21 Health Benefits of Plum (Indian Blackberry) in Your Kid’s Diet


Every parent in this world is very much cautious about their kid’s health. Health is the main issue which is being violated in a lot of ways. As both the parents are working now so they give very less time to their kid and more of that they are pretty busy and always are in a hurry. A balance diet consists of proper breakfast, meal and dinner at the same time. Some other elements which should also be taken for a better health are fruits and necessary too.

Kid’s health is really very important now a days and it is somehow being neglected as they go through a hectic schedule. Sometimes it possibly happens that kid’s get so late that they just have to rush and because of this reason they skip their breakfast. We cannot blame the parents or the kid’s, the world today is too quick and if you want to be competitive you have to be quick.

Health is really very important and that too of a kid because they are in their growth years and during this phase a single mistake can harm their adulthood. Every parent are really very concern about their kid’s health. Though taking care of day to day is not possible all the time but one thing which every kid loves id fruits. Fruits are healthy and every kid loves fruits.

Something which is healthy as well as tasty is rare but every kid wants something like this to have. Every fruit comes in different season like mangoes and blackberries in summer, orange and apple in winter etc. and every fruit has its own special taste and beauty. Now, one of the fruit with has all in itself is blackberry or we can also say plum. Maximum of the kid’s like blackberry and blackberry does have a lot of benefit to one’s health, skin etc. it is sweet and also it has juicy kind of a taste which makes kid’s fall in love with blackberries.

This tasty and yummy fruit has a lot of benefit to one’s health, hair, skin and overall nourishment as well. This fruit is a must try for all the kid’s. and in India it is called as jammun.

Plum (Indian blackberry): 21 Health Benefits for Kids

plum (indian blackberry)


Good for skin

Skin plays a very important role in our outer appearance and every person in this world is always very much worried about their outer beauty and look. Blackberries are those fruits which help in enhancing the glow of the skin. Blackberries are rich in vitamin A and C which is important for skin to glow.

High in antioxidants

As blackberries are dark in colour, it proofs that they contain adequate amount of antioxidants which are good for health as well.

Fight diabetes

Well, diabetes is one of the serious issue which can be cured by this tasty fruit. Take 100 gm root of jamun and squeeze that in 250ml of water and little bit of sugar give this to the patient it will surely help. Give this mixture thrice a day.

Eye disorders

Now a day’s maximum of the kid’s goes through eye problem as they spend a lot of time before the tv and laptop. So something natural can help them out from this serious problem that is mixture of blackberries. Either drink it right after brushing or you can wash your eyes through the mixture as well.

Good for ulcer patients

Jamun powder helps in healing ulcer fast. 2 to 5 gm of jamun powder will help in healing the wounds fast.

Fight oral problems

Rub the jammun leaves on the gums and teeth, it tones up the oral muscles. Gargle the jammun powder and hot water mixture.


Good for liver problems

Jammun contains irons which can treat any sort of damage in the liver. Have jamun juice in a daily basis.

Treats pimple

One can get rid of pimple if apply pack, mixture of jammun seeds and cow milk.

Control and regulates blood sugar level

Have the jammun seeds powder daily three times a day. This will help in controlling blood sugar.

Cures kidney related problem

Have jammun seeds powder with curd, it helps in treating kidney stone problem.

Handles respiratory problems

Boil some jammun bark in the water and take vapour you will feel better and it cures asthma, gum pain etc.

Enhance body stamina

Blackberry fruit and the juice helps in eliminating tiredness and also boasting memory, helps in dealing with amnesia.


Treats acidity

Have fried jammun powder with black salt, it will help in reducing acidity problems in the body.

Good for insomnia

As now a days insomnia is becoming common and is also affecting a lot. So for a good sleep just mix the blackberry juice and onion juice for a peaceful and good sleep.

Cures intestinal worms

Jammun seeds powder contains antioxidants which has the power to kill the intestinal worms


There are kids who face this type of problem and they feel embarrassed to talk and they are afraid of that people will make fun of them. This is natural but is also curable but doing nothing just having delicious fruit that is jammun.

Sour belching

Drink jammun juice with black salt in it, it will stop sour belching.


Boil jammun leaves with water and after that getting a little cool use that mixture to wash your eye, it will surely cure conjunctivitis.



Drink jammun and mango mix juice to stop vomiting.

Good for dark skin

Make a jammun pack and apply that on your face, it will clean your face and the tan and will give you a glowing skin.

Bleeding piles

Grind few jammun leaves to make a juice and have it to get a relief.

These are the benefits which Indian blackberries provide us.

Hope this article was of help for all our parents!! Please share your comments/queries/tips with us and help us create a world full of Happy and Healthy Babies!!