7 Reasons Why Being Pregnant On Thanksgiving Is Probably The Best


Thanksgiving is considered to be the best holiday of the year in Western countries. And being pregnant on this auspicious day is like the cherry on apple pie.  Pregnancy itself is a very happy feeling for the family and Thanksgiving makes it more joyful. Holidays usually bring about families together and having a baby amplifies it. This day should be relished and may end up as one of the best days of the mother’s pregnancy or even life!

Thanksgiving Pregnancy Announcement

7 reasons why being pregnant on Thanksgiving is probably the best

Pregnancy gives you a good reason for being thankful this year

While everyone else is trying hard to figure out the reason for being thankful, the pregnant woman already has a reason, which she would be glad to tell everyone.

One can take Pregnancy as an advantage to blame your aversion to weird Casserole

Since pregnancy gives you chance to not cook and get pampered, it might end up choking you down. But pregnancy provides you with an excellent excuse to say, “No, Thank you” to a very favorite aunt of yours. Baby in your tummy takes the blame.

Eat as much as you want

No one would dare to question or comment over the plate full of delicious dishes of pregnant women. Moreover, they would offer you even more, extra for the baby.

Avoiding boring conversation through, need to pee excuse in every two minutes

Pregnancy gives you the best excuse to run away from awkward conversation by simply saying, “ I need to pee” and everyone would take it very casually.


A good reason to skip the cleanup session

The most tiring session comes after the Thanksgiving dinner. Doing dishes and cleaning up the dining table has always been a woman thing and men just sit around and chat or watch television. But if you hate doing dishes, then pregnancy gives you a good excuse to skip it and rather take a nap and enjoy Thanksgiving.

Chance to take away all leftovers

Everyone feeds you extra for the baby. Therefore, the family often ends up offering you the leftovers, and then a single night not to cook turns into three.

Endless pie eating

No one would dare to judge you and eating extra is very normal during pregnancy.

Calm down the heat up debates gracefully

Sometimes having a big meal with a big family is likely to engage in a huge argument. It acts as a source of entertainment for people who are interested and don’t fall asleep. Pregnancy is exhausting, everyone knows this and thus, one can easily get a pass to have a nap over such discussions.

Deciding Menu

It hardly matters if one has been struggling with the turkey since dawn or if you’re a guest at someone else places. Pregnancy causes morning sickness and this helps pregnant women set the rules. She hates turnip, they are avoided.

Some creative ideas one can opt for announcing pregnancy on Thanksgiving

The aforementioned reasons are enough to prove being pregnant on Thanksgiving is best. Announcing pregnancy on this day can be overwhelming for everyone in the family. It’s hard to keep secrets from family but this one is worth seeing everyone’s priceless expressions.


Writing Thankful note

Place a pen and small note card next to everyone’s dish and ask them to write down their reason for being thankful this year. Collect the cards and shuffle them well and then start reading out each card. Intentionally add the card having your news of pregnancy, play with words, and see everyone’s reaction.

Turkey pregnancy announcement

Making small cute cards with one-liners is so much fun. For example, one can announce it as, “We are excited to share the news of little turkey who’s about to come soon“ or “Little turkey is on its way and will be reaching in December 2020.”

Sonography Picture

Get a copy of the first sonography and hang it at a spot visible to everyone or you can even make them notice.

Extra chair  

Keep an extra chair on the dinner table, this chair can be decorated or place as a high chair meant for babies. Make it extra sweet by placing a card announcing the pregnancy.

Baby bottle serving

Fill up the feeding bottles with all condiments and place them on the dinner table. Everyone would notice it and like you, this is the correct moment to break the good news.


Thanksgiving brings the family together and sharing such good news can make the environment even happier. While having every year the same Thanksgiving dinner needs some change and pregnancy offers this change. Pregnancy brings about everyone’s concern and makes the mother feel pampered and relaxed which is usually missing on every other Thanksgiving.


Happy Thanksgiving!