201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with K


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with K, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with K with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with K

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KenardOld English – Bold; Keen; Royal; Warden; Guard; Brave; Hardy
KendelKendel means The Royal Valley
KendellKendell means The Valley of the Royals
KendricKendric means Brave and Fearless Chief
KendrickThe name means He is a Brave Leader
KendriekKendriek means Royal Chieftain
KendrikCeltic – High Summit; Greatest Champion; Royal Ruler; Son of Harry; Royal Chieftain;
KendrixKendrix means Royal Leader of the Clan
KendryckKendryck means Son of Hary, A Brave Leader of Tribe
KendrykKendryk menas Son a Harry, Chief
KendulKendul means Chief is Brave
KenelmOld English – Bold Defender
KenethThe name means Good-looking and a Handsome Man
KeneweardThe name means Royal Protector
KenewrecKenewrec means Royal and Brave
KenleyKenley means The Meadow of the Royal’s
KenlieKenlie means the Meadow of King’s and Queen’s
KenlyKenly means Comes from the King’s Meadow
KennairdKennaird means Bold
KennaldKannald means He is Bold
KenneallyKenneally means Head of Wolf
KennisonKennison means The Son of the Beautiful Woman
KennithFair and Fiery; A handsome man
KenricCeltic – High Summit; Greatest Champion; Royal Ruler; Son of Harry; Royal Chieftain;
KenrikCeltic – High Summit; Greatest Champion; Royal Ruler; Son of Harry; Royal Chieftain;
KenseyKensey means The King’s Victory
KensingtonKensington means The Cysinge Town
KentKent means the color White
KentleyThe name means From the Edge of the Meadow
KentonKenton means The Royal Town
KentrellThe name means the Chief of Royal Blood
KenwardKenward means Guardian, The Bold one who Guards
KenwayKenway means The Warrior who is Bold and Brave
KenweardThe name means The One who is Bold, The Guardian
KenzoMeaning The town of Cynsige’s People
KerriganKerrick means King’s Rule
KerstinThe name means Watercress Island
KeshoriKeshon means God’s Merciful
KesriKesley means Ship, Victory
KetamaA naive and compassionate person
KeyanCeltic – Born of the Yew; Greek – Well Born; Noble; A variant of Keon
KeyonCeltic – Born of the Yew; Greek – Well Born; Noble; A variant of Keon
KeyonaKeyona means He Who is Leading the People
KeytcnA nurturing and creative individual
KeytonA place where the hawks fly.
KianKian means Archaic, Ancient
KikerAn altered spelling of German Giger; Habitational name for someone from Kieck
KillanNo meaning as this is a modern name; May be a variant of Killian which means little church
KimmeyKimmey means Chief
KimnKimn means Ruler
KodiKodi means Helpful, Beneficial
KodieKodie means Cooperative
KodyKody means He who is Wealthy
KoenKoen means The Brave Counseler
KoenraadThe name means The Brave Counsel
KoitDay break; Estonian word meaning Dawn
KooperKooper means Barrel Maker
KordaeThe name means means Coal Worker, Dark Skinned
KordaleThe name means Cord Maker
KordellKordell means The maker of the Cord
KoreyKorey means A Spear
KoriThe meaning of the name is Dweller in a hollow
KoribellaKoribella is mostly used as a surname, means Holder of the Spear
KorieKorie means a Seething Pool
KorriganKorrigan means Who is Good with Spear
KoshonThe name means Unclear
KramerKramer is a Traveling Merchant
KreshaunThe name means The God is Merciful
KrewWord name
KriplA spontaneous and nature loving person
KrisKris means Follower of Christ
KrisannKrissan means The one who Follows Christ
KrissKriss means Follower of the Christ
KrissyKrissy means The one who Follows Christ
KristiyanA variant of name Kristian and means Christian
KristleA lady of christals
KristoferA person who holds Christ in their heart
KristoffersonThe son of the Christian
KristopherHe who has Christ in his heart
KrosbieThe name means Next to a Cross
KruseThe name means Person with a Curly Hair
KrystineChristian; A derivative of name Christine;
KygoOne who is born to protect
KylynneA fortunate, happy and creative individual
KymaniThe name means Adventurous Traveller
KymmyMeans Bold, Brave
KyneRoyal; Wild Goose; Barnacle Goose; A variant spelling is Kine
KyneburgThe name means The Royal’s Valley
KyngVariation of King which means Monarch
KyntonThe name means From the Royal Manor
KyrkDweller by the Church; Church; The Church of Scottish; A variant spelling is Kirk
KyrkwodeThe name means From the Forest of the Church
KyrstyanThe name means he who has Christ in his Heart
KysonKyson means Son of Firebrand
KadeKade means Gentle Person
