11 Home Remedies for Treating Vaginal Tearing


Becoming a mother is a really transformative experience. It triggers many physical and psychological transformations within a woman. Giving birth to a child makes the outer layer of the vagina thin. That is because it stretches the outer layer of the vagina to its maximum capacity.

Due to this extreme kind of pressure, exerted upon your vagina, you might experience tears and lacerations, in the perineum and the cervix. In order to make way for the baby’s head your vagina takes the toll. So, it is nothing surprising that vaginal deliveries often lead to vaginal tearing.

Remedies for Vaginal Tear

Women who are giving birth to their first child are in more danger of experiencing vaginal tear. It happens especially for the mothers whose children are overweight or requires special assistance to be brought out from the womb.

Under normal circumstances the vaginal tears are cured naturally. They do not require any kind of stitches. They are known as the first degree tears and they heal on their own. The second degree tears, however, involves the tearing of the skin and also muscle and so they need stitching.

The third degree tears involve the perineal muscles and also the muscles which surround the anal canal. Fourth degree tears go as far as the anal sphincter and goes till the rectum. Both third and fourth degree tears are more complicated and needs serious medical attention.


This article will let you know about the 11 home remedies of vaginal tears which will help you cure the wound at a faster rate.

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Home Remedies for Treating Vaginal Tearing

Apply Ice Packs

Ice packs can cure both the swelling and also the tear. You can apply it on your vagina for ten to twenty minutes at a given time. Ice packs tend to stop the bleeding as well.

The ice packs will reduce the amount of pain in that area. It will numb the area for a while which will reduce the inflammation and also will provide you some relief from the pain. This kind of ice pack treatments can be repeated every two to three hours depending on the severity of your bruise.

Keep it Clean and Dry

Minor tears often make way for serious infections due to the ignorance of the new mothers. Always keep your affected area clean and dry. If you have got a stitch, make sure that you bathe in warm water, to keep the area clean. Then dry it completely so that no trace of water stays back.

If you do not want a bath then you can always quick wash your private part with a spray bottle. Then dry it gently without hurting yourself. However, you should opt out from cleaning the stitched area.


You should make a habit of spray washing and cleaning the part, every time you go to the loo. This will eliminate the chances of infection.

Pelvic Floor Exercises

 The process of giving birth to a child stretches the pelvic floor of a new mother. A new mother should start doing pelvic floor exercises as early as possible. It will ensure the flow of blood in the pelvic area. It will help in healing the wound much quicker.

Pelvic floor exercises do not damage the stitches. However, the mother must continue doing this exercise in order to gain complete relief from the pain.

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Have Stool Softeners

Regularizing the bowel movement will help you by a great deal. Hard stools often create additional pressure and that might worsen the vaginal tear. That is why you should ask your medical practitioner for a good stool softener so that your bowel movement becomes smooth.


The sooner it will become smooth and the flow will be normal, the sooner your injury will heal.

Proper Diet

Having a proper diet often speeds up the healing process. Foods which are rich in proteins zinc and Vitamin C often quickens the healing process. Also at the same time the quality of food you eat often decides your bowel movement. That in turn impacts the healing process of the wound.

There are many foods like white bread, eggs, fish, rice, ripe fruits and vegetables are good diet to have post pregnancy. These foods will not cause constipation and will allow you to heal better.

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Remedies for Vaginal Tear

Adequate Sleep

It is always a tough ask for a new mother but get as much rest as possible, whenever you get an opportunity. Taking enough rest ensures that your wound heals faster. Excess movement and stress can delay the wound by a great extent. It will delay the process of blood clotting. The more rest and sleep you get, more are the chances that your wound will heal.


Change Maternity Pads Regularly

The first period, after giving birth, will be quite heavy. It will normalize gradually. But during that initial phase you need to change your maternity pads on a regular basis. It is the part of the basic hygiene you should maintain in order to make sure that your tear is free from any sort of infections.

Core Breathing

Core breathing is another good exercise that you can adopt in order to make your tear heal quickly. This breathing exercise will help your blood circulation to normalize and your tissues to regenerate.

This breathing process will ensure that your body maintains its normal activities and your pelvic muscle regains the strength. It is very important to equip the muscles of your body to become stronger as it would generate strength in your pelvic area and help your wound to recover.

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Do Not Douche

 Many women around the United States have the habit of douching in order to clean your vagina. However, this is not a good habit to have if you have vaginal tear. The process might create excess pressure on your vagina and it might worsen the tear. However, you should clean your vagina on a regular basis by using water spray bottles and then drying it gently.

Apply Diluted Coconut Oil

Diluted coconut oil often quickens the process of healing. However, it should not be applied directly on the wounded area. But rather it should be soaked in a towel and gently compressed. This will help the wound to heal much faster. It will also provide you relief from the constant pain.


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Wear Loose Clothing

The choice of clothing is very critical in the overall healing process. Tight clothing can make the area sweat, triggering the chances of infection. Loose clothing will keep the area clean and dry and will allow the healing process to quicken.

Do remember that healing of vaginal tear depends on the choices you make. Prolonging the process is not a wise decision as you have to deal with many other complications after becoming a mother.