11 Best Online Home School Resources for Your Kid


Home school or home education has been followed for a long time. Before the passage of compulsory school attendance laws, children used to be home schooled either by the parents or a tutor.

It has been found that children who’ve been home schooled, score either the same as or above than the normal public or private schooled children at standardized tests. Also, home school students have been accepted into several Ivy League universities too.

With the better and improved advancements in technology, internet has become the best tool for education and also keeping at par with other regions education too.

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Top 11 Online Home School Resources for Your Kid

online home school

You may be new to the home schooling method and can be quite anxious too. Anxiety is usually regarding advanced and effective study material to be provided for your kids and where to find. So here are few of the best and resourceful home schooling sites available online (free or charged):


Khan academy

Khan academy is one of the most resourceful and long – standing educational site available online for free. It was started by American educator, Salman Khan to provide free, quality education to the people. Here the parent can make their parent account and set up student accounts too to track the student progress. Also, students can make their individual accounts too.

Khan academy is one of the best available tools because it offers math, science, economics, art, history subjects from kindergarten to grade 12. Here, the topics are taught via lectures posted on YouTube.

Install some apps

Smart phones, tablets, I-pads are very common. Your child would also have either one of these. You can use this to benefit your child’s education by installing some apps and learning from there.

Duolingo and Memrise are two of the several language learning apps. For young learners Reading Eggs and ABC Mouse are perfect, but you’ll have to subscribe after the trial period ends.


Starfall is a free educating resource that has been launched in the year 2002 and has been in use since then. It has been upgraded and Starfall now has an app to be downloaded on the phones and tablets.

Starfall was originally an online instructing program but now it has included programs for improving mathematic skills for young users too.


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Easy Peasy All – In – One Home School

Easy Peasy All – In – One Home School is a free educating resource which was created by home schooling parents for home schooling parents. This is a very easy and efficient online tool that contains complete homeschooling curriculum from kindergarten level to grade 12, in a Christian worldview.

You will first choose your child’s grade level. This grade level’s material covers all the basics – reading, writing and mathematics. Then you will have to select a program year. Then all your children can work together on history and science covering the same topics for these subjects based on the program year chosen.

Everything here is available online and its student – friendly too. Your child can go to their level and follow the directions for what day they are on as everything here is planned out day – to – day.

Ambleside Online

Ambleside Online is another free, homeschool curriculum available for kindergarteners to grade 12 levels. It too is a long – standing resource in home schooling community, similar to Khan Academy.

This resource will provide a list of books that cover history, science, geography and literature for each level. You will need to choose your own resources for mathematics and foreign languages. Ambleside Online also includes pictures and composer studies.


Ambleside Online is unique in one feature and that is, it offers emergency – plan curriculum too for families that are home schooling in the midst of natural disaster or any other crisis.

The CK12 Foundation & Discovery K12

The CK12 Foundation & Discovery K12 are two of the very many online educational sites available for children of kindergarten to grade 12. They are reliable enough to provide quality education to students anywhere in the world.

Project Gutenberg

Project Gutenberg is a great resource with more than 45,000 free e books and even includes a large collection of classic children’s literature. It is excellent for a limited home budget.


Homeschool.com is great online resource which has several articles on getting started, curriculum reviews, printable lessons and links to local support groups. This proves to be of great help for families who are new to home schooling.

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The learning network

The learning network is a blog from New York Times which offers free standard – aligned daily lessons on subjects – history, civics, social studies, and other topics related to current affairs. It also offers quizzes, activities and crosswords for better opportunities of learning and development from home.


How to Smile

How to Smile is an award – winning, free resource of great help for both teachers and parents. It has more than 3,000 science and math activities and is particularly targeted for students who are interested in ‘out of school learning environments’, such as zoos, museums, and is of great advantage to homeschoolers.

Power my learning

Power my learning is a free web – based service that offers thousands of free standard – aligned videos, games and activities for all the subjects of levels kindergarten to grade 12. This site can be used for building classes, assignments and also monitoring progress of the student.

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Home schooling can be a quite an anxious task to parents who are new to homeschooling. This is why there are several websites online which help you when in need. Many of them are standard and free and prove to be quite resourceful to your kids. Some of these include Khan Academy, Ambleside Online, Starfall, Power my learning, How to Smile, Homeschool.com, Easy Peasy All- In –One Home School, the learning network, CK12 Foundation and even several apps that can be installed on smart phones and tablets.