51 Christmas Party Games for Kids


On this Christmas eve, enter into the future – discover extraordinary and exciting games!

Christmas is equal to good cheer, parties and a fun-filled charming atmosphere. Come Christmas and it’s time for great parties and quality time with your loved ones. To never allow a dull moment at your parties, take a look at this list of games. Play them and be assured that your parties will be filled with amusing and pleasurable moments.

51 Christmas Party Games for Kids

Be a Disney princess in your own winter wonderland: 

Hide items and objects around your house that are directly or indirectly related to a Disney princess. Like perhaps hiding your ice blue ballet shoes for Cinderella or a red rose for belle. Create a map and divide kids into groups. Ask them to go on a scavenger hunt. Whichever group is able to find all the objects could be gifted crowns and be titled as “queens” and the other groups could be titled as “princesses.”


Who drinks the most shakes?: 

Create healthy shakes of fruits and vegetables – preferably red and greens legumes to get your kids drinking. Make the kids compete with each other. Thus, you’ll be combining healthy eating habits with the good holiday cheer.



A night at the Christmas Museum: 

Dig up Christmas stories from storybooks. Identify the important elements of the story and create a museum of it in your home. Hold a quiz competition and watch the young ones marvel at the wonderful site and learn as they enjoy!


Carol Karaoke: 

Hold a carol competition and have your kids compete against each other! This’ll not only allow them to learn new carols, but also sing, enjoy and truly understand the importance of understanding age-old traditions.


Complete the story: 

Narrate old Christmas stories and pause midway. Let your kids continue it and record everything that they say. And, Voila! Soon, you’ll have fascinating stories to read and tell.

complete the story


Balance it out : 

Fold old newspapers and pair kids up. Play some music and ask kids to dance. After each round keep folding the paper until you have just one – two standing pairs.


Hold your breaths: 

Play music and ask all kids to jump. When you stop the music, everyone should freeze. Then, allow Santa Claus to walk in. If any kid moves, then he’s eliminated from the round. Continue this until you only have one person left.


Spot the Santa: 

Play some of your kid’s favorite Christmas movies. Ask them to scream “Claus” whenever they spot Santa. Perhaps, if you wish, you can also divide them into groups to make it more competitive.


In the Santa’s hat: 

Pass around Santa’s hat and play the music. All kids need to wear it on their heads. If you’re wearing the hat and the music stops, then you’re “out”.



Trip to the north pole: 

Create a board game around your house. Start at the doorway and lead the kids with clues around the houses. Create obstacles in the pathway. Finally lead them to the backyard where you can lay some snacks and perhaps even place a Christmas tree.


Fish the Stocking:

Divide the room into two. On one side place all stockings. Allow your kid to stand on a stool and use a junior fishing rod to “fish out” all the stockings.


Build a Tree:

Make even the decoration of the Christmas tree a fun activity for them. Tell them that for every good deed that they do, they’ll be able to hang one ornament on the tree.



Christmas catchphrase:

Instead of playing simple “catchphrase”, play a “Christmas catchphrase”. Only include Christmas items, carol names and other festive related things.


Christmas around the world: 

Decorate each room of your house like a different part of the world. Use post-its to describe the place. Leave these clues all around and ask your kids to name the correct place.


Christmas around the world – II:

Once your kids are aware of how Christmas is celebrated around the world, bring out a world map and ask them to place those certain items which defined how Christmas is celebrated around the world on a world map.



Have an old school snowball fight:

Let your kid and yourself feel the joys of Christmas. Be free, but remember to wear enough warm clothing.


The largest snowman: 

Instead of making a snowman with snow this year; teach your kids how to make one from different materials. Use cloth and wool to make puppets and then, have a puppet show.

the largest snowman

Make your own Christmas magic potion:

Allow your kids to play with paint. Let them mix colors, glitter and shimmer into a cup. Once satisfied, you can fill their mixture into tiny, plastic bottles and let them have it as their Christmas memento.



Twenty names for Santa!:

Teach your kids what’s “Santa” called in 20 languages. Quiz them and have fun!


Make my own Santa!:

Ask the kids if they could design an outfit for their Santa Claus, what would it look like? Provide clothes and costumes and see your child do wonders.


If you could tell Santa!:

Let your kids write letters to Santa. Allow them to “post” it by hanging it on the Christmas tree. At the end of the party, either hand out specialized replies from “Santa” (either you or some other family member can write it) or print out similar copies and gift it to everyone.



The White Hair.: 

Kids love Santa. Provide crayons and paper to your kids and ask them to re-design Santa’s hair. Be delighted at what you discover and admire the new lively look your kids give Santa.


The Christmas Choreograph:

Have a dance-a-ton and ask the kids to create choreography steps for Christmas carols and old Christmas tunes.


Build your own sleigh ride!: 

Provide old, recyclable items such as newspapers, boxes, streamers, paints, cloth, sequins, lace and other attractive yet useless stuff to your kids. And, ask them to make their own sleigh ride!



The Cute Cookie:

Have a bake party and only allow your kids to choose the ingredients and bake the Christmas cookie!


