11 Ways to Teach Kids about Easter


With Easter around the corner, you must be busy with the preparations. If you have children in the family, they will also be a part of the preparations and arrangements. But do they know the actual significance and meaning of Easter? Well, you might be thinking how to make kids understand the concept of Easter so that the learning is not boring and they are not scared and confused at the same time.

11 Best Ways to Teach about Easter to Your Children

teaching easter to kids

Mentioned below are 11 ways in which you can teach kids about Easter easily:

The e-book ‘A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families’

If you want to tell your kids about Easter in a story format, there is no better way than reading to them from ‘A Sense of the Resurrection: An Easter Experience for Families’ by Amanda White. This e-book is designed specifically for the kids with crafts, scriptures, printable ornaments and specific conversations so that kids can experience the whole thing about Easter.

Baking activity: Resurrection rolls

This activity can help in understanding the concept of Easter that Jesus went into the tomb, but was resurrected again. There is Bible for preschoolers from which you can start reading and carry out the baking activity side by side resembling the Easter story. Baking the resurrection rolls is a fun activity for the kids through which they learn about Easter easily.

Washing one another’s feet

Jesus had spread the message of serving one another always. Through this activity, the message goes down to all family members including kids. Read the story in which Jesus washes his disciple’s feet (John 13:1-17). In your own home, make preparations so that you can wash one another’s feet.


Reading a book about Easter

This is probably the easiest and best way of teaching the kids about Easter. Easter books are available for children in all age-groups and you can buy the one that seems most suitable for your kid. The Easter story is represented to the kid as per their age and understanding in the best manner. Check out the listing of Easter books available.

Resurrection Eggs

This hands-on-activity is a great way of letting your kid know about the whole Easter story and the gospel message. You can make your own set of Resurrection eggs or buy some as well. This is a visual method of letting the children know about the Easter story. Small trinkets are placed inside the eggs and the kids are made to remember the portion of the story related to the same.

The Legend of the Sand Dollar

Using the sand dollar for understanding the concept of Easter and Jesus Christ is a great idea. Through this hands-on-activity, children can be made to understand the truth of the Easter story. Let your child concentrate on the sand dollar and find out its unique properties. Then read out the San Dollar poem to them. Let them break open the sand dollar and find the lovely doves inside.

Reading Easter stories from Children’s Bible

You can do this by gathering your whole family. Read the Easter story straight from the Bible. Read it from Children’s Bible so that kids find it easy to decipher the real meaning of Jesus’s death, burial and resurrection. Answer the queries of the child if they have any.

Wrapped up like Jesus

You will just need a roll of toilet paper for this hands-on-activity. Take the roll of toilet paper and wrap it around the child. Tell them to try and break free from the wrapping. Meanwhile, read Matthew 27:57-61. The Biblical truth shared here is that Jesus conquered death.

Easter scavenger hunt

This activity is a great way of making children know about Easter and its significance. You will need items in different colors like red, black, green, white, etc., two sticks and a rock. Take the kids to the park and ask them to search items within the time limit. Once they are found, explain the meaning and significance of these. The colors and the items mentioned above have Biblical references.


Creating an Easter Jesus Tree

If there can be a Christmas tree, why not make an Easter tree? Use plastic Easter eggs and other photos and cutouts for the décor of the tree. While making and decorating the tree, let your kids know the importance and story of Easter. It will be fun learning together.

Printable Easter conversation cards

Easter conversation cards are a great way to gain the interest of kids for letting them know about Easter. Let them have a collection of such cards, which will help in understanding the concept of Easter.

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