11 Health Benefits of Pomelo in Your Diet


Pomelo fruit boosts your immunity, fights anemia, reduces blood pressure levels, a good  remedy for urinary tract infections, relieves from muscle cramps and no more obesity.

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Why Pomelo?
11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pomelo
Pomelo vs Grapefruit
Side Effects of Pomelo
Word of Caution
How to Eat a Pomelo?

Why Pomelo?

We have all heard of pomelo and often heard our grandparents talk about its health benefits. But ever tried to check on the facts? Yes, what they have been saying is absolutely true and you shall be amazed to know the deal of advantages Pomelo has to offer! This citrus fruit is a combination of the essence of both lemon and orange, and inalienably their healthy properties as well.

11 Amazing Health Benefits of Pomelo

The pomelo fruit is capable of boosting up your immune system. Just as the fruit covers an entire spectrum of sizes and names, the benefits offered also correspond to this variety. Be it blood pressure, aging, overweight, or even dental health, pomelo is, indeed, a potential cure!

pomelo benefits

This piece of writing shall guide you as to what you were missing out on, and talk of 11 healthy properties that pomelo is bestowed with. The fruit is rich in minerals, vitamins C and B6, magnesium, potassium, and fibers. Here is what you need to know about pomelo-

Gives an Immunity Boost

Pomelo fruits can give a massive boost to your immunity. The vitamin C content of pomelos serves as a powerful antioxidant. So, if you feel your body is easily surrendering to diseases these days, why not try out this natural remedy!

Fights Anaemia

Women are prone to becoming anemic. Low hemoglobin count is an alarming sign, but don’t worry because pomelo fruits might prove to be some help. The vitamin C in pomelos is iron absorbent. In fact, pregnant women are often suggested to consume pomelos by doctors.

Quality Hair Care

Due to high citric content and vitamin C, Pomelo is a potential hair care ingredient and also helps heal wounds quickly.

Risks of Osteoporosis Cut

Consuming pomelo on a daily can work wonders for bone health. Being a citrus fruit with a lot of vitamin C, it is also known to prevent osteoporosis.

Say NO to Aging

Pomelo has been acknowledged as having anti-aging properties as well and is getting recognition in the cosmetic industry since it acts as an antioxidant, which often reduces melanin production in the skin.

No more Obesity

Tired of being overweight? The natural and organic Pomelo fruits increase metabolism, which in turn reduces obesity.

The solution to Digestive Issues

Digestive problems occur to us all, at some point of time or other. But very few know fiber-rich pomelos can offer great digestive benefits.

Oral Health Care

Trying to maintain perfection and health, we often tend to forget an important aspect of a healthy body. It is oral health. Including Pomelo in a daily diet will lead to the neutralization of the acidic component of food by the citric components of the fruit.

Reduces Blood Pressure Levels

Pomelo also acts as a blood pressure regulator due to the presence of minerals, vitamins, and potassium. Blood pressure is a potential agent in affecting cardiovascular health, but why worry, because the potassium content in pomelos can prevent damage to your heart health.

Remedy for Urinary Tract Infections

You can relieve yourself from the painful Urinary Tract Infections by merely eating a few pomelos, isn’t that wonderful? The citrus fruit contains citric acid and vitamin C, that helps fight bacteria.

Relief from Muscle Cramps

Cramps are an inalienable part of our lives full of rush. But here’s some relief because the vitamin and mineral content in pomelos are really helpful in fighting cramp related pain.

When we say Pomelo, we usually refer to the fruit. But ever thought that the pomelo tree itself could be surprisingly full of health? Indeed, every part of the pomelo tree is equally beneficial.

Pomelo vs Grapefruit

Since Pomelo and grapefruit look almost alike and even taste similar, people often confuse the two. Now going into the depths a little, we know that according to classification, the two fruits belong to the same citrus family and it is not surprising that they share similar properties, but even a little difference in size makes them both stand-alone with their list of nutritional values. While pomelo is the largest among all citrus fruits, it is succeeded by grapefruit. Grapefruits were earlier known to grow in the land of Barbados, but China has emerged as a major grapefruit producer these days. Whereas, pomelo is known to grow mainly in and around Malaysia.

Side Effects of Pomelo

Having read the health benefits, you are most welcome to consider eating pomelos and consuming pomelo juice, for they undoubtedly are embodiments of nutrition. But ever thought that this could have a backdrop as well?

Researches reveal that pomelo can exert its impact on drug metabolism. This recognized property of grapefruits seems to have swept into this other member of the family (Pomelo) as well.

One option is to simply resist eating the tasty fruit. But the tempting pomelo’s charm is just irresistible, and if you want to keep enjoying pomelo, you can always talk to your doctor who might find an alternative for you. Doctors can provide you with a statin that isn’t affected by pomelo.

Word of Caution

Prevention is always better than cure, so here are a few words of caution. Pomelo, though full of minerals, nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, its potassium content and high vitamin C content could turn toxic for those with kidney or liver issues. Since we already know that pomelo is a potential blood pressure-lowering fruit, it is important that the ones suffering from high blood pressure consult the doctor first.

How to Eat a Pomelo?

The tasty sweet- tangy fruit isn’t like the other easy to peel or cut fruits, but it has a thick rind. Also, you can always get your juice ready. Below are a few steps to guide you about how you can consume pomelos.

  • Pomelos can be little, or as large as the size of a watermelon! The thickness of the rind depends on the size too. So if you are peeling a large pomelo, you may have to cut a significant amount of the outer covering.
  • Now that you have cut the fruit, it is time you cut it into slices. A roundabout of eight slices is ideal for a moderate size pomelo.
  • The thick covering shall not be as difficult to take out now. Pull the covering from the cut end towards the bottom and away from the center.
  • What appears is a fleshy, pulpy orange-like The cuts that you earlier made will make it easier for you the remove the seeds out of the fruit, and also remove the fibers if any. After have followed these steps, you are left with just the fleshy part of the tempting fruit.


Pomelo is immensely rich in qualities- from containing important minerals to vitamins C and B12, potassium, and what not! But before you set out to taste this full-of-benefits fruit, you must check if this the perfect remedy for you.