201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with T


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with T, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with T with meanings.

201 Cute and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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ToatThe handle of a joiner
TobeeThe God is always good
TobeyGood is Yahweh
TobiGod is right ad good
ToddyThe fox or a cunning fox
TolandOne who owns the taxed land
TollandLand of the river Tone
TolmanOne who collects the toll
TomacheA tidy, enthusiastic and orderly person
TomkinA twin, one of the disciples of Jesus
TomkinsA dear kin of Thomas
TomlinA little twin, newborn twin
TomlinsonSon of a younger twin child
TomlynThe younger twin’s child
TondbehrtThe bright flower or shining flower
TondbertThe brightest flower
TondhereThe descendant of Tond or flower
TonildOne who is a stonemaker; a diplomatic individual
TonnieWho is worth of many praises
TopherOne who bear or carry Christ
ToppIn English it means crest. In German it refers to a point of some high structure or tree top
TorbertThe glory of thor or glorious as Thor
TorleyThe meadow or thunder God
TortgithAn occupational name for the one who bakes tarts
TortgythOne who is able to bake tarts
TostigA well-known noble-man
TouiltVersatile, idealistic and inspirational individual
ToukereOne who sews or put tucks in fabric
TournourOne who works in the administrative department
TowleyFrom the meadows of a town
TownesOne who is from the end of the town
TownleaA town across the woods
TownleeA town or village in the woods
TownleighOne who is from the town of woods
TownlieA town settled by clearing of woods
TownlyThe cleaning of woods to form a town
TownsendA settlement at the end of town
TownyOne who belongs to the town
ToyahA toy, a baby girl as a toy to keep house-members busy
TracenOne who belong to the Thracius
TraciThracius’ place
TradelmansOne who goes to other country for trades
TraiA form of trey
TraitonA town or settlement near the trees
TranterA hawker with the horse cart
TravaraA person from the fair town
TraveonA town of fair people
TravionA town that is fair
TraynorA man with strong arms, one who trains
TraytonTown full of trees
TrayvonA small or little person as strong as iron
TrazanaA white skinned person
TreadwayA way or path to walk
TreasuresCollection of greatly valued items
TreatThe delight of a person
Tredonwalking heavily or destructively
TredwayThe walk of a strong warrior
TremainOne who is from a big town
TremarliOne who is from a big town near the woods
TremereA dignified or a trustworthy advisor
TrenacatvsA sensitive, elegant and humanly person
TrendonThe town beside the Trent river
TrenegvssiA person who is approachable and independent
TrentGushing waters
TrenteA swift person, one who dwells near the swift stream
TrentenOne who belongs to the town near Trent river
TrentonTrent’s town
TreowbrycgOne who lives by the bridge of tree
TreoweOne who is loyal or faithful to his partner
TeranceA tender and gentle person
TerelA powerful ruler of thunder
TerellThunder ruler
TerralEnglish surname meaning to pull
TerrallMan with great power
TerrelHe who is stubborn
TerrellThunder ruler
TerrelleOne who is powerful
TerrillA ruler of the thunder
TerrolHe who lives at the edge of the forest
TerronMan of the earth
TerryVariation of Theresa which means To Harvest
TeryysoneTerrell’s son
TescaA lively and enthusiastic individual
TeudiricOne who is considerable and nature loving person
TeudurRespectful, glorious and unsophisticated person
TeudusArtistic, creative and trusting individual
TeyenHe who comes from the enclosure
TeylarForm of Taylor, a tailor
TeylerVariation of Taylor, a tailor
TeyrnfalStable minded, lovable and energetic being
TeyrnogAn expressive and reasonable being
ThacherOccupational name, roof thacher
ThackerSurname, means one who works
ThackereOccupational name, roofer
ThainAn attending warrior
ThaineA landholer
ThanchereA desirable and people pleasing person
ThatchEnglish occupational name, roof thatcher
