Blurry Vision During Pregnancy: Symptoms, Causes and Treatment


Pregnancy is a time when our body experiences many changes. Some may not affect you much, but some changes can really make you feel uncomfortable.  One of those changes may take place in your eyes. There are certain reasons that can cause blurred, scratchy and infectious eyes. Many women are unaware of these changes that are common during pregnancy and can’t be ignored. So, as a mother you don’t have to be careful and responsible but also aware of all the facets of pregnancy.  Here is a write-up to tell you about the possible symptoms, causes and treatment of blurred vision.

Guide for Blurry Vision During Pregnancy

Blurry Vision during Pregnancy


Symptoms of blurred vision in pregnant women

Blurred vision is a very common problem in pregnancy. But it may lead to some serious problems as well, so here are certain symptoms of blurred vision which every pregnant women should may experience.

  • Eyes irritation
  • Dry eyes
  • Floaters
  • Discomfort
  • Changes in vision
  • Double vision
  • Spots

Blurry vision and other problems in the vision during pregnancy may be a symptom of preeclampsia. It is a rare condition but it can happen to anyone. It may cause high blood pressure, distorted vision, sensitivity to light and temporary blindness at times.The vision changes may be a result of irritation of the central nervous system or due to the swelling of the brain. So, it’s advisable not to ignore the the symptoms of vomiting, headaches, swelling in the face and abdominal pain and consult the doctor.

Causes of blurred vision during pregnancy

The causes of blurred vision during pregnancy can be a result of various reasons as the body undergoes several changes:

Eye pressure

Just the way hormonal changes in the body leads to swelling in the ankles and feets, it may also cause fluid build-up in the eyes. This can result into changes in the curvature of the eye, which will have some effect on your eyes and it’s vision. Some women also suffer from thickness of cornea which makes the eyes sensitive enough that wearing contact lens becomes difficult.


Poor peripheral vision

As we know that the hormonal changes in the body can cause different effect on different parts of the body. So, it also affects the vision of the pregnant women. This may last only till the delivery and  your eyesight will become back to normal after that.

Reduced tear production

Girls are considered to be sensitive and caring and the mood swings during pregnancy may lead to sad mood. Well, as we know if they feel bad about anything, their eyes are filled with tears. Maybe that’s why the tear production is reduced, so that they may not cry due to mood swings.  This may lead to dryness in the eye as well as irritation and discomfort.

Lowered immunity

During pregnancy your body is responsible for the protection of the unborn baby in the womb as well. These temporary changes in the body of the mother are very beneficial for the unborn baby but they may make the mother’s body prone to some infections.

Colored eyelids

Well, among the various changes in the eye is the emergence of brown pigmentation around the eye. This is quite normal problem and will surely fade away after child birth.  This pigmentation is called melasma and it makes it feel as if you have applies brown eye color around your eyes.

Treatment for blurred vision for pregnant women

The changes in your body can make you feel uncomfortable, it’s advisable to contact the doctor and know about the possible remedies. Well, here are some ways to treat blurred vision:

Let your eyes take proper rest

It’s recommended not to strain the eyes and even if you love reading, it’s better to do so by using plenty of light in the room. It’s better to give rest to your eyes at regular intervals and prohibit driving if your vision is blurred. Wearing glasses instead of contact lens can save your eyes from.irritation that is likely to be caused due to the pregnancy.


Don’t over-correct your vision

Eye doctors resist pregnant women or breast feeding mothers from undergoing any eye corrective Six-month after delivery or breastfeeding (incase you are a breastfeeding mother) is considered to be safe for any kind of surgery. If you hurry into any kind of eye surgery for correcting your vision it may lead to  over-correcting the eye, which can lead you to another surgery. So, it’s better to stay away from surgery or else you may have to pay a Higher price for it.

Pregnancy safe eye drops can be an aid

Eye Drops can be a great aid for problems such as dryness in the eyes. ‘Artificial tears’ or lubricating eye drops can help you revive your eyes to normal position. They are quite safe, affordable and easily available. It will be a wise attempt to tell your doctor about the problem and allow him to prescribe a good eye drop for you, which can erase the dryness in your eyes.

Don’t opt for new prescription unless it’s very necessary

Since, the hormonal changes during pregnancy are normal and short lived, so are the problems that are caused by these hormonal changes. So, taking any kind of medicines or new prescription may worsen the situation instead of helping out. Unless the changes in the vision are posing a deep problem for you, it better not to take up new pair of glasses or prescription, orelse it will be of no use once you deliver the baby.

Well, being a responsible writer for all the responsible mothers-to-be, let me not forget to mention that the blurred vision may not be just a consequence of hormonal changes, it can also be a result of gestation problems, pregnancy induced hypertension or high blood pressure, so it’s better to notice all the changes precisely and tell them to the doctor. Moreover, if you suffer from blurred vision, double vision, spots or flashes for a longer time, like more than two hours, it’s better to consult the doctor immediately. Happy parenting!

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