7 Health Benefits Of Eating Bratwurst During Pregnancy


Pregnancy in itself is a battle. Be it battling with the body hormones running berserk. Or the battle to stay up with the daily chores, the battle of holding oneself together, it is a battle nonetheless. Ask any pregnant woman about the nine months during which she carries another life inside her. You’ll always get the same answer. Pregnancy is like a roller coaster. Yes, you get the gorgeous glow alongside the happiness of carrying your little angel inside you. But you furthermore may get terrible mood swings, pain, and hunger! You find yourself looking for any and everyone sort of food.

Though women usually crave something sweet or sour, sausages also are reported to be one of the foremost foods craved for.

Bratwurst sausages

What is bratwurst?

Bratwurst is a traditional sausage from German cuisine. This particular sausage comprises pork, veal, and beef. Typically, it’s cooked in broth or beer. Bratwurst offers several nutritional benefits. But it’s a high-calorie and high-fat content, so you ought to eat it carefully.

Is it safe to eat bratwurst while pregnant?

You will be happy to know that bratwurst is indeed safe to eat during pregnancy. However, it is recommended to cook it thoroughly. Also, if you can, try to avoid cooking it in beer. You need to heat to a temperature of a minimum of 165°f. Listeria results in muscle aches, nausea, fever, and headaches. So, you ought to avoid raw or undercooked bratwurst. Cooking the sausage at heat rids it of bacteria. Also, have a word alongside your doctor before you eat bratwurst during pregnancy.

Health benefits of bratwurst

Boosts immunity

It is considered an excellent source of the mineral called selenium. This mineral is known for boosting immunity during pregnancy. This property makes bratwurst an effective cancer inhibitor.


Provides sufficient calories

100 gms of bratwurst provides 297 calories. So eating 200 or 250 gms of bratwurst helps you achieve an enormous amount of daily calorie intake.

Provides a gluten-free food option

Bratwurst sausage is considered a healthy gluten-free food option to enjoy while expecting. Since the dish is gluten-free, you won’t be in danger of developing a disorder.

Provides a high amount of proteins

Proteins are extremely important for your pregnant body during pregnancy. Every 100 gms of will provide you 12 gms of proteins. That is about 8% of daily protein intake. If you eat bratwurst during pregnancy, then you will be able to fulfill your daily protein requirement. Eating this also ensures the good growth and development of your unborn baby.

Provides b vitamins

Bratwurst is additionally rich in vitamin b6 and vitamin b12. Both the vitamins are quintessential during pregnancy. Vitamin b12 helps prevent the danger of iron deficiency or anemia while you’re expecting. Vitamin b6 is a vitamin that helps boost your immunity. It also promotes the metabolism of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates. The vitamin may be a vital nutrient for the event of your unborn baby’s brain and nervous system.

It is a good snack

More often than not, pregnant women have cravings because they don’t look after their distribution of food intake. Snacking in between has proven to keep you fuller and crave less. Bratwurst can be consumed as a snack then.

Safe for pregnancy

Sausages are cured meat. They undergo various treatments to kill different kinds of bacteria and other things. In this regard, bratwurst is not only a healthy snack, but it is also safer compared to other kinds of meat.


Side-effects of eating bratwurst during pregnancy

The possible side-effects of eating undercooked or raw bratwurst include, but is not limited to:

To avoid these side effects, make sure you heat the sausage at a heat before you eat it.


There are always deficiencies of some minerals or vitamins, then the mother craves for particular food.  An expectant mother should heat bratwurst sausages and then eat them, rather than eating the packed and preserved meat. Heating the meat is useful because it kills the bacteria. Once, the bacteria are dead, the sausages are not any longer contaminated and thus safe to eat.

Pregnant women can also enjoy eating bratwurst sausage in pregnancy as they provide some vital nutrients but are quite useful. In case of any doubts, never hesitate to approach your doctor.