11 Side Effects of Cymbalta During Pregnancy


The most common Cymbalta side effects for pregnant women include headache, excessive sweating, insomnia, reduced appetite and increased chances of miscarriage. But the side effects of Cymbalta don’t only effect the mother but also puts the health of the unborn baby at high risks.

What is Cymbalta?

Cymbalta is the brand name for duloxetine and anti-depression medication approved by the FDA in the year 2004. Duloxetine is a prescription medication which is available only under the brand name Cymbalta. This medication belongs to a class of drugs known as selective serotonin-norepinephrine reuptake inhibitors or SSRIs like other SNRIs.

Cymbalta Side Effects During Pregnancy

Cymbalta Side Effects During Pregnancy

There are a few benefits of using this drug, but did you know that consuming it while you are pregnant can be fatal. Cymbalta side effects are given below:

Heart rhythm problems

One of the serious Cymbalta side effects is that it causes heart problems in everybody, including pregnant women. The cardiologists are realizing the millions of Americans on Cymbalta are having side effects of heart rhythm changes and artery wall thickening, which is definitely not a good thing. It not only hampers your health but also puts your baby’s life at risk.



Headaches are a usually common facet impact of Cymbalta. Migraines are not listed as a facet impact. However, antidepressants alter our levels of neurotransmitters like monoamine neurotransmitter, which will have a control on our migraines. This is undoubtedly one thing you ought to ask your doctor. Sometimes, effects like these can flee in time. Headaches can be very difficult to deal with during pregnancy.

Not sleeping well (insomnia), or feeling very sleepy

The same mechanism that causes sleep disorder at nighttime in this drug conjointly causes drowsiness throughout the day. Cymbalta can also cause nightmares and sleepwalk. This aspect result could also be transient, and pregnant women will deal with unavoidable problems when at work or at home. It can also cause long sleepy hours.

Excessive sweating (especially at night)

Whether you take Cymbalta for a generalized psychological disorder or to treat a condition inflicting pain, this medication might cause the facet result of excessive sweating. Most pregnant women notice a rise in sweating especially on the palms, feet and their underarms. However, you will suffer from an increase in sweat anyplace on the body.

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Shivering is found among folks that take Cymbalta, particularly in women who are pregnant. Pregnant women suffer from this in less than one month from when its consumption is started and it can be very fatal for them and can also risk the health of her unborn child.

Muscle pain

Cymbalta causes muscle pains and various joint pains. Pregnancy is already a painful time, and it is not an intelligent choice to increase your pain by taking doses of Cymbalta. Pregnant women often suffer from back pain, knee pain and sore muscles.


Reduced appetite

Another Cymbalta side effects is that it causes loss of appetite. This problem seems to be normal but it can extremely dangerous for pregnant women, as during pregnancy she is supposed to provide essential nutrients not only to herself but also to the life growing inside her womb. The health of the baby is at risk if the mother loses her appetite.

The threat to your baby

Consumption of Cymbalta during nursing is not at all recommended. This drug can cause harm to your unborn baby. It might lead to problems related in his brain and heart. Also, the health of the unborn is at extreme risks while consuming Cymbalta.

The first trimester is extremely risky time to take Cymbalta

Reports have proved that ladies taking Cymbalta during their first trimester suffer from chances of miscarriage. Different studies have found the probabilities of miscarriage to be just like that of pregnant ladies taking different medicinal drug medication. Depression itself could increase the chance of miscarriage that makes it tough to seek out whether or not the medications accustomed treat depression can even cause miscarriage.

Problems passing urine

Cymbalta side effects also include various urinary problems. A pregnant woman might feel burning sensations while urinating, making it difficult for the urine to pass. Hence, it is best to avoid taking this drug, as it is going to increase your difficulties in a difficult time.

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Slight blurring of vision

Use of Cymbalta during pregnancy, might result in slight blurring of vision. Many a time doctors miss some of the side effects of it, but since every person is different, everyone experiences different problems. It is highly recommended to consult your doctor in case you start getting blurred visions.


Benefits of Cymbalta

Cymbalta is believed to work by increasing the brain supply of the feel-good hormones serotonin and norepinephrine, this corrects an existing chemical imbalance improving mood and creating a feeling of well-being. Cymbalta is most commonly used in the treatment of the major depressive disorder and general anxiety disorder. It can also be prescribed to treat diabetic neuropathy or pain caused by nerve damage in people with diabetes.

Things to remember

  • Cymbalta is available in 20, 30 and 60-milligram capsules. It is best to avoid consumption of Cymbalta during pregnancy, but if you are someone who can’t do so then make sure that you take it once a day with water.
  • Once you have been taking this medication regularly do not stop it suddenly, as it may lead to serious withdrawal symptoms. The most commonly reported Cymbalta side effects include weight changes, insomnia and, decreased sex drive. But please ask your doctor for a complete list. Also, tell your doctor immediately if you experience suicidal thoughts, yellowing of the eyes or skin or any other significant changes. Cymbalta should not be taken with MAO inhibitors like Nordahl or in conjunction with alcohol.
  • Most painkiller medications should also be avoided while taking Cymbalta during pregnancy, but ask your doctor for a full list of medications and conditions that should not be combined with Cymbalta.
  • Cymbalta can be effective at easing the people with depression or anxiety disorders. However, this medication must always be used under the direct care of a physician. Please ask for a review of all the patients (especially pregnant women) information who are taking Cymbalta under the prescription of your doctor.

It is best to completely get rid of this drug while you are pregnant because babies do better with well mothers and Cymbalta side effects are extremely fatal. There are many other ways of dealing with depression and anxiety, like exercising regularly, talking to your partner, avoiding junk food and eating healthy diet etc. But if you fail to quit Cymbalta even after trying all the possibilities, you must consult your physician and discuss about Cymbalta side effects and ways to avoid any sort of problem.

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