11 Home Remedies to Manage Fever Due to Exertion in Children


What is fever and what causes it?

A fever can simply be anything different than the average 98.6 degrees that the body is normally at, but since the body can fluctuate a degree or two, during the day, due to an environmental factor. A better way to characterize fever is by oral temperatures higher than a hundred degrees Fahrenheit, but since oral temperature still is incredibly accurate. The best way to measure temperature is to go through the ear or rectum and fever then clock in at temperatures at a hundred and one degrees Fahrenheit or higher.

Fevers are of course most commonly caused by viruses but they can be caused by other things too such as toxins in the environment, a messed-up hypothalamus, exertion or a heat stroke. But the number one cause of fever today is the viruses but exertion is also a major growing cause that is commonly found in people of all age.

Fever in Children: 11 Natural Home Remedies to Treat

Remedies to Manage Fever in Children

Children are very prone to fevers and exertion can be one of the most prominent reason your child is suffering from it. Hence, given below are 11 home remedies that you can easily use to treat fever due to exertion in your child.

Cool water

This is one of the simplest way to cure fever because during this time the body temperature rises and cold water can easily bring it down. Just after you feel that your child’s body temperature has increased, ask him to start sipping cool water in short intervals, this will also prevent him from dehydration, which is very devastating. You can also place a towel, dipped in cold water, on his forehead or dip his feet in icy-cold water, poured in a bucket.

Coconut water

Coconut water is an efficient way to cure fever. It contains all the essential electrolytes that are required by the body. Ask your child to drink coconut water many a time in a day to get rid of fever. It also provides proper amount of energy that is very essential as it keeps the weakness away, that your kid will suffer from, during this time.



Sandalwood has natural properties to bring down the body’s temperature as it has soothing and cooling properties. You can use it in many ways and one of it is to add a spoon of sandalwood powder in milk or water and add few drops of rose water to it. Make a paste and apply it on your child’s chest and forehead and let him enjoy it till it dries. Once it cools down, wash it with water.


Lemon is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants. You can use lemon and raisins to cure fever in your child. All you need to do it take half cup of water and add to it five tablespoons of raisin. Let it soak for two hours and thereafter grind the mixture and then, add one tablespoon of lemon juice to this mixture. Let your kid drink this, as it will provide him quick relief from fever.


Peppermint, like sandalwood, also has comforting and propitiating effects. You can consume it by, boiling some water and add peppermint leaves to it. Take it off from the gas and add honey to it. Let the mixture to cool down either at room temperature or by putting it in the fridge. Let your child drink it at regular intervals say after every 3 to 4 hours in a day.


Watermelon keeps your child hydrated. You can either ask him to consume various slices of watermelon in a day or you can make a beverage of it by pouring milk in it and adding some ice cubes. Grind the mixture to make a refreshing drink that can easily bring down the body’s temperature.

Aloe Vera

It is true that aloe Vera is one of those ingredients or home remedies that can be used for curing fever. It has natural healing powers that can speed up the process of healing and can also reduce the inflammations brought by cold sores. You are required to cut a leaf and get the gel out of it and apply it on your child’s chest and forehead. Later, clean the area with lukewarm water.

Proper sleep

Psychogenic fever is a stress-related psychosomatic condition that manifests itself in a high body temperature. It is caused by exposure to emotional events or to chronic stress. Getting proper amount of sleep will keep your child stress free and will prevent him from catching frequent fevers.


Oil bath with ginger

It is an efficacious way to cure fever. You need to take out ginger oil and heat it a bit. Apply this oil all over your child’s body. Let him take rest for an hour and later ask him to take bath with warm water. This will also relax him and keep him away from all the exertion.

Reduce workload

Keep an eye on the workload your kid is taking. Sometimes he might not know but excessive study pressure at school or any sort of peer pressure or problems at home can be a reason he is catching fevers. Talk to him and help him to get out of any trouble he is facing.

Keep your child hydrated

Dehydration is nothing minor to play with and if you don’t pay proper attention, it may even threaten your life in extreme cases. Make sure your kid is drinking around 10 to 12 glasses of water per day. If he is suffering from fever then you should give him fluids in form of juices, water or ORS.

Fever is a very common condition in children and it is more a symptom rather than a disease itself. Fever can cause slight shivering and headaches in children. Your child might feel weak and get tired easily during this time. The affected child may also become fussy and irritable. While weak immune system makes children prone to such infections but strain and struggle can also be a major cause of it. As a parent, it is your duty and responsibility to keep a check that your child is not facing any troubles.