Sitz Bath after Delivery: 11 Benefits Every New Mom Should Know


It is necessary for very new mom to take care of herself after the trauma of giving birth. Doctors recommend several procedures post delivery. One of these procedures is taking a sitz bath. A sitz bath is a therapeutic water bath which is healing in nature. New mothers are supposed to dip their hips in a basin or tub filled with warm water to soothe their vagina post delivery.

There are several benefits of using a sitz bath. It aids in healing the stitches of episiotomy or any natural tear. The warm water is soothing and healing. This kind of bath also provides relief from pain when the stitches are healing.  Sitz bath also improves blood circulation in the perinea. Keep reading to know more about the benefits of sitz bath post delivery.

11 Benefits of Sitz Bath for New Mom

sitz bath benefits for new mom

Cleanses the perineum

One of the benefits of using a sitz bath after delivery is that it cleanses the perineum. This area is often ignored by women after giving birth. Perineum area requires regular cleansing to prevent any kind of infection. The tepid water is an excellent healing agent for any infection in that area. You can also add healing herbs or Epsom salt in the sitz bath. But the herbs and salt might also negatively affect you. It is best to consult your doctor before adding these substances in your sitz bath.

Soothes the pain

Healing post delivery can be a painful experience. The stitches of episiotomy take time to dissolve and heal. Sitz bath can be extremely useful in this situation. Sitting in a sitz bath regularly for 15-20 minutes will give you a lot of comfort. This is another reason why many doctors recommend sitz bath postpartum. It has been known to reduce the pain and discomfort every new mom experiences post natural delivery.

Reduces healing time

Postpartum healing is aided by sitz bath according to doctors. The tepid water actually boosts your blood circulation in the area. More blood flow will reduce the healing time to a great extent. This provides great relief to every new mom. If you take a sitz bath every day it will definitely speed up your healing process. You can also try sitting in a sitz bath of cold water. Cold water often gives relief from pain. Consult your doctor about this.


Heals hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids can occur during before or after delivery. When hemorrhoids well they might cause a lot of pain and can also bleed. Hemorrhoids also cause itching around the anus. Sitz bath is a popular home remedy for treating hemorrhoids. Sitting on a basin of warm water will provide instant relief from the trouble. If you have hemorrhoids it is essential to take a sitz bath regularly. You can add medications or healing herbs but consult your doctor before that.

Reduces itching/irritation

Post partum recovery can sometimes cause itching or irritation in the anus and vaginal area. This can become very annoying for a new mother.  Hemorrhoids can also cause irritation down there.  Sitz bath is a highly recommended remedy for treating irritation and itching.  Completely soaking your bottom in lukewarm water can give immense relief from this problem. It is very beneficial. If you are a new mom suffering from irritation in the bottom, give sitz bath a try!

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Reduces inflammation

Vaginal birth can often cause inflammation of the perineum. Swelling of the area can be painful and disturbing. It can cause problems in your movements and also while sitting down. Sitz bath is an effective way to reduce inflammation post birth. It is commonly known that ice helps in treating swelling of any kind. But it becomes ineffective after the first 24 hours. Therefore warm water is the best alternative treatment. To reduce the inflammation, take a sitz bath regularly.

Dissolves stitches

Another benefit of using sitz bath postpartum is that it can speed up the dissolving of stitches. Sometimes vaginal delivery also required small surgery to widen the vagina. This is called episiotomy. Stitches of episiotomy can take time to completely heal. They can also cause irritation and pain. Though sitz bath cannot dissolve the stitches, it can speed up the dissolving process.  Therefore it is a must try for every new mother out there!

Provides relief from soreness

Vaginal delivery can be physically traumatic. It can leave your vaginal area sore for many days post delivery. This soreness can interfere with your daily life and is always unwelcome. Sitz bath can give you relief from the soreness of delivery. Warm water used in sitz bath can soothe the area and provide immense relief. It is recommended by doctors as well.


Reduces burning sensation

Hemorrhoids during pregnancy or post delivery can cause burning sensation in the vaginal area. The irritation caused by the hemorrhoid also leads to a kind of burning sensation. It can be quite troublesome, especially during bowel movement. Sitz can also offer relief from this burning feeling. Regular usage of sitz bath can go a long way to completely treat this problem that many new mothers face.

Improves blood circulation

This is an excellent benefit of a sitz bath. Improved blood circulation is very essential for treating any kind of problem. Proper blood flow in the perineum can heal many post birth related problems like hemorrhoids, constipation, and irritation. Good blood circulation will also ensure fast healing from the trauma of vaginal birth. All these reasons make sitz bath a valuable home remedy after delivery for every mother.

Provides comfort from constipation

Many new mothers suffer from constipation post giving birth. Improper bowel movement can be very painful after vaginal delivery. It can also tear the stitches of episiotomy or any other natural laceration and lead to bleeding. Constipation can also cause immense pain immediately post delivery. Therefore it is very important to have a normal bowel movement for a new mother. Sitz bath can be effective in normalizing your bowel movement and prevent constipation.


Sitz bath is a popular natural method to recover from vaginal delivery. Vaginal birth can be traumatic and requires a lot of time to heal. There may be pain, irritation and hemorrhoids in the post birth phase. The stitches also take time to dissolve and cause pain. Sitz bath can give relief from all these problems. It is extremely effective and gives positive results every time. you can add healing herbs, salt, or lavender oil for better results. But it is best to consult your doctor before you add anything to the water.