22 Best Science Websites for Kids


Peep and the big wide world, frontiers for young minds, building big, earthquakes for kids, chemicool, the farmer’s almanac for kids, the lorax project, galileo legacy site and my first garden are some of the science websites for kids.

As a child grows, his curious brain wants to explore more and more. It wants to reason out everything that is happening around. Science has the caliber to answer many of their curiosities. So, it will be a great initiative by parents to let their children explore the realities of the world and seek answers to quench their curiosity. Moreover, science is the integral part of our lives so it is very important for children to grab basic knowledge about science. Here are some very popular science websites to educate children.

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22 Amazing Science Websites for Kids

science websites

Peep and the big wide world

This site highlights the basic topics if science  as motion, sound, animals and planets, light and colour, numbers and measuring, shapes and patterns and many more. Games and videos present on this site are a source of amazing information. As the name says it lets your kid peep into the big wide world and learn about the incredibility of the world.

Website: http://www.peepandthebigwideworld.com/en/


Frontiers for young minds

This awesome site provides teachers, parents and students with fresh articles on various topics of science. The content is generally age-appropriate so it engages many young minds. I’m sure this site will feed the curiosity of your kids very well and help them become the pioneer of science.

Website:  http://kids.frontiersin.org/

Building big

This is an amazing website that features content that portray the impact of architectural design on a buildings strength and durability. It demonstrates its ability to withstand natural disasters and everyday weather conditions. It has some very interesting labs and interesting information about some of the world’s most amazing buildings. Moreover it challenges children to think about the importance of such designs. A very interesting site, isn’t it?

Website:  http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/buildingbig/ind

Earthquakes for kids

What if, one day the earth starts shaking and your kid mistakes it as the attack from some villain of the cartoon movies? Funny isn’t it? Well, here is a site to tell your kids about earthquake and the possible consequences, reasons and other facts about this natural calamity. Moreover, students can also as a geologist about the questions that arise in their curious mind, online.

Website:  http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learn/kids/



Periodic table has always been an interesting topic to explore. It stands as the backbone of chemistry. Well, what’s so special about the periodic table and the elements if the periodic table? This site will let you explore it. It will make the lessons more interesting and fun to learn. The variety of elements, their significant characteristics, the scientist who discovered those elements and what not. So, login to Chemicool and find out what’s so cool about the elements.

Website:  http://www.chemicool.com/

The farmer’s almanac for kids

Childhood is the stage when children are filled with curiosity, so they want more and more to explore. So, the farmer’s almanac is a hub for more facts, more fun, more activities, more stories, more of everything for the little kids to explore and enjoy. There are riddles to solve, activities to try, many games to play and  many more things to learn. They can easily learn about weather patterns and other science topics through interesting means.

Website:  http://www.almanac4kids.com/

The lorax project

Have you heard about Suess’ story The Lorax? Well, you must read it some day, it’s quite interesting. Like lorax this site also has many more things to teach you. Activities, games and great information that are available on this site are a great source of information. It’s interesting because of its link the the story the Lorax, who was the protector of nature as per the story.

Website:  http://www.seussville.com/loraxproject/


Galileo legacy site

Well, it’s known to all that Galileo was one of the most important space crafts launched by NASA. It had a great role in changing the idea of the scientist about the universe. So, this site will probably change the way your kids look at the universe and let them explore the infinities of the world. Once, they are bored with the regular studies they can always login to  this site to learn something new even when taking a break from studies.

Website:  http://solarsystem.nasa.gov/galileo/

My first garden

Gardening is among those few things that bring science to life. This site teaches your kid about gardens, flowers, vegetables and the principles of horticulture, which will surely be a great experience. It helps the students to choose the plant they want to plant and provides them a detailed set of information about the plant and the necessary conditions to grow.  This site is simply a gardener that cultivates new learners.

Website:  http://urbanext.illinois.edu/firstgarden/

Smithsonian’s national air & space museum

An online museum, isn’t it amazing? This website is enriched with amazing history, science, and education. It offer visitors both online and in-person  opportunity to explore the amazing awes of National Air and Space Station. It brings science to life and helps the kids learn about the planets and the space. It also highlights the current researches going on in this arena.

Website:  http://airandspace.si.edu/


Climate kids

NASA has taken a step to delight the little kids and amaze them with the website Climate Kids. It gubes the kids a wonderful opportunity to grasp knowledge about various aspects if science. It’s main focus is on Earth’s climate and the impact of global change. This wonder site features activities, games, videos, and more. So, let your kids be a part of the knowledge that NASA wants to share with these little ones.

Well, as you can see the internet has so much in store for your kids. The importance of understanding science stands very essential in your

Website:  http://climatekids.nasa.gov/

National center for case study teaching in science

This website is perfect for middle school students and hosts case studies, clicker questions, jigsaw activities, labs, and demonstrations. They are easily searchable and ready to help your kids solve real world problems.


Phenomena for ngss

Trying to find that perfect phenomena for your three-dimensional ngss lesson? check out this site to engage your kids using natural curiosity to guide the way.



Data nuggets

Data nuggets are free classroom activities, co-designed by scientists and teachers, designed to bring contemporary research and authentic data into the classroom. data nuggets include a connection to the scientist behind the data and the true story of their research. each activity gives students practice working with ‘messy data’ and interpreting quantitative information. students are guided through the entire process of science, including identifying hypotheses and predictions, visualizing and interpreting data, making evidence based claims, and asking their own questions for future research. because of their simplicity and flexibility, data nuggets can be used throughout the school year and across grades k-16, as students grow in their quantitative abilities and gain confidence.


Bozeman science

Bozeman science resources allow your kids, to flip their classroom and provide additional support for struggling learners.


New jersey center for teaching and learning

This site has you covered, no matter what you teach. each science subject is divided into major topics and resources are neatly categorized and numerous as shown above after a quick search for atomic theory.



Hhmi biointeractive

Their films are available to stream from the site and they have 3-d interactive, virtual labs, and printable activities for you to use.


Biology junction

If you need a template for lab reports, ideas for your kid’s biology club, pacing guides or lessons for biology, pre-ap biology or ap biology, this is the place to start.


Biology corner

This website is developed by a high school teacher. the layout is visual and pinterest-esque, and the content is novel and includes curated resources from around the web paired with extra practice and presentations and as well as ready-to-use investigations.



Virtual urchin

This robust site hosted by stanford university utilizes sea urchins as an engaging entry point to life science concepts ranging from basic biology (introductory microscopy and predator-prey relationships) to university-level curriculum (gene function in embryos).


Nova labs

This site’s evolution lab makes phylogeny and evolutionary history accessible to all students while scaffolding an understanding of the fossil record, the role of DNA in evolution and an introduction to biogeography. Your kids can also play the role of a molecular engineer by solving RNA folding puzzles (shown above). Bookmark this one!


American association of chemistry teachers

This organization produces consistently high-quality resources including labs, demonstrations and activities. The best part is their resources are organized by grade and topic—including tons for elementary school teachers, too.



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