9 Best Tips To Keep Your Home Coronavirus-Free


The novel coronavirus started spreading fire all over the world. The top countries, the most influential countries are now suffering from the coronavirus. The government of almost all affected countries took steps to control the spread, did lockdowns, curfews, and whatnot. But some were able to contain it successfully and some are now seeing an increase in the cases day by day. The economy could not be closed for such a long period thus the government opened restaurants, shops, and almost every place. The world has turned into a movie, the virus is out there and you can be affected anytime, to avoid it you have to take precautions yourself. And at such a point in time, the home and families are the most vulnerable and if we don’t care properly then not only us but everyone in our family, house and neighborhood will get affected.

9 Tips To Keep Your Home Coronavirus-Free

Sanitize the high touch surfaces

The surfaces that are high touch just like doorknobs, wooden surfaces, metal surfaces, the car handles, countertops, cell phones, remote, and handles of cupboards should be disinfected with sanitizers and spray as there are the surfaces that are most vulnerable to germs.


Wear gloves whenever you go out

Whenever you go out make sure you wear gloves, this is because outside your house many places might be contaminated, many surfaces could be dangerous for you to touch. If you wear gloves you will be able to keep yourself away from the virus. Once you come home remove the gloves outside and wash your hands sanitize them and you will be free from any virus that could affect your home.

Use Bleach and water to clean home

The Bleach and water mixture is a substitute for household cleaning. It is the best way to contain the virus, make sure you clean the whole house floor with this mixture. This will help in killing germs and contracting more people in your house because kids and pets play and sit on the floor so it is recommended to clean the floor often.

Sanitize the products you order online

Coronavirus can stay on surfaces, though it is highly unlikely that you will contract it through surfaces, still for the precautions make sure you always sanitize the products you order online with a sanitizer, disinfectant spray, or keeping in sunlight. This will also reduce the chances of you and your family contracting the virus.


Order food from trusted restaurants, takeaways, and food outlets

The World Health Organization has declared that food from restaurants and packaging of food cannot spread the virus. Still, for precautions and safety, it is advised to order food from trusted restaurants only. Make sure that the outlet from which you order food follows the highest standards of safety so that there is hardly any chance for you and your family to contract the virus, and it will never enter your house and keep you, your family, and your house safe.

Always wear a mask and gloves when interacting with others, wash hands for around 20 seconds

It is always recommended that whenever you go out or interact with anyone, be it a shopkeeper, a car cleaner, delivery boy or a friend always wear a mask and gloves. Masks will protect you from contracting the virus, as it is a respiratory disease there are high chances that you might contract the virus if you come near an infected person without a mask. Gloves are necessary as the infected person might touch those things that you will touch next, so if you wear a glove you won’t be contracting the coronavirus diseases, and you will be safe. Make sure you wear gloves all the time while you are outside the house. Make sure you wash your hands for a longer time to ensure maximum safety, cleanliness, and security.

Make sure you keep separate shoes for outdoors and separate for indoors

Coronavirus is a deadly pandemic, and it has made all of us quite paranoid. Thus, it is advised that you keep different pairs for outdoors and different pairs for indoors. This will help you in keeping your home virus-free, as all the dust and dirt you step on is left outside your door, and thus the virus will not enter. It is safe to do this because babies, pets, and kids play on the floor and even other family members sit on the floor, thus it is advised to keep the shoes that are contaminated by outside.

Make sure you wash groceries with hot water

Before you visit the supermarket, make sure you keep the water hot, or you can instruct other people at home to do so. Once you bring the groceries and other things make sure you wash them for 10-15 minutes in hot water, after that once you are done you can take them inside and eat with your family. This is safe and keeps your house secure.

Make sure you keep your environment clean

It is advised by medical professionals and experienced doctors that the environment and the immediate surroundings of a person should be clean. This can be a precaution against the virus, make sure you do the dusting, and keep the environment dry, clean, and sanitized. The homes are the safest place for families and people, it should be kept very clean and sanitized. This will help you in keeping your home clean and safe to the highest level.


Coronavirus is a deadly disease and most importantly it is not decreasing, at this point in time the only thing that we should do is try our best to keep the homes clean so that we can stay safe. And most probably keep our families, kids, and pets safe.