201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with T


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with T, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with T with meanings.

201 Cute and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with T

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Names Meaning
Toat The handle of a joiner
Tobee The God is always good
Tobey Good is Yahweh
Tobi God is right ad good
Todd Fox
Toddy The fox or a cunning fox
Toland One who owns the taxed land
Tolland Land of the river Tone
Tolman One who collects the toll
Tomache A tidy, enthusiastic and orderly person
Tomkin A twin, one of the disciples of Jesus
Tomkins A dear kin of Thomas
Tomlin A little twin, newborn twin
Tomlinson Son of a younger twin child
Tomlyn The younger twin’s child
Tondbehrt The bright flower or shining flower
Tondbert The brightest flower
Tondhere The descendant of Tond or flower
Tonild One who is a stonemaker; a diplomatic individual
Tonnie Who is worth of many praises
Topher One who bear or carry Christ
Topp In English it means crest. In German it refers to a point of some high structure or tree top
Torbert The glory of thor or glorious as Thor
Torley The meadow or thunder God
Tortgith An occupational name for the one who bakes tarts
Tortgyth One who is able to bake tarts
Tostig A well-known noble-man
Touilt Versatile, idealistic and inspirational individual
Toukere One who sews or put tucks in fabric
Tournour One who works in the administrative department
Towley From the meadows of a town
Townes One who is from the end of the town
Townlea A town across the woods
Townlee A town or village in the woods
Townleigh One who is from the town of woods
Townlie A town settled by clearing of woods
Townly The cleaning of woods to form a town
Townsend A settlement at the end of town
Towny One who belongs to the town
Toyah A toy, a baby girl as a toy to keep house-members busy
Tracen One who belong to the Thracius
Traci Thracius’ place
Tradelmans One who goes to other country for trades
Trai A form of trey
Traiton A town or settlement near the trees
Tranter A hawker with the horse cart
Travara A person from the fair town
Traveon A town of fair people
Travion A town that is fair
Traynor A man with strong arms, one who trains
Trayton Town full of trees
Trayvon A small or little person as strong as iron
Trazana A white skinned person
Treadway A way or path to walk
Treasures Collection of greatly valued items
Treat The delight of a person
Tredon walking heavily or destructively
Tredway The walk of a strong warrior
Tremain One who is from a big town
Tremarli One who is from a big town near the woods
Tremere A dignified or a trustworthy advisor
Trenacatvs A sensitive, elegant and humanly person
Trendon The town beside the Trent river
Trenegvssi A person who is approachable and independent
Trent Gushing waters
Trente A swift person, one who dwells near the swift stream
Trenten One who belongs to the town near Trent river
Trenton Trent’s town
Treowbrycg One who lives by the bridge of tree
Treowe One who is loyal or faithful to his partner
Terance A tender and gentle person
Terel A powerful ruler of thunder
Terell Thunder ruler
Terral English surname meaning to pull
Terrall Man with great power
Terrel He who is stubborn
Terrell Thunder ruler
Terrelle One who is powerful
Terrill A ruler of the thunder
Terrol He who lives at the edge of the forest
Terron Man of the earth
Terry Variation of Theresa which means To Harvest
Teryysone Terrell’s son
Tesca A lively and enthusiastic individual
Teudiric One who is considerable and nature loving person
Teudur Respectful, glorious and unsophisticated person
Teudus Artistic, creative and trusting individual
Teyen He who comes from the enclosure
Teylar Form of Taylor, a tailor
Teyler Variation of Taylor, a tailor
Teyrnfal Stable minded, lovable and energetic being
Teyrnog An expressive and reasonable being
Thacher Occupational name, roof thacher
Thacker Surname, means one who works
Thackere Occupational name, roofer
Thain An attending warrior
Thaine A landholer
Thanchere A desirable and people pleasing person
Thatch English occupational name, roof thatcher
