201 Unique and Beautiful Baby Boy Names Starting with O


If you are looking for baby boy names starting with O, here are 201 best baby boy names starting with O with meanings.

201 Cute Baby Boy Names Starting with O

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OberonGermanThe soul or the purest blood out of the heart.
OberronGermanA beautiful or attractive girl.
ObertGermanThe one who believes that there is only One Allah
ObrechtGermanOne who is the guardian of the charming King. A protector of the fascinating king.
OchsGermanCombination of the Quranic names Mohammed “The Glorious” and Idrees “Trustworthy” or “Patient”
OdalizGermanA rich person, wealthy and prosperous
OdallGermanA Spanish Variant of Moses that means off the water or taken out of the water.
OdalricGermanA Yiddish variant of Moses that means Delivered or derived out of water.
OdalysGermanSpell variant of Moses that means someone came from the water.
OdalyzGermanA prosperous, wealthy and rich person
OdardGermanA wealthy guardian, a guardian who is rich
OdellGermanThe one who is distressed or upset
OdieGermanThe superman among human being.
OdilioGermanThe grandson.
OdiloGermanFrom the northern face
OdisGermanSleep or nap.
OdolfGermanPassionately dedicated.
OdolffGermanBold as a bear.
OdwolfGermanThe destiny, luck and a share of anything from the Almighty
OeberonGermanA manager, an organiser. one who manages other people.
OethelwaldGermanA brave or courageous person from the forest
OlavGermanAffectionate homegrown, sweet home.
OlbrechtGermanThe color of Blue, conflict siren, combat hooter.
OldrikGermanThe blue hill, blue peak.
OnfreGermanThe one who is firm in his mind during the problem times.
OnfroiGermanPacific fighter or comforting soldier.
OnofredoGermanThe cadre who fights for the harmony of nation.
OrbertGermanHaving abundant of money or possessions of value.
OrlainGermanA famour or well-known in the land
OrlanGermanThe person who has the ability to perform skillfully.
OrlandGermanThe person who is without defect or blemish.
OsbaldGermanA spiritual strength from god
OsbaldoGermanThe spiritual strength or regulation from God.
OtekGermanA variant of name Otto; detailed and independent; fortunate
OthmannGermanA wealthy person or fortunate human being
OthmarGermanOne who has elements of wealth and fame
OthomannGermanOne who is born healthy and wealthy
OthonGermanA fortunate as well as wealthy personality
OtisGermanA wealthy person who is keen on hearing
OtmarGermanA famous, prosperous and wealthy person
OtteGermanOne who is a born aristrocrat
OttisGermanA rich, fortunate and passionate individual
OttmarGermanA wealthy and prosperous individual
OttoGermanA fortunate and wealthy person; the great one
OdoacerItalianThe goddess person.
OlivieroItalianThe usage from Oliver.
OlivinaItalianA reminder of olive
OnofreItalianThe one who fights for peace or harmony.
OnofredoItalianThe cadre who fights for the harmony of nation.
OnofrioItalianProtector of harmony.
OrazioItalianThe person who is steadfast in prayers.
OresteItalianA huge rugged one
OrfeoItalianThe one who has come for a determination.
OrlandoItalianThe accomplishment of the multitude.
OrsinoItalianThe person who likes the bear.
OttavioItalianBorn on Eighth; has a grasping personality
OvidioItalianAn individual who is like a Sheep
OlivanderEnglishThe one who shelters the olive tree.
OliverEnglishThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.
OliveraEnglishThe sign or olive tree
OllanegEnglishcomes from the north west of London, Olney.
OllieEnglishFairy armed force or combatant.
OllyEnglishELF military or olive tree like.
OlneyEnglishThe one who comes from Olney.
OlynEnglishThe red fruit tree which has tiny branches all around.
OmniEnglishThe one who is able to communicate or get indicators in all directions
OnslowEnglishSupporter’s mountain or follower’s hill.
OrickEnglishThe person who is a triumph one with peaceful sleep.
OrikEnglishSteadiness of mind under stress.
OrisEnglishA variation of name Orris; Tree
OrmanEnglishMariner; Spearman
OrmandEnglishDeserving of esteem and respect.
OrmemanEnglishMother of prettiness, motherhood of loveliness.
OrmemundEnglishNooa break, relaxation, relief, well being.
OrmondEnglishOne of the Holy prophets, prophet Nooh.
OrmondeEnglishNoomi my joy, my bliss, my glee, my cheer.
OrmundEnglishThe glow of the conviction, spark of the belief.
OrrickEnglishThe oak tree land.
OrrikEnglishFrom the primordial oak land.
OrtonEnglishThe border or edge of the farm.
OrtunEnglishThe ranch near the borderline.
OrvinEnglishThe person who is very closer to Spear.
OrvviteEnglishAn orderly, versatile and tidy individual
OrwaldEnglishThe person who is possessing the power like a spear.
OrwellEnglishThe turnoff of a stream.
OrwinEnglishThe assistant who fights with a javelin.
OrwynnEnglishThe person who is very much familiar with the spear.
OsbartEnglishThe powerful and shining lights from God.
OsbeohrtEnglishA powerful light of God
OsbeorhtEnglishThe shining light from the God
OsbernEnglishThe one who leads the war on behalf of most high God.
OsbernusEnglishWho leads war on behalf of God
OsbertEnglishThe powerful and brightness of God.
OsbertusEnglishThe power and bright light of God
OsbourneEnglishThe mercy of God.
OsbryhtEnglishThe light from God that brightens
OsburhEnglishThe lights of God
OsburnEnglishThe celestial combatant who fights on behalf of God.
OsburtEnglishThe bright of the lifetime.
