11 Side Effects of Early Pregnancy


Most countries consider early pregnancy, especially teenage pregnancy a negative phenomenon owing to its social, mental and physical complications. Today in the modern society, early and teenage pregnancy is becoming an alarmingly common situation. Though pregnancy turns a woman into the joyful phase of becoming a mother, it can also have devastating side effects on her life.

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Side Effects of Early Pregnancy

Early pregnancy is a challenge as a woman very young lacks the skills to handle the phase of pregnancy and motherhood. Due to the lack of effective self-care, early pregnancy can also hamper the development of the baby. Additionally, early pregnancy can impact a woman’s social life and her mental state of mind. Listed below are some negative side effects of early pregnancy.

1} Medical complications

Early pregnancy often cause unprecedented medical complications. This is mainly because teenage girls do not seek adequate medical care to take care of themselves. Some of the medical complications that can arise is early pregnancy are high blood pressure, anemia, premature birth, toxaemia, and placenta previa.

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2} Emotional Turmoil

A teenage girl may or may not want the baby so early. This will put her under great emotional turmoil that is neither good for the mother or the developing baby. Emotional crisis can also trigger abortion and suicidal attempts.


Effects of Early Pregnancy

3} Bad reputation

For those societies that consider teenage pregnancy a social stigma, a very young pregnant woman is bound to face harsh consequences leading to her bad reputation in the society. Parents and other family members abandon such women and the society outcast them.

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4} Delayed education

Pregnancy becomes the immediate focus for any woman. Young women pursuing their education may be forced to delay or postpone their education after becoming pregnant. As a result their education is put on hold making them graduate late and devoid of career opportunities.

5} Uncertainties of future

A teenage girl has her whole life ahead of her. Pregnancy would be the last thing on her mind. An unplanned pregnancy in a teenage girl can cause severe anxiety and uncertainties about her future. The lack of knowledge to handle the pregnancy and her own dreams for the future can cause a lot of uncertainty in her life.

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6} Extreme fatigue

Exhaustion is a normal thing in any pregnancy. However, a pregnant teen is likely to face more exhaustion due to her active lifestyle such as exercise, college, entertainment with friends etc. Extreme exhaustion is not healthy in pregnancy and a pregnant teenager is likely to face it.

7} Neglecting the baby

If the pregnant teenage woman does not want the baby, it is very unlikely that she will bond with the baby post birth. She will tend to neglect the baby’s emotional and physical needs. This can cause serious emotional trauma in both the new mom and the baby.

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8} Financial trouble

It is indeed very expensive to raise a baby. In addition, cost for pre-natal care and delivery also needs to be taken care. Young women who are all by themselves and not employed struggle to live through even the basic expenses involved in pregnancy and baby.

9} Drugs and smoking

Most teens are addicted to smoking, drugs, and alcohol in college days. They are just not prepared to let go of these addictions and handle additional responsibilities. However, in pregnancy, the woman is compelled to give up smoking, drugs, and alcohol. A teen may not have the maturity or determination to give up on these bad habits. This can put both the pregnant mother and developing baby under grave danger.

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10} Lack of family support

Most families do not support early teen pregnancy. Hence, the woman is all alone by herself. Nevertheless she has to face the complete brunt of going through pregnancy and looking after the baby all by her own. She is pushed into working harder than other to giver herself and her baby the basic needs.

11} Lack enjoyment and satisfaction

Pregnancy and motherhood is a beautiful phase to be enjoyed each day. However, due to the adding social, physical, and emotional stress, the young mother is far from being happy. She spends each day struggling to battle with herself, her child, and the rest of her world.

Getting pregnant when you want to is the only key to true happiness. A pregnant woman needs the support of her husband, family, and friends. Going through pregnancy all alone can be worse than a nightmare. A young pregnant teen has to face more sorrow than happiness. Today, women are educated to be more aware about early pregnancy and their negative side effects, so that they can avoid going in the same line. So all the young teens out there, get pregnant when you are really prepared for it.

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