Thatcher Occupational name, roofer
Thawain English name meaning to melt
Thaxter One who fixes roofs
Thearl A tree trunk
Thelred A noble advice giver
Theodbeald Brave folk
Theodbeorht He who is very brave
Theoden Leader of the people
Theomund A wealthy protector
Theyn One who follows
Thierri One who rules a nation
Thingfrith The peaceful thing or one who brings peace
Thomdic A dam or an overgrown ditch of water
Thomkins Surname, Thomas’s son
Thomsen Son of Tom
Thomson English surname, son of Thomas
Thoraldtun Person from the thunder estate
Thorby He who is from Thorlby, a place near Yorkshire
Thordell He who is from Thornhill
Thorlea Thor’s pasture
Thorleigh He who is from Thor’s meadow
Tia An aunt, daughter born to royalty
Tiaan Short from Christianity, follower of Christ
Tiana An aunt, daughter born to royalty
Tiara Crowned
Tibet A name of a mountain
Ticcea A kid of or the offspring of something
Tidfrith The time for peace or peaceful time
Tidhe The tome of a man
Tidhere The time for the festival of spears
Tidi The appearance of God
Tidwal The wood of times, or the time woods
Tidweald The time of the forest
Tiece One who is most fiery
Tieler A variant of Tyler, meaning tile maker.
Tabat A renown and famous person
Taeppa A person who is very tall and slim
Taetel One who has the power to control
Taetum Form of traedum; Tata’s homestead
Taetwa A quick witted individual who thinks fast
Tahurer One who plays the drum
Taine God of the forests
Taissa Came from the deer forest
Taitt One who brings happiness to other people; Cheerful one
Taja Crown
Talbert Bright valley
Talbott Messenger of destruction
Talford From the high shallow place of a river
Tall A person who is tall
Talmadge Ringing of bells
Talmage The sound of bells
Talon Eagle’s claws
Tamberlyn To be someone’s twin
Tamesis One who is dark
Tamton A town near a still river
Tamtun One who is from the quiet river farm
Tanisen Son of Dennis
Tanner A leather worker.
Tannere One who works with leather
Tannor Occupational name, a leather tanner
Tanton A settlement near a still river
Tantris An individual who is trustworthy and honest
Tarell The powerful thunder king
Tarleton He who is from the thunder estate
Taron English name meaning earthman
Tarran Of the thunder
Tarrin Man of the earth
Tarryn From an ancient Roman clan
Tarzan Boy with white skin
Tas A bird’s nest
Tashvin An approachable and generous individual
Tasker Occupational name, task-work
Tate Cheerful
Tatel A person who is spiritual and influential
Tatfrid The one who is talkative and imaginative
Tatrie Name of a mountain in Poland
Tatton Tata’s town in Old English
Tatuc The tainted one
Tatwine A strong friend
Tatwulf He who is as strong as a wolf
Taulard A strong, independent and highly creative person
Tauleas A reserved, individual and materialistic person
Tauren A forest or a woodland
Taven Old English name emaning warrior
Taves The great one
Tilar One who tiles the floor
Tilbert The bright rule of people
Tilden One who is from fertile land
Tiler One who fits tiles on floor or on floor
Tilford A water stream belongs to the fertile valley
Tilhere The spear from the fertile valley
Tiljad A kind hearted person from fertile valley
Tiller One who cultivates or tills
Tillman A farmer or a maker of tiles
Tillmann A person who raises crops and tends animals
Tilman One who is in the business of tiles
Tilney One who belongs to the Tiln village
Tilton From the town or estate of the good people
Tilwald The people or good people from the forest
Timaree A person employed to remove the wool of sheep
Timberlake The lake or reservoir in midst of timber trees
Time A period, an era, or a quantity of period
Timmie One who honour God or fear from God
Timothe One who honour Theos (God)
Timothie One who honour or respect God
Tiny A small or a little one
Tippett The brave and bold race or people
Tipton A habitational name that means a farm or a settlement
Tirchanus Tactful, insightful and loving individual
Tirell A thunder ruler or a martial ruler
Tirre Responsible for the wardrobe of royal or nobles
Titgual A genuine, admirable and lighthearted individual

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