lowering of blood pressure

Preliminary research³ has shown that the anti-inflammatory compounds and antioxidant properties of Echinacea can help lower blood pressure for those prone to having a high blood pressure. During pregnancy, tea from Echinacea extracts can help keep the blood pressure in check, keeping the baby healthy while it remains in the mother’s womb.

Treatment of acne

The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory substances of the body can help prevent the breakout of acne on your face. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may cause an outbreak of pimples on your face which can be prevented with regular consumption of Echinacea tea.

Treatment of Herpes

The herpes simplex virus may be kept in check with daily consumption of Echinacea tea. Evidence from extensive anecdotes may be cited for the authenticity of this fact. Cold sores, severity and frequency of herpes can be kept in check with the extracts from Echinacea.


Against cancer

Medical research has shown that the phytochemicals present in Echinacea can be handy against unnatural cell growth in the human body, preventing the growth of tumor⁴ and acting as an anti-cancer agent. This is a must in the supplementary diet of all expecting women as it helps take necessary precautions against cancer.

Against anxiety

The chemical composition of Echinacea contains caffeine, which can act as a nerve stimulant. Taken regularly, Echinacea tea can help stave off anxiety by reducing the frequency of anxiety and panic attacks.

Helps cell growth

Cell growth is an essential part of pregnancy as a woman’s body grows to accommodate new life. Phenol present in Echinacea tea can promote growth of healthy cells in the living body.

Shorter labor period

Taking Echinacea tea regularly during pregnancy can make sure that you have a shorter labor period at the time of childbirth, making the process of giving birth much easier to go through.

Inspite of its many benefits, Echinacea has been known to have different side effects. Some of the Echinacea tea side effects may be listed as follows:

  • Issues during breastfeeding: Some studies have revealed that consuming Echinacea tea during breastfeeding can affect the production of milk for the young one. Echinacea tea is best avoided during this period.
  • Autoimmune disorders: Sometimes, auto-immune disorders may affect a woman with child, which might then pass on to the baby.
  • Allergic reactions: Some people are known to be allergic to flowers and extracts from the daisy family. Echinacea tea can adversely affect their health.
  • Reaction with other medicines: The caffeine content of the Echinacea tea can react with other medication that you might be taking. It is best to check with your doctor before beginning a regular consumption of Echinacea tea.

With a general deterioration in the general state of public health, it is important to take that one step in an attempt to take better care of yourself. Herbal remedies like drinking Echinacea tea can empower your immune system and enable you to fight every disease effectively.



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