If I could . . . :

“If it wasn’t Christmas then what?” Ask your kids to use crayons and explain if they could add something to Christmas, what would it be?


The Hat:

A modified version of “blindfold” – the one who’s blindfold needs to touch the one who’s wearing the Christmas hat. Once touched, the kid with the hat needs to scream, “caught”! Then the blindfolded person gets to remove the blindfold and run around to catch the one with the hat.

The hat


A Christmas Potluck:

Ask your kids to sit in a circle. Narrate stories about different traditions and festivals. Once finished narrating, ask them to guess if the story was related to Christmas or not.


Dress and Dance:

Lay out your winter wear and play the music. When the music stops your kids need to put on a layer. The one with the most layers wins.


Good Luck Santa! :

Tell your kids that they’re Santa’s elves. The kids need to wear a pillow case and run to the other end – to the finish line. They need to pick up the gifts Santa has made for the kids and bring them back to the start point. Whichever team finishes this first wins.



Balance the Candy Stick!:

Your kids need to balance candy sticks on one top of another. The team that stocks the most candy wins! You can even play this with small toffees and round sugar cookies.


The Best Elf:

Ask all kids to lie still on the floor. Play loud Christmas songs. The last person who moves is the winner.


The Confetti Parade:

Place two large boxes at the end of the room. Fill it with balls of all sizes. There should be two teams. Each kid needs to go to the box and remove a ball out. The first one to finish wins.

The confetti parade

The Color Blinded Challenge: 

Give each child a paper place and ask them to place it on their heads. Play the music and give them some Christmas related items to draw. Since they won’t be able to see what they’re drawing, the results will be fun to see!



The Upside Down Christmas:

Cut out all your last year’s Christmas cards. Create jigsaw puzzles out of them, thus making a game out of them. Give them to your kids and ask them to either fix the previous cards or create new and captivating combinations.


Save the Jingles!:

Buy some jingle bells. Place two buckets on the other side of the room. Ask your kids to aim the jingle bells into the buckets. Whichever team is successful in collecting most jingle bell wins.


A drink that matters: 

Place two bottles across the room. Place two buckets on the other side of the room – one should be filled with red color paint and the other should be filled with green color paint. A sponge should be given to both teams. Each kid needs to run to the other side and try to fill the bottle with their color. When the music is up, whichever team has the most wins.



Ball it up:

Tie Christmas decorations to threads of different yarn balls. Allow different yarn balls to flow across the house. Ask the kids to find the decoration by following the yarn balls. Make sure all yarn balls are of the same color.


Fit the tree:

Make all kids sit in a circle. Give them all a green piece of paper. Play the music. Ask them to tear the green paper into the shape of a tree. Whoever has the best shape wins.


Stock the stocking: 

Fill your stockings up with different objects. Blindfold the kids. Now, ask them to identify what the objects are. If they guess right, they get a candy.

stock the stocking


The Christmas Dance:

Ask all kids to pick a pair. Stuff their stomachs up with pillows. Now play the music. Whichever pair is able to dance the longest – without allowing their pillows to move or fall out wins.


The Stocking challenge:

Arrange for at least 100 stockings. Ask kids to keep piling stockings on the right and left hands. Play the music. At the end of the music the kid with the most stockings wins!


Christmas Metal Man:

Collect all old CD’s. Divide the kids into small groups. Each group needs to use these CD’s and create an amazing snowman. It could either be a 2D or a 3D figure.



Christmas Whisper: 

Play it just like Chinese Whisper. However, each kid needs to add a like about Christmas to the message. The last kid needs to narrate the whole thing.


Follow the Santa: 

Allow one kid to be Santa. All kids should follow his/her instructions. Make the game interesting by appointing two elves who purposely speak out of turn and make the whole game interesting.


The Christmas Balloon: 

The kids should not allow the balloon to touch the floor. Play the music. The kid who touched the balloon last needs to burst the balloon.  A Santa’s task should be in the balloon. The kid should then complete the task to earn Santa’s brownie points.



Santa’s Five Poles: 

Divide kids into five groups. When the music is being played, each group should choose a pole. With his back turned Santa decides which pole has melted. All the kids on that pole are eliminated. The game continues until the final five wins.


Create your own Cheer: 

Divide the kids into groups and ask them to come up with a Christmas cheer. Provide them with props which they can use to make up musical instruments.


Don’t break the Chain!: 

Divide kids into pairs and tightly tie them up with a piece of cloth. Then, ask the third member of their group to untie the knot. Whichever group finishes first wins.



The Funny Story: 

Give your kids a Christmas decoration and ask them to come up with a story about it. Other kids can give inputs. In the end, ask them to perform a role play with the stories they’ve just created.


The Ice Rink Juggle: 

Host a party at an ice skating rink. One kid is the “good elf.” He/she needs to catch the bad elves and turn them into good elves. Once the good elves touch the bad elves, the bad elves link hands with the good elves to catch the other bad elves. This game should be played until there are no bad elves left.


These are 51 ways with which you can entertain your kids at a Christmas party. On one hand while some are sportier, some games are creative and more educational. Nevertheless, all games are extremely engaging and appealing and promise to give your kids the best Christmas party they’ve ever had.