11 Ways to Stop Pregnancy After A Month


Medicines, saline water method, herbal medicines, sesame seeds, papaya, pineapple and goji berries are some of the ways to stop pregnancy after one month.

No doubt, pregnancy is the happiest news for some couples. But for others, pregnancy might not be something that they really want during a specific time period. Thus, an unplanned pregnancy can be a lot stressful for some couples. Apart from this, there can also be other situations such as your body not supporting the growth of the foetus and where abortion is the only choice left. Whatever the situation might be, we bring you 11 ways to stop pregnancy after a period of one month. These areas as follows:

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Top 11 Ways to Stop Pregnancy After a Month

ways to stop pregnancy


Medicines will only prove to be effective if they are taken within a period of 9 weeks. These medicines are prescribed to stop pregnancy as they because of womb contractions that lead to an abortion. Mifepristone is one of the medicines that is prescribed to block progesterone and also leads to a thin lining of the womb.

Herbal abortion

Not a lot of people rely on this method because herbal medicines can prove to be an unsafe mean of pregnancy termination and may also possess certain health risks. However, yarrow (scientific name- achillea millefolium) can lead to an abortion if taken in a certain prescribed dosage.


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Prostaglandin method

This process involves injection of some specific hormones into the uterus which leads to premature labor. This further leads to the death and expulsion of the developing foetus, causing an abortion.

Chemical method

First of all, this method should only be considered when you are not left with any other choice. This process involves attaching the zygote to the uterus wall which prevents the further process of pregnancy. Birth control and a vaginal ring can be two ways to do this. The change in the lining of the uterus here leads to the prevention of implantation.

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Evening primrose oil

Although an evening primrose oil has proven to be a lot beneficial, not only for pregnant women but also for non-pregnant women. But, when it is used in a significant way, it can cause an abortion. It is recommended you massage your cervix using good amount of this oil and also take pills containing the same alongside, on a regular basis.


Raw cinnamon or cinnamon supplements are one of the most used home remedies to stop pregnancy. It is due to the compounds in cinnamon that can induce labor. On the other side, it is advisable that you consult a doctor before relying on this method as some people are allergic to cinnamon supplements.


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The enzyme ‘bromelain’ and vitamin C in pineapples softens the cervix and can lead to a miscarriage. You can consume it in pieces or make a juice by blending the same with water.

Saline water method

In this procedure, the saline water is injected into the womb which causes dehydration of the foetus. Salt injections can prove to be poisonous for the foetus, thus leading to miscarriage.

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Sesame seeds

For consumption, sesame seeds must be first soaked in water overnight which can then be drunk the next morning. Another way you can consume it is to fry the sesame seeds and then consume it with honey if abortion is the intent.

Goji berries

These berries help to bring labor contractions and thus, pregnant women are often advised to consume this towards the end of third trimester. However, pregnant women who are diabetic or suffering from high blood pressure issues are not recommended to consume these berries. Therefore, it is advised that you consult your doctor before relying on this method.


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The oxytocin and prostaglandin rich fruit leads to uterine contractions during labor. In addition to this, papaya is a source of phytochemicals that can cause an impairment of progesterone activity. In order to cause an abortion, you can also consume unripe papayas.

Whatever the situation might be, there can be a number of ways to abort. However, this does not mean that you have to put yourself or the little one at risk. Everyone’s body is different and certain things or methods may react differently, depending on your body type. It is thus advised that you talk to a friend or a family member of yours before making your choice of terminating the pregnancy. Therefore, it is recommended that you consult your doctor before opting on any of the methods listed above.

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