Sties for Kids : Symptoms, Causes, Natural Treatment


Eye sties are infections or inflammations of an eyelash follicle or one of the glands that are along the eyelid edge. They are identified as red and painful lumps which can turn into whitish pus heads, resembling a pimple. Sties aren’t contagious, nor are they infectious.


Sties resemble pimples on the edge of the eye or in one corner of it. They are painful to touch and a visible swelling in one spot on the edge of the eyelid can be seen. These are the other visible symptoms of sties in kids:

  • They are tender to touch.
  • Redness of the eye
  • They cause mild eyelid swelling.
  • They can lead to a watery eye.

Sties for Kids, Symptoms of sties, causes of sties, Home remedies for sties


Staphylococcal bacteria cause styes which live on the surface of the skin. There are billions of friendly bacteria that can be found all over our bodies. At the right time, bacteria can feast on debris and dead cells and cause pimples.

A stye is formed when the eyelid gland duct are blocked. These ducts usually transport oily substances to lubricate the eye, thereby forming a chalazion. This oily substance enters the tear film to prevent tear evaporation. When the oil is either misplaced or trapped, the immune system is stimulated enough to clean the mess.

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Other causes: Secondary causes for stye formation include:

  • Overeating spicy food
  • Digestive problems that hinder nutrient absorption
  • Blepharitis
  • Abusing cosmetics

Home remedies for sties

A sty in the eye can be painful and irritating, but your child needn’t be bothered with it because there are several effective home remedies for it. Here are some of them:

1. Chamomile tea

Make a cup of chamomile tea and soak a compress in it. Apply it to the affected eye and keep it dabbed there for some time. Remove and repeat for some time but take care to see that the tea isn’t too hot or it could burn your kiddie’s eye.

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2. Green tea

The anti-inflammatory nature of green tea helps with reducing inflammation and pain associated with a sty. It also has an abundance of tannic acid that staves off infections, apart from several antioxidants and nutrients that help with bringing relief to the affected site and healing it. To use green tea, dip a tea bag in warm water, remove and squeeze out extra water. Close your child’s eye and press the tea bag over the stye. Repeat this a few times in the day until the stye diminishes and finally goes away.

3. Crushed cloves

Mix a little crushed cloves in water and make a fine paste of it. Apply it to the affected area. The cloves will generate heat which will help to reduce the pain and inflammation of the stye and thus curing it will be faster. Take care not to let this enter the child’s eye as it could sting and burn him and only aggravate his condition further.


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4. Warm water compress

Warm some water and dip a towel into it and wring out the excess water. Then, apply it to the stye and keep it pressed for some time. Repeat this until the water cools completely and can no longer be used. By this time, the stye should flatten out a great deal. When this happens, the pain will also diminish.

Sties for Kids, Symptoms of sties, causes of sties, Home remedies for sties

5. Ointment

Rub ointment on the stye to diminish the discomfort associated with sties. A non-prescription ointment will work just as well, so go ahead and get a reliable one. Wash your hands before you apply it on your child’s stye. Don’t let your kid touch his eyelids, eyes, hair or face or any surface of the ointment tube while you apply it on the stye or there could be chances of infection.

6. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera herb is antibacterial and anti-inflammatory in nature, and soothing too, making it ideal to cure sties in kids. Not only does it get rid of the redness, but the inflammation too. To use it, cut a leaf open and extract its gel. Rub the gel all over the infected eyelid and leave it on for 20 minutes and then wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat a few times a day for five days and you’re sure to see results.

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If after all your efforts, your child’s stye doesn’t go away, speak to your doctor.