201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with E


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with E, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with E with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with E

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Embraceit means to hug someone or show affection.
Embresomeone who rules the hearts and homes of people.
Embrythis name means someone who is good at winning people’s hearts and as a result enters their hearts and homes.
Emersonthis name is often used for describing a strong and powerful leader who is extremely brave.
Emerythit means an industrious leader with work power.
Emestit has meanings like serious, being determined or a feeling of earnest or great vigour.
Emetthis means whole or universal truth.
Emitsomeone who has everything or is universal.
Emitta powerful person known all over the universe.
Emmersonone who is brave and powerful.
Emmersynthis name signifies someone who is powerful and brave at heart.
Emmeta powerful person.
Emmetesomeone who has great strength and is hugely powerful.
Emmetona person born out of power.
Emmettsomebody who has a lot of power and is brave.
Emmitit means the entirety or the universe.
Emmittthe whole universe in its entirety.
Emmotpowerful and strong.
Emmotathis is a name which signifies someone who is strong and extremely powerful.
Emmotttough, extremely powerful and strong built.
Emmsit means someone who is a son of the universe.
Emorybrave, powerful, industrious leader.
Empaa leader of the people derived from the word emperor.
Emsthe whole universe.
Enderbyit is a famous English surname.
Engeleda description of the word angelic or a possible old English refrence to England.
Engelraman extremely pure soul or an angel.
Enniaunthe family name of a great writer during ancient Roman civilization.
Escoa person who is in deep love with the nature.
Esmondprotected by god.
Esmundsomeone who is protected by god.
Esotaa baby born at easter.
Esrlsona nobleman’s son.
Esserya cart maker.
Essexan ancient king from Shakespearen legend.
Estcottsomeone who is from the east cottage.
Estongenerally a surname meaning from east town.
Estorausean Arthurian king.
Eternusa word meaning to infinity or forever.
Etguinoa name that has the meaning of forever after or till infinity.
Etguinumtill eternity or forever or till the ending of time.
Ethanaelgod has given me strength.
Ethanielthis is an English language name used for someone whose strength has been given by god.
Ethanna gift from an island or someone who is strong and sturdy.
Ethbinpopularized by Saint Ethbin an ancient religious figure.
Ethelarda German masculinized word which means noble.
Ethiopianame of a country.
Eusebyit means pious or one who worships well.
Evaldsomeone as battle-ready as a boar.
Eveningthe dusk or time of the day when the sun sets.
Everstrong as a boar.
Everardwild boar or brave hardy.
Everestthe tallest mountain in the whole world.
Everetbrave as a wild boar.
Everettsomebody who is very brave like a wild boar.
Everettea person during ancient ages who was extremely brave like a wild boar.
Everhardsomeone who is always hard and strong and sturdy.
Evertdescribes someone who is as strong as a wild boar
Evertena German word for a wild boar or someone as strong as a bear.
EvilOne who is not a good person, an evil one
EvolengiA long-lived man
EvolengusTo have a long life
EvradHe who is a brave boar
EvramVariation of Avram, meaning the father of many nations
EvrardA man who is strong as a boar
EabbaIt is derived from the Hebrew word Abba which means ‘Father’
EadbealdA heavenly light
EadbeorhtThe name eadbehort means ‘Wealthy’
EadburtIt’s derived from the word eadbert which means wealthy.
EadelmarrA person who is noble.
EadfridA serious-minded and responsible person.
EadfrithThey are generous human beings
EadgarIt means a very powerful person.
EadgerOne who is fortunate and powerful
EadheardEthical and easygoing person
EadhedOne who has earned respect of many
EadhereA self-centered person.
EadlacA happy and content person
EadmerA respected and diplomatic person
EadmodA homestead; providing protection
EadmundOne who has riches and is a protector
EadnodAn energetic and alluring being
EadnothAn ethical and analytical person
EadricThey are manly and wealthy ruler
EadseleOne who is from Edward’s estate
EadsigeAnalytical, smart and intellectual being
EadstanA superior person
EadulfA person who has an intense desire to serve others and be the helping hand in the society.
EaduuardA majestic personality
EadwardsoneA person with the desire to serve humanity.
EadwealdIt means ‘Prosperous Ruler’.
EadweardEd means ‘Rich’ and weard means ‘Guardian’.