KadiaRhyming; Pure; A variant of Cady meaning a rhythmic flow of sounds
KadynThe name Kadyn means Fighter
KaebA trusted person who like surprises
KaedeeKaedee means Rhymingor Cady
KaelemKealem means an Honest Man
KaidenKaiden means Companion
KaidynKaidyn name means Friend, Companion
KaileneKailene name means He Who Keeps the Keys
KailumKailum means The one who Has the Keys
KaisonDerived from Cawston which is the name of a place
KaltenAn expressive and reasonable person
KalvinHairless; Bald
KamrenKamren name means Crooked Nose
KamronKamrn means He has a Crooked Nose
KamrynThe name means His Nose is Crooked
KamrynnKamrynn means The One whose nose is Crooked
KanahinsHopeful and noble spirited individual
KancaKanca means an Attractive Man
KandotA quick thinker who likes philosophy
KandyhnOne who is great and polite individual
KannonVariation of Canon which refers to a Church official
KaracA spiritual, religious and respectable being; fortunate
KarhedinA quick one; honest and amusing
KaridenaAn inspirational and talented human being
KarinaKarina means Pure
KarringtonKarrington menas One who is Admired
KarsonKarson means A Christian
KarstonKarston means Anointed
KarterOne who transports various materials
KaseWord name
KaysenModern Invented Name
KeatleyThe name means Shed Town, mostly used as a surname
KeatonKeaton means Place of the Hawks
KeatsKeats means Shed Town, mostly used as a surname
KeddrickKeddrick means Gifted with Splendor
KedricKedric means Gift of Splendor
KedrickKedrick means Splendor is Given
KeduseThe name means She is a Gift of Splendor
KeeandreThe name means Keen Power
KeerthKeeth means From the Woods
KeetonKeetion means a Place where Hawks Soar
KeiferGerman – Pine Tree; Barrel Maker; Hebrew – Son of Lion;
KelemanGentle; Kind; A variant of name Clement
KeltenKelten means Town of Keels
KeltonKelton means Town of the Celts
KemeryKemery means From the place Cambrai
KempKemp means Warrior, Champion
KempeKempe means Champion, Athlete
KemptonKempton means Son of the Champion
KingThe name King means Royal Ruler
KingdonKingdon means From the King’s Hall
KingmanKingman means King’s man
KingshukKingsuk means The Ruler’s help
KingsleyKingsley name means King’s Wood
KingslieKingslie means The Wood of the King
KingslyKingsly means The Forest of the King
KingstonKingston means King’s Estate or Village
KingswellKingswell means King’s Water Spring
KinleeKinlee means White Warrior
KinleyKinley means The White Fighter
KinneryKinnery means Relatives
KinslyKinsly name means He Comes from the King’s Field
KinsteonKinsteon means The Place of A King
KipKip means A Hill Top, Peak
KiplingKipling is a placename that means Cybbel’s Cottage
KippKipp means A Hill Peak
KipparKippar name means Pointed Hill
KipperKipper means He Came from the Pointed Hill
KippieKippie means One from the Pointed Hill
KiptonKipton means One from the King’s Fortress
KiptynKiptyn means From the Royal Meadow
KirbyKirby means Church Farm
KirkbyKirkby means Village with a Church
KirklandKirkland means Land of the Church
KirkleaMeans from the Church’s Meadow
KirkleeThe name means Church Clearing
KirkleyKirkley means From the Church’s Meadow
KirklyThe name means From the Church meadow
KirkwoodKirkwood means Woods by the Church
KirtKirt means Courteous
KittKitt name means Bearer of the Christ
KlancyKlancy means Red Warrior
KlayThe name means Clay
KleefKleef means One from the Cliff
KlemensKlemens means Merciful
KlementKlement means He is full od Mercy
KliffThe name means Cliff
KlimentiniThe meaning of the name is He is Kind and full of Mercy
KlyveKlyve means The River Bank
KnightThe name means a Knight
KnightleyThe name means The Knight’s Meadow
KnocksThe name means He is from the Hills
KnowlesThe name means Little Hill
KnowltonThe name means The Grassy Slope in the Forest
KnowshonOne who has knowledge and wise attitude
KnuckerWater monster
KobyHebrew – Yahweh may protect; Holder of Heel; Supplanter; A diminutive form of name Jacob
KodaKoda means The Allies, Partners
KodeyKodey name means Gives a helping Hand
KaarleKaarle means Strong
KaarloThe name means The Strong One
KalleKalle name means Strong and Manly
KalmanKalman means Strong and Masculine
KarcsiKarcsi means Strong and Masculine Man
KarelKarel name means Strong, Manly, Masculine
KariAs a female name Kari means Black haired one in Gaelic, or Nordic Free Woman. Male version of the name means Strong in French and Tremenduos in Scandinavian
KarlensKarlens means Strong and Masculine
KarlisKarlis means Strong and Masculine
KorbinKorbin means Bird Raven
KorbynKorbyn name means Raven

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