ThatcherOccupational name, roofer
ThawainEnglish name meaning to melt
ThaxterOne who fixes roofs
ThearlA tree trunk
ThelredA noble advice giver
TheodbealdBrave folk
TheodbeorhtHe who is very brave
TheodenLeader of the people
TheomundA wealthy protector
TheynOne who follows
ThierriOne who rules a nation
ThingfrithThe peaceful thing or one who brings peace
ThomdicA dam or an overgrown ditch of water
ThomkinsSurname, Thomas’s son
ThomsenSon of Tom
ThomsonEnglish surname, son of Thomas
ThoraldtunPerson from the thunder estate
ThorbyHe who is from Thorlby, a place near Yorkshire
ThordellHe who is from Thornhill
ThorleaThor’s pasture
ThorleighHe who is from Thor’s meadow
TiaAn aunt, daughter born to royalty
TiaanShort from Christianity, follower of Christ
TianaAn aunt, daughter born to royalty
TibetA name of a mountain
TicceaA kid of or the offspring of something
TidfrithThe time for peace or peaceful time
TidheThe tome of a man
TidhereThe time for the festival of spears
TidiThe appearance of God
TidwalThe wood of times, or the time woods
TidwealdThe time of the forest
TieceOne who is most fiery
TielerA variant of Tyler, meaning tile maker.
TabatA renown and famous person
TaeppaA person who is very tall and slim
TaetelOne who has the power to control
TaetumForm of traedum; Tata’s homestead
TaetwaA quick witted individual who thinks fast
TahurerOne who plays the drum
TaineGod of the forests
TaissaCame from the deer forest
TaittOne who brings happiness to other people; Cheerful one
TalbertBright valley
TalbottMessenger of destruction
TalfordFrom the high shallow place of a river
TallA person who is tall
TalmadgeRinging of bells
TalmageThe sound of bells
TalonEagle’s claws
TamberlynTo be someone’s twin
TamesisOne who is dark
TamtonA town near a still river
TamtunOne who is from the quiet river farm
TanisenSon of Dennis
TannerA leather worker.
TannereOne who works with leather
TannorOccupational name, a leather tanner
TantonA settlement near a still river
TantrisAn individual who is trustworthy and honest
TarellThe powerful thunder king
TarletonHe who is from the thunder estate
TaronEnglish name meaning earthman
TarranOf the thunder
TarrinMan of the earth
TarrynFrom an ancient Roman clan
TarzanBoy with white skin
TasA bird’s nest
TashvinAn approachable and generous individual
TaskerOccupational name, task-work
TatelA person who is spiritual and influential
TatfridThe one who is talkative and imaginative
TatrieName of a mountain in Poland
TattonTata’s town in Old English
TatucThe tainted one
TatwineA strong friend
TatwulfHe who is as strong as a wolf
TaulardA strong, independent and highly creative person
TauleasA reserved, individual and materialistic person
TaurenA forest or a woodland
TavenOld English name emaning warrior
TavesThe great one
TilarOne who tiles the floor
TilbertThe bright rule of people
TildenOne who is from fertile land
TilerOne who fits tiles on floor or on floor
TilfordA water stream belongs to the fertile valley
TilhereThe spear from the fertile valley
TiljadA kind hearted person from fertile valley
TillerOne who cultivates or tills
TillmanA farmer or a maker of tiles
TillmannA person who raises crops and tends animals
TilmanOne who is in the business of tiles
TilneyOne who belongs to the Tiln village
TiltonFrom the town or estate of the good people
TilwaldThe people or good people from the forest
TimareeA person employed to remove the wool of sheep
TimberlakeThe lake or reservoir in midst of timber trees
TimeA period, an era, or a quantity of period
TimmieOne who honour God or fear from God
TimotheOne who honour Theos (God)
TimothieOne who honour or respect God
TinyA small or a little one
TippettThe brave and bold race or people
TiptonA habitational name that means a farm or a settlement
TirchanusTactful, insightful and loving individual
TirellA thunder ruler or a martial ruler
TirreResponsible for the wardrobe of royal or nobles
TitgualA genuine, admirable and lighthearted individual

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