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Best Autism Quotes

Quotes of autism give you hope, inspiration along with a sense of joy. You live in the moment with them. Here are some of the favorite quotes on autism which is going to inspire you.

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Quote 1

“Growth is not accidental in nature; it emerges because several forces work in the same direction”

Quote 2

“The entire village puts their concrete efforts to raise a child, but the same child can spread the message of awareness”

Quote 3

“If you cannot learn the way you are taught, then it is taught the way you can learn”

Quote 4

“Children who are prone to autism are a lot colourful and vibrant; they tend to emerge out from a rainbow”


Quote 5

“The manner in which we like to see the world forces us to see it that way”

Quote 6

“A kid who is plagued by autism, is not ignoring you a wee bit, they are simply waiting for you to make an entry into their world”

Quote 7

“Nothing stands in comparison to a parents’ love for a kid. Kudos! To you for helping your child who is affected by autism”

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Quote 8

“The length of the road is hardly a matter of concern, but what is important is the conviction along with the power to reach across in depth to the heart, spirit and mind into the secret domain of a kid who is in the invisible grip of autism”

Quote 9

“An individual is an ambassador of the world and obviously you want your little one to be part of this world.  You are a vital component of the world and your kid should be as excited as you”


Quote 10

“The child cannot be saved from the feeling of discomfort which formulates in them as they grow. As a parent you can try to control what the world presents to them, but the choice is with them on how they are going to do it.

Quote 11

“A parent teaches the kids what life is all about, but kids do teach us what is life”

Quote 12

“Autism is not a part of my child and it is no everything. The value of the child is much more the diagnosis “

Quote 13

“Autism means seeing the world from a different perspective”

Quote 14

“If you have gone on meet a single person with autism then you are pretty much on track”

Quote 15

“If I cannot speak anything, it does not mean that I cannot hear anything”


Quote 16

“In life you cannot wait for the storm to pass, it is all about learning to dance in the rain”

Quote 17

“God went on to create autism to tamper with the number of boring people present in the world”

Quote 18

“If you are looking at getting something done in your life, then ask a mom with special needs”

Quote 19

“What would occur if the gene of autism was eliminated from the pool of genesis? You are likely to come across a pool of people who are likely to stand outside a cave, socializing and chatting with each other”

Quote 20

“I have been listening enough, as now is my time to speak however my tone of conversation may be. Be it my hands, an electronic device or my mouth, it is time to listen

autism quotes


Quote 21

Autism provides an opportunity to have a sneak peek of the world’s vision which otherwise would have merely passed by us

Quote 22

“The interesting people which you might have come across in life do not fit into the average box type. They rely on incorporating their own boxes and will ensure their needs are fulfilled

Quote 23

“Behaviour is an art of communication. Once you change the environment, behaviours are going to change automatically “

Quote 24

“With negative words a sense of negative vibration prevails and positive thoughts work the other way round. You would want your child to reflect back on you.

Quote 25

“Elijah should be aware that he is loved the way he is”

Quote 26

A child talented or gifted might not be good at grades in school, but he will look at the world in a different way with learning


Quote 27

Therapists come to the house and convey to the parents what needs to be done. Their powers are thrown away and parents should be aware that they are losing the healing power themselves. They should have positive feelings about autism as they are the only ones who are aware on how a child is going to behave

Quote 28

Each one of us is not perfect as there is an imperfect side to each one of us

Quote 29

“In life it does not involvecounting lost opportunities or losses;it is about swimming with as much as grace possible

Quote 30

For every 3 years which a kids goes on to spend in a public school, they are likely to encounter an exceptional teacher, an average teacher and one who is going to make it miserable

Quote 31

“Thinking about normal is not desired as you are not aware on how exceptional your kid can become”

Quote 32

“Autism happens to be 1st language and English the 2nd”


Quote 33

“Since Rome was not built in a single day, it would need time to build the Eiffel tower of my life”

Quote 34

“The rivers coupled with the movement of the structure of trees all tends to start with us”

Quote 35

“The manner, in which we observe the kids along with their limitations, is the way we generally consider them. Examples are set forth by us and they tend to take cue out of them.

Quote 36

“In each and every child there exists a panoramic bud of self-identity. You would need to search it out and foster it as well in the process of educating a child with autism

Quote 37

“The autism could be one of the main reasons on why I am in college and successful at the same time. Since I happen to be good in science along with Maths, I do care for it

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Quote 38

“When you hold on the highest vision for your kids, which they cannot glance themselves you are lifting them and soaring them to new heights

Quote 39

“No cure exists of being human in the world”

Quote 40

“Autism could be compared to the taste of a tepid cake, which is different and interesting at the same time”

Quote 41

“The main aim of autism is not to cure, but to provide a sense of relief whereby the potential of each person‘s tends to be maximized

Quote 42

“You cannot be exceptional with any disability, but you can question on what you are aware about it “

Quote 43

“People who are different need to be embraced, and the bullies at the same time should be thrown off the bus”


Quote 44

“People with autism should not be feared and one should not split with them. Instead they should be embraced and work on efforts to unite them. Denying people with autism is harm and try to accept them for the hidden abilities which they possess

Quote 45

“A glance at the stars will throw light from which one I do belong”

Quote 46

“As part of humanity autism exists is your ability to dream at the same time”

Quote 47

“With autism you tend to listen better. In fact you tend to be more attentive at an intellectual and an emotional level

Quote 48

“The colour of the blue sky may seem beautiful, but in the midst of the tall buildings the lighting, is awareness of autism

Quote 49

“Throw away the nonsense as there does exist a window of opportunity for individuals who are plagued by autism


Quote 50

“I believe that every human being on this planet is bestowed with a special quality trait and trust me people who have autism have tremendous gift. You would just need to locate and then nurture it

Quote 51

“If you do not deviate from the norm progress is indeed a difficult task”

To conclude, to a lot of us autism may be a genetic mistake or a disorder. But it is the next stage of human evolution. People who are victims of autism tend to experience things from a higher plane

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