EahfridA diplomatic and honorable human being
EaldbehrtThe one who is independent and happy
EaldbeorhtThe one who is in love with nature
EaldfrithA serious minded and stable person
EaldhelmA helmet; they are venerable being
EaldhereAccomodating and level headed person
EaldredHappy and efficient; realistic being
EaldunOne who is from the elves’s valley
EaldwineOne who is a true old friend
EaldwodeThey are the one who have power and health
EaldwulfA clear minded, intelligent being
EalfledAn authentic, loyal and effective person
EalgmundEarnest, level headed and composed individual
EalhdunOne who belongs to the valley of the Elves
EalhelmA high spirited, energetic person
EalhhardA brave and kind individual
EalhheardA helpful, honest and authentic being
EalhhereOne who is a temple army
EalhhunThey are friendly natured and have strength
EalhmundOne who is very good-natured
EalhsigeAttractive, loyal and humble person
EallardOne who is a brave person
EalricThey are very brave, wise and happy
EambaldA mature and bashful one
EanbaldThe one who is easygoing and accurate person
EanbeorhtA normal, reliable and high spirited person
EanfrithA nonjudgemental and frank person
EanhereA forgiving, alluring and passionate person
EanlacAnalytical, forgiving and ethical person
EanmaerAn experienced, modest and accomodating being
EanredOne with a great spiritual insight
EansigeA self-assured, naive and well-spoken person
EanulfAn authentic human being
EanwineA wholesome and insightful being
EanwulfA happy and content person; genius
EarcanwaldOne who has a mystic personality
EarconbehrtA loving and caring individual
EardlyOne who is from a capable and efficient family
EardnothA direct, natty and artistic being
EardwulA happy-go-lucky person.
EarleyIt means eaglewood.
EarlieDerived from the word earl it means a noble person.
EarnA serious minded individual
EarnestSerious minded and spiritual being
EarnmundAchievers and high rankers
EarnwulfEthical, wholesome and noble being
EaronFrom the River Town
EarpwaldA well-bred, philosophical person
EarvinA thrifty friend; they are happy
EarwineThe one who is a white river; a friend of sea
EarwynOne who is the friend of sea
EasterwineA person who is a quick thinker and appreciates arts .
EastmanGrace-protector; It also means nature lover.
EastreThe bright Moon; content
EataIts derived from the word eta which means to shine.
EatonIt means a riverside village.
EattonDerived from the word eaton it means island settlement.
EatunAn enclosure or settlement
EborardA very expressive, adventurous and spontaneous nature person.
EbullA secretive person; one who is like Bull
Ebulusmember of a good counsel
EcciEmotional person who is energized
EcgaAn emotional, clever and good individual
EcgbaldA brave friend; they are clever minded
EcgbehrtHas analytical mind and is bright and shiny
EcgbeorhtOne who has high level of understanding; a quick thinker and intelligent
EcgelOne who is born with a friendly nature
EcgheardA clever person; who is sharp witted
EcghereOne who is clever and makes decisions at right time
EcgiA stable, warm and motherly being
EcgricLoud as a thunder; having strong desire to succeed
EcgtheowPeace; quiet; harmony; a heroic name
EcgwineOne who is quick in actions; spontaneous and generous
EdbertOne who is a born wealthy; a bright person
EddisBrave and powerful son of Edward
EddrickA good fortune; determine and stubborn
EddricusStrong in material sense and is idealistic
EddyA wealthy guardian; rich and friendly
EddyeAn independent; protector and saviour; wealthy friend
EdedOne who is full of joy and is a delight
EdelmarrOne who is having a high rank
EdgarFavoured by good luck
EdgarsLatvia version of Edgar, meaning fortunate and powerful.
EdgedOne who is cutting; sarcastic in nature
EdgertonA blessed town; prosperous warrior
EdgyueOne who is prosperous in war
EdilfredA noble and prosperous ruler
EdisonOne who is a successor of Edward
EdlenOne who is like a high waterfall
EdmaA prosperous guardian; one who shows light and way
EdmarOne who is like a wealthy sea
EdmeOne who lives in a very fine protection
EdmeeHonourable and a gift of almighty
EdmodRich defender; they are born to defend and protect
EdmonnOf High status in society
EdmundSuccessful person; they have a unique style
EdoGuardian of wealth and health
EdrichFull of energy
EdrickStrong and healthy
EdrikStrong and efficient person
EduardaFamous bearer of light and energy
EduardoThe holder of rich property
EduinoWealthy companion; one who has lot of money
EduinusImaginative and naive being
EdulfOne who is of good personality
EdusOwner of many spears
EdwaldWealth and fortune; the one who is fortunate
EdwardOne who is like a rich guard

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