31 Diwali DIY Craft Ideas for Kids


Diwali is one of the most important and brightest of all Hindu festivals. It’s the time of the year when the entire family is together to celebrate the festival. It is also the time for bonding with your family and what better way then to do some Diwali craft together. Our team has put together the best DIY Diwali Craft Ideas for you and your kids to explore and make your Diwali even more special.

Diwali is the festival of lights and it is celebrated on a massive scale in India. Every year during the last week of October or the first week of November on the New Moon day, Diwali is celebrated. It is celebrated as a token of welcome to prince Ram who killed the evil king Ravana, who kidnapped Ram’s wife Sita and held her captive.

Almost every household in India celebrates this festival by small and cute oil lamps. These lamps are placed in every nook and corner of the home and the lights signify illumination of heart and mind and kicking out darkness. And, it would be an understatement to talk about Diwali and to forget about fireworks. In India, Diwali is the time to light up fireworks and see the magic.

31 Diwali Craft Ideas for Kids

Apart from these, households usually decorate their homes with not just oil lamp lights, but with several other craft items. Here are some craft items that your kids can do at home and decorate your homes with them.

Hanging Diwali lamps: With a sheet of colored paper or thin cardboard, you can make a simple hanging lamp stand. All you need to do is to take the sheet, roll it to make a circular tube and cut strips. And stick a thick cardboard piece on one of the ends of the tube so that it supports the lamp.

Diwali Paper Craft For Kids
Diwali DIY Lamp Paper Craft For Kids

Paper Garlands for hanging: You can make paper garlands for hanging. For this you’ll be needing papers which are cut in certain dimensions. These dimensions can include animal figures and others.

Happy Diwali Banner: You can make this banner and hang it at your fireplace or on the door. For this you’ll need Letters written on pieces of paper which are to be connected by a gift wrap ribbon and some glitter paper hangings.

Diwali paper garland craft ideas for kids`

Diwali Greeting cards: Diwali greeting cards can be easily made with cardboard sheet and some stationery items. Take a cardboard sheet and color it with several colors. You can also stick red color pieces of paper that represent crackers, etc.

Diwali paper card DIY for kids
Steps to make a simple Diwali Greeting Card

Another Diwali Greeting card idea: For this greeting card, you’ll need paper strips, long paper strips. You need to roll up these paper strips such that they are roughly the shape of oil lamps and also make rolls that represent the flames. Now, stick them on to a greeting card and write your message on the card.

Diwali Card DIY Ideas for kids

Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

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Diwali Hanging Lamp craft: This craft requires decorative ribbon papers and few color papers. You can also make colored firework effect on the craft. For this, you’ll need to cut circles out of colored papers and carefully mark lines on them and cut them away. What remains will give the effect of bursting fireworks.



Diwali DIY Hanging Lamp craft for kids
Steps for making Diwali Hanging Lamp for Kids

Diwali Crackers Craft: For this craft, you’ll need things such as paper rolls, paper strips, star and circle shaped paper cuttings. Color the rolled papers in red and glue them in an array just like a cracker and glue the other strips and stars onto the cardboard sheet.

Diwali cracker Craft DIY for kids

Paper Plate Diwali Lamp Craft: For this craft, you’ll need some paper plates and some colors. First, take the paper plate and they draw a thin outline of an earthen pot lamp and then start coloring it. The kind of colors is your choice. You can make it as colorful as you want.

Diwali Diya Paper Craft: Here’s another Diwali lamp craft that can be easily made. All you need is a cardboard sheet or paper plate and a piece of glitter paper for the flame. Cut the cardboard sheet or paper plate to the shape of diya or earthen lamp and on top of it, stick the gold glitter paper cut in the shape of a flame.

Kids diwali paper craft idea

Diwali Lamp wreath: You can make Diwali lamp garland and decorate places such as a fireplace or it can place at home as well. For this, you’ll need to make diyas or lamps out of different colored papers. Then, take a strong piece of cardboard and cut it into a big ring and start sticking these paper lamps on to the ring.

Source: Pinterest

Old Bangles Lamp holder: For this craft, you’ll need those old bangles of yours, preferably glass bangles. And if they are different colors, then much better. All you need to do is to glue these bangles on top of one another and also at the bottom, stick a tea cup cover to hold the lamp.