OscarEnglishNoorali the brightness of Ali, the nimble of Ali.
OsceolaEnglishradiant and shining powerful nimble from God.
OscytelEnglishholy spear, the person who really admires the animal deer
OseberneEnglishThe light of God that shines
OsebertusEnglishThe brave soldier of god
OsewoldEnglishThe brave fighter of God
OsfridEnglishThe bravest warrior of the God
OslafEnglishA free-detailed and sensitive person
OslafaEnglishAn ambitious, courageous and strong person
OsmaEnglishOne who acts like a divine protector
OsmarEnglishThe one who is born with divine glory
OsmarrEnglishGod like fame; who is born with glory
OsmelEnglishOne with a preserving and detailed nature
OsmodEnglishA rare meaning who is under divine protection
OsmonEnglishOne who is provided protection by God
OsraedEnglishOne who is like a divine counselor
OsrickEnglishA divine and powerful ruler
OsrydEnglishA majestic and divine counselor
OssyEnglishA divine and powerful person; spiritual
OsulfEnglishA creative and imaginative individual
OsuualdEnglishOne with a clever, optimistic and analytical
OsuualdusEnglishOne who has a desire to understand others
OsuuolEnglishAn intense, practical and desirable person
OsuuoldusEnglishA happy-go-lucky and gorgeous individual
OsvaldEnglishRule of God; is very powerful and passionate
OsvinEnglishOne who is a God’s friend
OswellEnglishOne who has divine and majestic power
OswinusEnglishA spontaneous and happy go lucky person
OatesFrenchCombination of words “Mohan” and “Meet” that combinely means the charming love or charming friend.
OctaveFrenchGentleman, one who helps or aids others, humanitarian
OdilFrenchThe man who is always on the right path.
OleverFrenchThe olive tree of the branch of olive represent peace
OlivierFrenchOlive tree caretaker.
OrdricFrenchAn aged or wise ruler
OrleansFrenchMake wrinkled or creased.
OrmondoFrenchThe brightness of the light.
OrrieFrenchAddressing from the angle.
OrryFrenchThe cub of the bear.
OrvalFrenchA town of Gold
OrvaleFrenchA own full of gold
OrvelFrenchThe golden shining person
OrvilleFrenchThe town or city which is filled by golden treasuries.
OtaveFrenchA person who is born on the eighth
OthonFrenchA fortunate as well as wealthy personality
OttewellFrenchThe prosperous son of Otewel
OutaciteFrenchAnother name for a man-killer
OliverBritishThe one who represents the emblem of peace or olive tree.
OrdmaerBritishOne of the head officials in Anglo-saxon society.
OrpedBritishOne who is courageous and adventurous.
ObiAfricanOne with the beautiful essence, who has the quality of charming aroma. Also, one who have the quality to charm others.
ObuyaAfricanBorn when the garden was overgrown.
OchiengAfricanBorn in the daytime.
OdikinyiAfricanOne who was born in the early morning.
OdoAfricanPassionately oiled.
OdongoAfricanSecond of twins.
OdourAfricanBorn after midnight.
OghenerioborueAfricanGreat novel Triumph, prove superior of the contest
OhonAfricanThe name is preserved.
OjwangAfricanOne who survived despite neglect.
OkalAfricanEnglish short form of a Greek “Nicodemus” that means victory of the people.
OkapiAfricanIt’s a Latin word that means a horn. Also an ancient greek word that means pity or mercy.
OkelloAfricanOne who was born after twins.
OkeyoAfricanOne who was born during the harvest.
OkothAfricanTalkative person. Sometimes used to refer a crow.
OlajuwanAfricanThe exaltation of the triumph.
OluAfricanThe one who is out standing or extra ordinary.
OlufemiAfricanThe creator loves us, The precious people of God.
OluochAfricanOne who was born on a cloudy day.
OluyomiAfricanDelivered or sent by God
OmaribaAfricanKenyan word for clay.
OmondiAfricanHe who was born at dawn.
OmwanchaAfricanHe who loves people.
OnkwaniAfricanHe who talks a lot.
OnyekachiAfricanNo-one is grander than God
OpiyoAfricanFirst of the twins.
OratilweAfricanThe dearest and darling one.
OringoAfricanGod is merciful
OsogoAfricanThe Osogo birth.
OthenioAfricanGive birth by night.
OthiamboAfricanOne who was born in the evening.
OwitiAfricanOne who was born after a misfortune.
OwuorAfricanOne who was born mid morning.
OmarArabicPowerful or fluent orator.
ObadiahArabicRefers to the lover of a charming person. Also the one who loves Krishna.
OkbaArabicAn optimistic and blunt individual
OmaArabicThe one who always stretches his helping hand to others.
OmairArabicThe person who has brilliant and perfect knowledge.
OmariArabicOvercrowded and prosperous.
OmarrArabicDeviation form of the name Omar, a great speaker.
OmeedArabicGrounds for feeling hopeful.
OmerArabicTalker, successful, long-term, growing, blooming
OmidArabicThe one whose expectations are centred.
OmmarArabicThe one who born first Boy in the family, the eldest son.
OmranArabicFirm construction, Rock-solid building, Concrete configuration
OrmarArabicOne who is an eloquent speaker
OsafArabicThe person who is expert in dancing.
OsamaArabicThe one who is bold and courageous like a lion.
OsmenArabicOne who is born to show the right path
OssamaArabicOne who has the power of a Lion
OssamahArabicLion; powerful and majestic person
OthmanArabicA brave person who is the chosen one
OukessonArabicA person who is good natured and emits light
OunslowArabicIt is like a hill of passionate one
OusamaArabicA majestic and charismatic Lion
OvaisArabicA variant of Owais; Name of companions of the Prophet; Little Wolf
OwaisArabicA wolf; the best compannion of the Prophet
OwaisyArabicA wolf; a courageous and brave warrior

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