7 Best Hair Brushes for your Baby’s Smooth Hair


Your baby can have soft and smooth hair, if only you brush it with the right hair brush. A hair brushing regimen of brushing your baby’s hair after he’s bathed, before he goes to bed and after he wakes in the morning can also calm him down and keep him relaxed. From this, you can realize just how important it is for your baby to have the right hair brush.

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Here are the market’s seven best hair brushes that can give your baby soft and silky hair:

Best Hair Brushes for your Baby’s Smooth Hair

1. Baby Brush Set – 2 Eco-Friendly Wooden Brushes – Massages Scalp – Helps Prevent Cradle Cap – Gentle to Use on Newborns & Sturdy for Toddlers – By Nursery Necessities

Throw away those plastic brushes and invest in this baby brush set of wooden brushes that are ergonomically designed to give your baby’s hair a good brush. While one brush comes with wooden bristles that help to massage the scalp, detangle the hair and eliminate static electricity, the second brush is made of nylon bristles. This affords gentle strokes on the child’s hair, making it good for smoothing the hair and styling it to get rid of flakes due to cradle cap. Both brushes increase blood circulation and prevent cradle cap.

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Enjoying Hair Brushing

2. Epique Beauty Detangling Brush

Here’s a bright pink brush, so right for your baby girl. The Epique Beauty detangling brush is made of soft rubber bristles and aims to detangle your baby’s soft hair gently, without much breakage and tugging of the hair. It’s compact size and detangling ability coupled with the fact that it detangles all textures of hair make it a must-have brush for your little girl. Plus, it can be confidently used on wet or dry hair, particularly after a bath.

3. BerryBest Baby Hairbrush ~ Natural Goat Hair with Wooden Handle for Your Newborn ~ Soft Brush for Fine Hair

For your baby’s soft and silky hair, you’d be looking for a hairbrush that’s comfortable. That’s where the BerryBest Baby Hairbrush comes in. Its natural maple wood handle makes for comfortable handling and its soft bristles gently activate the scalp to prevent cradle cap from setting in and worsening. Using this brush regularly to brush your baby’s hair can give him or her really soft and silky hair.


4. Safety 1st Advanced Solutions Natural Hairbrush and Comb

This hairbrush and comb combo does wonders for smoothening your baby’s hair. The hairbrush has natural boar’s hair bristles which is gentle on a little child’s scalp. They also work to distribute the oil from scalp to hair evenly. It takes care of your baby’s easily and safely, making your baby’s hair softer and silkier, and reducing the need for more frequent hair washing. Both you and your baby will love it.

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5. Occo Baby Wooden Hair Brush and Comb Set

This is a three-piece hair brush and comb set that works wonders on the hair and scalp of your baby and toddler. You get a brush with goat’s hair bristles, a wooden comb with a beech wood handle and a wooden bristle brush.

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The soft goat bristle brush successfully takes away cradle cap while its harder counterpart and comb are ideal for detangling the hair of older babies. This set works on all textures of hair, including wavy and curly, and are good at detangling hair too.

6. Baby Haven Co. 3 Piece Wooden Baby Brush and Comb Set for Newborns and Toddlers

If you’re particular about introducing your baby to natural products, this is a great choice. Not only is it natural, it’s also hypoallergenic. To untangle your baby’s hair, use the comb and the hard bristled brush. They also smoothen the hair. The brush is made of 100% goat bristles, which is great for dealing with cradle cap.


7. Natemia Premium Wooden Baby Hair Brush and Comb Set

The Natemia Premium baby hair brush and comb set is ideal for your baby’s hair. The set is made of natural goat hair bristles that give your baby a soft brush on the scalp. The brush has hard bristles and can easily detangle your little one’s hair and prevent it from developing cradle cap. Here, the soft goat’s bristle brush works well to get rid of cradle cap while the wood comb and the harder bristle brush are ideal for detangling toddlers’ fine and smooth flyaway hair.

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All in all, choose from among these seven for a good hair brush for your infant or toddler that will take care of hair problems at his age.