Source: Artsy Craftsy Mom

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Woven Paper Lamp: This craft requires some time and patience as it is a woven one. For this, you’ll need to wove in paper strips into the shape of the tube to hold a lamp. As it is made from paper, you don’t need to worry about whether light can penetrate it.

Diwali craft ideas for kids

Source: Papier  a Etres

Flower Decorations: You can make a lot of these flower decorative crafts with color papers and pieces of paper roll tubes. All you need to do is to roll each of the tubes with color papers and by leaving some space at the top, tie a knot using gift pack ribbons.

Source: Pretty Designs

Paper Roll Tubes Fireworks: If you have paper roll tube lying around in your house, then you can use them to make fireworks. Well, not real fireworks of course, but decoratives. All you need to do is to get these tubes, color them with different colors or simply glue different gift wrap papers around them. Also, glue some strips of paper at the bottom. Now, you can decorate them as porch hangings.

Diwali decoration craft for kids

Source: Pinterest

Coloring Earthen Pot Diyas: Apart from the above crafts, it would also be great to color diyas which can be used for lighting lamps. For this, you’ll need blank earthen diyas and some water based colors. You can draw your own designs on the diyas and start coloring them. For this, your imagination is the limit.

Source: Diwali Quotes

Old CD Decoratives: Lot of homes today have old CDs and DVDs that we no longer need. If your home has such CDs or DVDs, then you can use them in making decorative crafts.

Diwali DIY craft for Kids

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Diwali Lamp Holder Craft: For this craft, you’ll need different colored papers. Before rolling up these papers, you’ll need to draw designs on the papers and make holes on the paper. The light coming out of these holes will enhance the craft.

Source: Pinterest

Coat Hanger Diyas: For this craft, you’ll need an old coat hanger, few clips, some metal tins and candle diyas. Make holes on the side of the metal tins and with these holes tie them with threads. Tie the other ends of the threads to the clips that will be clipped to the coat hanger. Now, place the candle diyas carefully inside each of the metal tins and glue them firmly.

Source: Mommy Gyan

Glittering Sparklers: This craft is for your kids who are too small to handle sparklers. For them, you can make glittering sparklers which are as good as real ones and they don’t burn. For this you’ll need rolled papers or pencils and loads of glitter paper strips, Take a handful of these glitter strips and glue them on top of the rolled paper or pencils.

Diwali craft for kids..

Source: Kids Craft Room

Hand Painted Diwali Cards: You can also make hand-painted or colored Diwali greeting cards for your loved ones. All you need are color sheets and few colors. Make some diya sketches and color them as you wish.

Source: Inks Edge

Another Hand Painted Diwali Card: Here’s another model of Hand painted Diwali Card. For this, you’ll be needing striped blank cards and diya templates that either need to be glued to simply painted on the card.

Source: Inks Edge

Diwali Lamp Craft: This craft requires long strips of color paper that need to roll and patterns to be formed. After this, these patterns need to be glued on to a sheet of cardboard. Along with these, you can also paste glitter stars or other shiny souvenirs on the card.

Source: Art Electron Media

Diwali Lord Ganesh Craft: This is a tedious craft and it requires the good amount of patience to complete it. For this, you’ll need several strips of paper that need to be rolled to make a form of Lord Ganesh. And then, decorate the card with paper rolled flowers.

Source: Crafts Villa

Diwali Gift Box: For this craft, you’ll need tissue paper tube or cardboard tubes. Decorate them with your favorite colored glitter paper or gift wrap and on top glue some glitter paper strips. Inside the box, you can include goodies such as candy or chocolate and gift them to your friends or relatives.

Source: Hands 2 Hearts

Diwali Lamp Decoratives: These Diwali Lamp Decoratives require folded paper to be cut into patterns. When you fold the paper and cut the edges off, it can give you great patterns of flowers. Use these to make a base for Diwali lamps.

Source: Wonderful DIY

Diwali Diya Collage: One craft that you can easily make at home is this Diwali Lamp collage. For this, you’ll be needing colorful cardboard sheets, glitter, etc. Cut out semicircles out of each color paper and they paste them on to a big card. Also, cut out flame shapes from gold glitter paper and stick them on top of the semicircles.

diya collage card for kids

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