25 Popular Christian Baby Boy Names


Hurray, you have just had a baby boy! A boy you will enjoy raising into a fine young man. It is time for you to choose a name worthy of your boy, a name that he will feel proud to be associated to – A name that is smart, chic and reflects your son’s personality.

Chritian baby namesWhile the web is the first go to, for finding the right name for your child, you can also take the many suggestions well-wishers have to make. List down these names, and discuss with your partner which are the ones you both like! Once you have narrowed down the list to a handful of names, you can consult the elders to help you select one among them.

If you are looking for a unique name that is also popular and trendy, look no further!

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Here we present 25 popular, unique baby boys name with their meaning and history:

Ryan means Little King. It is the most common name in Ireland.

Simplified form of Mulryan


Famous People: Ryan Murphy, Ryan Phillippe, Ryan O’Neal, and Meg Ryan are famous people

Dominic means The Lord’s. Son of Mario Lopez is named as Dominic

Jonathan means God’s gift. In Bible, Jonathan is the son of King Saul. In Herbew, Jonathan means God has given

Jonathan is the son of Wes Craven

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Noah means Wanderer; Comfort; Repose; long Lived. In Bible, he built the ark for his family as well as animals of “each species” to survive. This name is famous since Protestant Reformation, most common in Puritans.


William means Protector; Resolute. It is the most common name after the Norman take-over.

Whereas name if name is divided in elements then it will be Will + helm which means will + helmet (protection)

William is first son of Prince Charles.  William Shakespeare was a poet, actor and playwright

Mason means Stoneworker. It is an occupational name as it was significant craft in the middle period

George Mason was the “American colonial statesman” who shaped the VA Bill of constitution.

Kourtney Kardashian, Cuba Gooding, and Kelsey Grammar are the famous people who gave their son this name


Jacob means The Supplanter. In the Hebrew Bible, Jacob is the son of Rebecca and Isaac and the father of 12 creators of the 12 tribes (Israel). He was born holding his brother’s heel (Esau’s) so this name means supplanter or holder of the heel. It also means “may the God guard”.

Jacob is the son of Billy Joe Armstrong

Kevin means Lovable; Gentle; Good looking; Royal obligation. It is the name of the saint (seventh century) who is one of the regulars of Dublin

Kevin Sorbo, Kevin Nealon, Kevin Kline, Kevin Dillon, Kevin Costner, Kevin Bacon are the famous personalities

Justin means Upright; Justice; Righteous. This was the name of many saints in Second century includes Justin Martyr

Kenny Rogers, Andie McDowell, Sean Combs are the famous people who gave this name to their son


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Henry means Rules the Home. “Heinrich” was popular among royals; it was the name of 7 German Rulers

Henry Ford is an American automobile manufacturer. Henry is also the name of second son of Charles Prince (Whales)

Henry James is British novelist

Austin means Useful; Majestic. St. Augustine was famous as he had influence on Christianity after St. Paul.

Michelle Phillips, Tommy Lee Jones are the famous people who gave this name to their son


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Luke means Bringer of Light; Laidback

Saint Luke was the author of “third Gospel” as well as Acts in New Testaments

Luke Perry is one of the famous personalities

Leo means Lion; Fearless. It is also the fifth sign of the Zodiac Signs

Leo was popular name as it was the name of 13 Popes which includes the Saint Leo


Leo Tolstoy was a Russian novelist

Xavier means New House; Enlightened; Bright

This was the “surname” of Saint Francis Xavier (Jesuit Priest) whereas he was a missionary to East Asia, China, Japan, India as well as he is a “patron saint” of the missionaries and Orient.

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Nicholas means Victorious people; Victory of the people

Saint Nicholas was from Anatolia (Fourth Century) who saved the lives of girls from prostitution. He is also saint of kids, merchants and sailors, Russia and Greece. He only builds the figure of “Santa Claus”, the bringer of gifts for kids.


Asher means Blessed; Happy

He is in the “Old Testament” and a son of Jacob as well as ancestor of one of the 12 tribes (Israel)

Sebastian means Revered One

Saint Sebastian was a Roman soldier (Third century)

It was also a name of King of Portugal

Isaac means Laughter; He laughs. In the “Old testaments”, Isaac is the father of Jacob and Esau and son of Abraham.


Sir Isaac Newton is the famous mathematician and physicist. Isaac Asimov is the science fiction writer

Aaron means Messenger; Shinning Light; Exalted; high Mountain

In the “Old Testaments” Aaron was the elder brother of Moses as well as 1st high priest. He was the person with miraculous rod and acted as spokesman

Matthew means Gift from God

Saint Matthew was also called as “Levi”, he was one of the 12 apostles. In New Testaments he was the author of “first Gospel” and was tax collector.

Samuel means God has heard; Name of God


In the “Old Testament”, he was the last ruling judge.

Samuel Morse was famous American scientist.

Samuel Clemens was American and Samuel Beckett was Irish writer.

Evan means Young warrior; Welsh form of John

Paul Stanley and Bruce Springsteen gave this name to their son

David means Beloved


David was greatest and second king of Israel. David Hume was empiricist philosopher and David Beckham is famous soccer player.  David Copperfield is the name of novel by Charles Dickens

Nathan means God’s gift; In the “Old Testament”, Nathan is the son of King David and he was a prophet

Jack means God’s grace; The supplanter

Jack Nicholson is famous American actor

Jack Kerouac and Jack London are famous writers

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