Are Soap Pregnancy Tests Reliable?


One of the traditional ways of testing pregnancy at home is through soap water homemade pregnancy test. Basically, this test makes use of soapy water and your morning urine in order to test whether you are pregnant or not. It is the chemical agents in soap water that can help to indicate if you are pregnant or not. One of the benefits is that soapy water is readily available and you can conduct the test as many times you want. In this article, we will be discussing all about soap water homemade pregnancy test. Read below to find more:

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All You Need to Know about Soap Pregnancy Test

soap pregnancy test

When to Take Soap Water Pregnancy Test?

If you notice early signs of pregnancy, you can conduct the homemade soap water pregnancy test. This will help you decide if you need any further pregnancy test.

However, there are other reasons as well when you may need to conduct this test. For instance, if you have had an unprotected sex or in case you have missed your period. In such conditions, one cannot go out to buy commercial pregnancy kits, be it due to the social or intellectual agendas.

Early Symptoms of Pregnancy

Listed below are some of the most common symptoms of pregnancy:


How Does Soap Water Homemade Pregnancy Test Work?

The quantity of hCG hormone keeps on increasing every week during pregnancy. Once you conceive, the placenta creates hCG which gets mixed into the urine. It is thus due to this process that pregnancy can be identified with the help of urine.

Another way to test hCG is with the help of blood test. But most of the women first prefer to conduct the test themselves at home before visiting the doctor.

What will you Require?

A Small Piece of Soap : You can cut a small piece of soap with a help of knife or can also use any old soap that is about to finish. Just make sure you use a plain soap to create plain white water to easily read the results.

2 Tablespoons of Morning Urine Sample : The hCG levels in morning urine is high and clear, which is why it is the most important thing in the test. If you use a urine sample after the morning urine, you are not likely to get accurate results.

Half Cup of Water : Ensure that you use clean filtered water to create the soap water.

A Plastic Cup : Wash and sterilize the cup properly to make sure there’s no foreign particle left in it. It would be preferred if you take a transparent cup so that the result can be read correctly and easily.


How to Perform The Test?

Performing home pregnancy test using soap is extremely easy. Get a bubbly solution using a piece of soap by foaming it. you just need to collect your morning urine because it has high levels of pregnancy hormones. Add the urine to this solution. Make sure you add more urine in comparison to soap, i.e. in a ratio of 1:3. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes before you check the result. Do not touch the mixture until then.

Evaluating results for pregnancy test using soap and urine:

As stated above, you have to leave the mixture untouched for about 10 minutes for best results, after which, you can check the results.

In Case of Positive Results

One of the benefits of bar soap pregnancy test is the results can be noticed much easily. The solution will start to bubble up and the colour as well will change to a greenish blue, if you are pregnant.

In Case of Negative Results


After leaving the solution untouched, if you notice no change in the solution, it signifies that you are not pregnant.

Invalid Result

If the mixture changes into frothing or any other weird change, it simply means that the test is invalid.


Conducting soap water pregnancy test is pretty simple and easy. There are cases when you cannot go for the commercial pregnancy test kits, so in those conditions, you can simply pick up any kind of soap to conduct the test. The level of hCG will however depend on the number of weeks you have passed. But in case, you have conducted the test multiple number of times and yet you do not get the correct results, it is advised that you visit the doctor.



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