7 Herbal Tea That Help Boost Fertility


Some herbal teas have natural qualities to boost your fertility. It is one of the most common forms of home remedies to cure infertility in women. The use of herbal teas is there for more than 2500 years. So, over centuries women have used them for boosting fertility and curing diseases. Herbal teas are made from all sorts of natural ingredients like herbs, flowers, tree barks, dried fruit and leaves. The organic sources ensure that the teas are free from any sort of harmful chemicals which might harm your body. For that reason herbal tea not only helps you boost your fertility but also helps you to stay safe from damage.

This is a list of seven herbal teas which will help you boost your fertility:

Top 7 Herbal Tea That Help Boost Fertility

Red Raspberry Tea

Red raspberry is a very enriching herb. It is rich in nutrients and iron. So, it has the potential to boost the quality of your eggs. The astringent quality of red raspberry will help you to make your uterus stronger and will prevent excessive bleeding during your periods. This herb has the special power to protect the uterus and all the surrounding muscles of the pelvic region. This ensures that the chances of a miscarriage are less. Also red raspberry tea is safe to be consumed during your pregnancy. There are several brands selling red raspberry tea. Make sure that your purchase from organic sources.

Red Clover Tea

Herbal tea can be obtained from both the blossom and the leaves of this herb. The herb is rich in vitamins and minerals. It purifies your blood and helps you to nourish your eggs. Red clover is also a fantastic detoxifier and it cleanses the body from any kind of toxins thereby aiding conception and pregnancy. It also helps you to maintain a healthy liver and a proper blood hormonal balance. This herb is known to cure multiple infertility related issues like a blocked fallopian tube and irregular menses.

Nettle Herbal Tea

This herbal tea is also known for its vitamin and mineral content. The herb is rich in vitamin C and iron, which are the two most essential elements to prevent the chances of anaemia and excessive bleeding. Lack of quality blood often makes the eggs infertile. This herb will boost your blood and tissue formation. It also supports liver function and offers hormonal stability. This herb will you cleanse your body before you conceive.

herbal tea to boost fertility


Milk Thistle Tea

Milk thistle tea will help you improve your liver function. It will also help you to restore hormonal balance. A strong, healthy and detoxified liver is essential for a fertile body for both men and women. Drinking milk thistle tea will make sure that your liver is up to the mark when you are trying to get pregnant. Also at the same time this herbal tea can also be used to cure morning sickness in the early stages of pregnancy.

Chaste Tree Berry Tea

The chaste tree berry tea is good for keeping your hormonal balance. It can restore a trouble free menstrual cycle. Chaste Tree Berry tea reduces the advancements of endometriosis. It also decreases PMS and reduces the chances of uterine cysts. The herb can also trigger ovulation by increasing the secretion of the lutenzing hormone. It also increases the progesterone. The tea is bit bitter in taste and so can be had with honey.

Ashwagandha Tea

This herbal tea is known for its ability to bring endocrine and hormonal balance. The herb is known to regulate thyroid along with adrenal gland functions. It also has a soothing effect on the nervous system which makes you sleep properly. Along with women, this classic herb is also known to improve fertility of men. It increases libido along with sperm count in men.

Motherwort Tea

The herb has been used by midwives to improve female health, for ages. It aids in the cure of painful menstrual cycle along with PMS and uterine fibroids. This herbal tea can also help you get rid of ovarian cysts. Along with the fertility boosts the herb also ensures that you have a healthy heat, a very critical factor for a soon to be mother. Drinking motherwort tea will make you feel relaxed and help you find a cure to your depressions and anxieties before getting pregnant. However, it is advisable that you stop the intake of the herb once you get pregnant. This herb is ideal to have before conceiving a child.

Other Factors

Consuming these herbal teas will not guarantee you fertility. Apart from consuming these teas, you need to maintain a healthy diet and exercise a lot. The teas will help you relax and have a healthy body. However, you also need to be careful about the diet and lifestyle you are maintaining. All things put together will determine the fertility.