Creative Ways to Announce the Arrival of a Rainbow Baby


Rainbow babies are the babies born shortly after a woman has gone through a tragedy in her pregnancy, such as stillbirth or a miscarriage. Rainbow babies are named so because they are symbolic of the rainbow that follows the storm: the hope of new life forming in a mother’s womb; the sign of what is to come.  To a woman who has had to deal with the unbearable ordeal of losing a baby, her next baby isn’t just a baby. Her next pregnancy brings a bag of mixed emotions: happiness is the biggest of all, but also guilt and sadness from the previous pregnancy, which isn’t something someone can get over that easily. Sometimes some women tend to feel that they are somehow dishonouring the loss of their previous child or not grieving it properly. Therefore, a rainbow pregnancy means that much more to woman: it doesn’t just symbolize the possibility of new life in her womb, it is also a sign of accepting the past and moving on; a sign of tremendous emotional strength.

Rainbow Baby: Gorgeous Pregnancy Announcements

Rainbow Baby: Gorgeous Pregnancy Announcements

If you are expecting a rainbow baby, congratulations! Here are some great ways in which you can announce your special little rainbow baby:

A rainbow baby card

Several companies are now producing cards based on pregnancies and rainbow pregnancies. You can choose whichever deign you like the most and send a few to your friends, to let them know about your rainbow pregnancy. You can also get customized cards printed to suit your own requirements and preferences, or if you have any ideas of your own to be in a card. A simple card speaks a thousand words.

Paint your baby bump

This is an adorable way of showing off your rainbow baby. Paint your palms in the colour of the rainbow and print it on your baby bump. Or you can get rainbow themed paint on your baby bump to take pictures of it and send out to friends and family as a reveal. This looks absolutely gorgeous and is a testimony to how much your baby means to you.

Document your life before and after

You can take a series of pictures or polaroids documenting your life before and after your found out the news, and end it with a close up of your rainbow baby bump. This is a more personal take on the revelation but it’s that much more effective as well.


Get a photoshoot done

And we don’t just mean an average make-at-home photoshoot. Hire a professional photoshoot to take pictures of you and your precious rainbow baby bump. It’s a beautiful, picturesque way of capturing t he priceless moments of your pregnancy, and its shows off perfectly just how much it means to you.

Get family portraits taken

If you have an older child, bring him or her into your picture. Take a picture of the whole family: you, your kid(s), your partner and even pets! This will make for an adorable family picture while also showing how much this pregnancy means not just to you but to your entire family. You can show this to your baby later to make her feel just how special she is.

Theme photoshoot

You could hire a photographer to take pictures of you on a theme, say, a fairy-tale theme (‘cause this pregnancy is a miracle, like magic, geddit?), or in a setting that is closer to nature, like in a forest, to give it a mystical appearance. It will be a different take on your rainbow pregnancy and you can be sure everyone will absolutely adore it.

Pose underwater

If you are a believer of giving birth in water, this is the perfect option for you. Water birth is actually pretty common, as it is believed to be less painful and a bit more relaxing, and you can also use it to give birth at home. If you love being in the pool or at the beach and want the same for your baby, this is the perfect option for you. It will make for beautiful pictures of you in mermaid-like poses and will look absolutely gorgeous. It will be something you hold on to for years after.

Sketch it out

You can sketch out your announcement on your sidewalk or your porch or in your driveway to let everyone know, and not just your near and dear ones. This will be a cost effective way of showing off your new rainbow pregnancy while also showing that you want not just your close ones but the whole world to know how precious it is to you.

Paint it on a wall

You can paint it out on a wall of you house, or a small section of it. You can add a calendar to it so that you can keep track of the countdown as your tick off the days remaining until your due date. This is such an amazing way of showing all your guests that you’re expecting while also keeping the entire household excited about your news.


Decorate your baby’s room

It is tradition to prepare a room for your baby months before she/he arrives. Needless to say, it takes a lot of meticulous planning to come up with a room that’s as perfect as the picture in your head. You can always have a rainbow themed room for your rainbow baby, just to emphasise on just how special this rainbow birth is to you.

Umbrella announcement

Since the term “rainbow birth” symbolizes the hope that comes after storm in the form of a rainbow, it makes sense that you taker cute pictures of you under a rainbow coloured umbrella in a pretend-storm, to symbolize that your pregnancy announcement is a rainbow pregnancy. This will look absolutely adorable and will be something memorable that you can hold on to.

Balloon reveal

Like there are gender reveal parties for babies which have balloons depicting the colour associated with the baby’s gender (traditionally pink for a girl and blue for a boy), there could be a rainbow themed balloon party for revealing that your baby is a rainbow baby. Just fill the whole room with a lot of rainbow coloured balloons, and you can even have rainbow coloured treats and refreshments for your guests.

Take it to the beach

You could go with your partner and/or your whole family to the beach to get some photos clocked of you and your baby bump with some rainbow themed props around. This is a calming location for a shoot and a perfect place to film something so memorable.

These were some ways in which you can declare about your beautiful and precious rainbow pregnancy to your loved ones. Have a happy and safe pregnancy.