21 Educational Sites That are Good for Kids


Apart from all the benefits the internet provides, now it also serves us with some free educational sites that are a lot beneficial for kids. These sites make education more fun-loving and knowledgeable for the little ones. We have listed 21 educational sites for your kids that consist of interesting puzzles, educational movies, videos and a lot more. Read below:

Top 21 Educational Websites for Kids

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Old farmer’s almanac for kids

This website consists of it all, be it puzzles, riddles, timeline of interesting facts, weather conditions, question of the day and a lot more. This just brings a complete new twist to the traditional learning methods.

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Kids know it

Your little pone will get to learn about spelling, chemistry, astronomy, geography and even animals and some other subjects on this site. Apart from this, the site also offers you with free education-based movies, educational music and some fun facts.


This is one of the best science websites you can find on the internet. It brings your kids to great knowledge about the rocket into the galaxy, world below the sea, science of gardening, animals etc.


National geographic kids

Just as the name suggests, your kid will get to learn about nature, animals, different countries and even try a few scientific experiments. In addition to his, the site also provides you with a ‘little kids’ section.

Time for kids

This one is from the publishers of the time magazine. So, your little one will get to learn about almost everything that is in the news, be it politics, environment, sports, photos, articles, health and everything else.


The website calls itself as ‘an amusement park of math and more’. Your kid will be able to play math games online which will be aimed at improving their addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, decimals and more. This one is basically for kids aged 13 or more but for those between 3-12 years old may go for coolmath4kids.com.

Pbs kis

The site provides your kid with enormous number of educational shows. It has its own learning sections and includes sing-a-long songs, counting games etc.

Sesame street

Well, this one consists of both, games as well as shows. This means that your little one can choose from hundreds of clips of shows and also play games that will help them with sound, colours, letters, rhyme etc.

Make me genius

With a variety of subjects to learn about, for instance, the nervous system, photosynthesis, solar system, electricity and everything your kid wants to learn, makemegenius.com has all the videos that will keep your kid interested in the subjects.


The kidz page

With more than 5000 pages of learning games and activities including jigsaw puzzles, colouring pages or word games, the site has a number of different sections. In fact, the site has a separate holiday section of games and activities.

Fun brain

This site is aimed at building knowledge of pre-schoolers through 8th grades and provides you with everything your kid requires. Math, online books, learning games or reading will all prove to be fun loving for your little one.


This educational site is from the publishers of the books we find in schools. All the activities on this website are broken up into segments as per the grades, be it for pre-k kids or the high school ones.

Disney jr.

I am myself a disney fan and this one is my most preferable site. One may find games that are focused on memory, colour matching, hand-eye coordination, colouring pages, videos and a lot more.

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Bbc history for kids

I have seen many kids who take keen interest in historical events and this one is just perfect for them. So, learn about world history, ancient history and history of different countries on this site.


Highlights for kids

Your kid can learn so much through this website, that too while having fun. This one has art activities, animated stories, science experiments, matching games and everything that your child is required to learn.

How stuff works

At times, it does gets embarrassing when your child comes to you for asking various weird questions and you have got no idea of what they are talking about. Well, no more worries because we have got you a solution and that is this site. So, now if your child has any questions related to technology, culture, entertainment, autos, money and anything else, head on the site.

Curious world

This site is all set to prepare your little one for kindergarten. So, not only will your child learn about readiness skills but also the social skills. Apart from this, you can also choose the subject area you want your kid to learn as per your choice.


Is your kid tired of listening to the same old boring bedtime stories? Head on to this website for some interesting bedtime stories. You will need to buy a subscription to this site, monthly or yearly.


The site’s animation introduces your kid to learning concepts to life. This covers a wide range of historical events, stock market or science etc.


Why not transform the little eater into a chef? Here, your kid can learn about all the recipes of delicious food that he/she can try to cook.



Let your kid trace numbers, consonants, colours, size relationships all on a tablet. You may would like to go for a free trial at first to see if your kid is interested to learn it all.

Interesting, right? Head on to these sites and get your child in the habit of learning in a completely fun-loving manner.

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