Top 21 Paper Folding or Origami Art & Craft for Kids


As your child is in her growth stage,  it’s time for you to introduce her to some amazing skills and crafts. This will not just help her learn new things but also keep her involved in her free time.

Origami is simply the most popular form of paper craft.  This is a Japanese term which refers to paper folding and it came to be used in the 1800s. Earlier paper was very expensive so origami arts were not much in use. They were used only during religious events. But today the art is widely practiced around the world.

Also,  as your child is learning about animals, birds,  flowers and other objects, it will be amazing if they could learn to make some of those. All you need is some origami, glue,pen and scissors and you can get your child started with the art of paper folding, that is,  origami.

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21 Simple & Easy Origami Art&Craft Ideas for Children 

Here is a list of some top paper folding crafts with pictures for guidance. Let’s take a look:


Origami Whale

Well,  I’m sure you must have taught you child that whale is a marine animal. It will be amazing if your could teach him how to make one. Here are the steps:

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Origami Fish

F for Fish says the alphabet book. Let your child draw her own fish and have a little fun.


Origami Bird

One of the simple origami paper folding crafts is an origami bird. The picture shows all that you need to do to make an origami bird.


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Origami Jumping Frog

This origami art is a little complicated but it’s is also interesting. Your kid is going to love playing with this jumping frog. Help him make one.

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Origami Shirt

A shirt out of origami paper? Try this one out. It’s easy.



Origami Pinwheel

This is one of the first origami crafts that I ever made. It’s simple and kids love making it. Follow the given steps.


Origami Bear

Bear is a scary animal but origami art makes it look cute. Help your kid in making a simple and cute origami bear by following the instructions given in the picture.


Origami Boat

This is my favorite origami craft during rainy season. Help your child make an origami boats and let him set it sail this rainy season.



Origami Airplane

This is one of the simplest origami toys. And yes it flies!  So your kid is going to have fun playing with this quick to make origami plane.


Origami Crown

Let your prince/princess make her own crown with origami paper. All you need to do is help your child follow the steps as shown in the picture.


Origami Pikachu

Is your kid a Pokemon fan? Is Pikachu his favorite pokemon?  Well,  if yes then I’m sure he will be excited to make his own Pikachu out of origami paper.



Origami Fox

Fox is a clever animal but it’s easy to make out of paper. Here are the instructions:


Origami Tulip Craft

A flower for your little princess!  Here are the steps to make a tulip flower out of origami paper.


Origami Ice Cream

If ice-cream is your child’s favourite,  then I’m sure he is going to love making an ice-cream with origami paper. The steps are a little hard,  so help him out.



Origami Fan

Well, if the electricity suddenly goes off and it’s hot, making this simple origami fan for yourself can help you out. It is not just fun and easy to make but also works as a good fan.


Origami Samurai Hat

I’m sure your kid is going to love making a hat for himself. Help him in following the instructions given below.


Origami Yacht

This is similar to a boat but much easier in making. This can be your child’s first step to origami crafts.



Origami Rose

During vacations,  I’m sure your child will love making a beautiful rose out of pink or red origami paper. All she needs to do is follow these instructions.


Origami Rabbit

Here is a picture which illustrates the various steps to follow to make a perfect origami rabbit.


Origami Cat

C for Cat. Let’s help your child make a cat out of origami paper. Do not forget to draw the face with a pen in the end.



Origami Bat

A bat can be a little difficult craft, so your child is definitely going to need your help. Here is an illustration to make a bat out of origami paper.



I’m sure your kid is going to love these paper folding crafts. They are a perfect task to be done during vacations. So,  enjoy making new things along with your kid and let us know about your kids favourite origami art in the comment section. Have Fun with Origami! Happy Parenting!