5 Best Ways to Beat The Lockdown Blues


The lockdown has hampered all our plans, be it long vacations or short trips. Only 2 ways can we handle this–be gloomy, or the choice I prefer, which is, make new plans! While four walls can constrain your body, your mind can be let free to explore. Don’t let the lockdown blues get to you! There are so many ways to utilize this time you have in a good manner. 

5 best ways to beat down lockdown blues

Movies, Shows, and Books

This is the go-to choice for a lot of us. With the indefinite lockdown, catch up on the shows you have missed or start new ones. Read books to open your mind to a world of wonder. The storylines, exciting plots, are a good way to entertain your mind. Switch the genres constantly so you don’t get bored, watch a horror movie after a rom-com! If you wish to explore new versions of your favorite movies and books, there’s always fanfiction. Try your hand at writing stories. Many authors sell their eBooks on kindle and other reading apps and it is a good side hustle to follow during the lockdown. Transport yourself to a new world, without leaving your home. Books and movies also give you the power of greater imagination and you might find yourself learning more too. Useful for keeping in touch with your friends and family, as movies and books always make for a good conversation.

movies/tv shows streaming during lockdown


You can’t sit in front of a screen or read a book constantly without straining your eyes. For a change, you should try exercising. We all have a lot of pent up energy which collects due to our confinement, so a good outlet to drain it is exercise. You can also start with yoga and meditation if you do not wish to go for high power cardio. A good 10-minute meditation added to your morning routine will refresh your mind from the very beginning of the day. During the lockdown, a lot of us have been bingeing on food as a coping mechanism and exercise will also help lose those few extra pounds. You can make an online group where you motivate each other if you find it difficult to do it yourself. Exercise also releases endorphins, which makes us happier, keeping our mental health in check.


There’s an artist in every human. Whether it is music, craft, dancing or painting humans have a way to bring their own style into everything. Pursue that skill in your free time, if you feel like you are already good enough, teach others about it. Start a YouTube channel or a blog where you can teach others your creativity. Knowledge is meant to be spread among people. Art can be therapeutic and healing, both for the artist and the observer. Talk about your art, let other people see it, and find their own art too. Since the lockdown, a lot of people are wary of eating out. If you are one of them, use this time to level up on your culinary skills. Many wonderful recipes are available free of cost online, and you can try out different dishes and cuisines as a little vacation for your palate. You can even start keeping your vegetable garden or a few potted plants if you miss the lush greenery outside. Gardening can help you have some peace of mind as it is a small responsibility that can give you a reason to be active at this time. Redesign your room, put up your art, or turn into your own choreographer, keep your mind and body active with your creativity.


You can use this time to learn new courses and activities. A lot of apps and websites offer free courses on a variety of subjects, so there’s no issue of money. If you find yourself bored with the stuff that you are learning or have already learned, this is a good time to find out what other courses pique your interest. You can explore in the same field of learning or venture into an entirely new avenue. Likewise, you can be on the other side and become a teacher by teaching the subjects you have learned to students via online lectures. Find a project to keep your mind occupied, as a project gives purpose to you. You must have been following some form of a routine before the lockdown, so modify it to fit into your current interests and work. Block out the time you need to gain or give knowledge. 


Planning Ahead

The lockdown won’t last forever. It will end at some point, and there will be a lot of people eager to get out of their homes. You can look for part-time jobs online which provide work from home opportunity and start saving up. The extra money can come in handy later if you start getting overwhelmed after the lockdown is lifted. Use this time to plan and think about where you wish to go as the restrictions will be lifted. You can book the tickets at a cheaper rate if you book them beforehand. Make realistic plans, which would align with your work schedule and not mess with your health. Avoid the high-risk areas for a while, but you can go to the other places when the lockdown is lifted. Your trip could be a trek or visiting a restaurant or even going to a faraway place. This is a good way to remind yourself that the lockdown is just for some more time, and soon you will be outside with nature and people.


The lockdown is indeed tiresome, but after so many weeks we have started to cope with it in our own ways. Uplift your mood yourself by letting your creativity take over. Your health is of utmost importance, so for now, stay at home and be safe. Nurture your artistic side and use this time for your own good.