11 Must Have Pregnancy Products


Some of the must have pregnancy products includes a Pregnancy Pillows, pregnancy apps, prenatal vitamins, body lotion, comfortable shoes, maternity bra, maternity belt, to name a few.

One of the best things about pregnancy is waiting for your baby. As your due date inches closer, your happiness knows no bounds. But, the whole 9 months is no less than a roller coaster ride. And, there are a few items that will help you get through the whole 9 months with ease.

Pregnancy is an exciting experience. However, it is equally challenging as well. Generally, pregnant women experience various types of pains, aches, and bodily discomforts. It may sound unrealistic, but pregnancy is accompanied with various discomforts. It is important to manage these discomforts by having helpful things around.

Top 11 Pregnancy Products Must Have

Besides a healthy diet and an effective exercise regimen, it is also important to have some comforting products around. These products create a comfort zone for the expecting mother thus making pregnancy a pampering and pleasurable experience.

Check the following list of nine products that can help to ease situations of discomfort during pregnancy.

1. An informative book on pregnancy

You are just making a fresh start on your journey towards parenthood. You may have numerous apprehensions and questions that boggle your mind. A good pregnancy book would make you feel connected with the baby through various facts that are usually not known to many.


2. Pregnancy Apps

While an informative pregnancy book guides you through the growth and development of your baby, the present day techno oriented world offers various pregnancy apps. These apps help you track your pregnancy. Many apps send intervallic emails to guide you about expected changes in your body at respective stages of pregnancy.

3. Prenatal Vitamins

Doctors usually recommend folic acid during the first trimester of pregnancy. Make sure to stock up your monthly dose of folic acid as well as other vitamins recommended by the doctor.

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4. Moisturizer or Body Lotion

Many women experience dry and itchy skin during pregnancy. A good moisturizer can help to keep the skin soft and supple. Moreover, it also reduces the itching of skin resulting from dryness.

Pregnancy Products

5. Antacids

Pregnancy is usually accompanied with problems like heartburn.  Very often, this heartburn can be a cause for extreme discomfort. Therefore, an effective and safe antacid is a must have on the pregnancy gear list. It is wise to ask your doctor to recommend a safe antacid that doesn’t harm the baby in any way.


6. Maternity Belt

A maternity belt is another useful product to make your pregnancy comfortable. It makes it easier to carry the big belly in a convenient and comfortable manner. Above all, a maternity belt prevents post-partum sagging of the belly. It keeps your belly toned through the support.

7. Pregnancy Sleeping Pillow

This is another essential requisite during pregnancy. Many pregnant women find it more comfortable to sleep with some extra pillows around them. For such women, maternity brands have introduced body pillows to help you with a better night’s sleep with progressing pregnancy. You can use this pillow while sleeping on the bed, to lounge on the couch, or wrap it around the back when relaxing in a chair. Moreover, it helps to ease stiff joints, one of the most common pregnancy problems.

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8. Stockings

With an increase in weight during pregnancy, your legs become susceptible to health problems like excessive swelling and varicose veins. Try to include a good pair of stockings. Make sure that it provides a comfortable fit and appropriate support. This support is necessary to avoid swelling by providing silent massage to the legs. If, in any case, you don’t find the stockings to fit properly or provide the desired comfort, you can try on thigh-highs. These would surely provide the comfort level you are looking for.

9. Comfortable Shoes

Your feet bear the weight of the whole body. The increased weight during pregnancy can overburden your feet and cause them to swell. This is where the need arises for a comfortable pair of shoes. Try to buy flats for best comfort level. Also, make sure that the shoes fit properly. Even slightly tight shoes can increase the soreness of the feet.

10. A Good Bra

It is needless for us to tell you that with pregnancy, you will see changes in your breast size. While some women find them growing smaller, most feel them grow bigger. You should change your bra and wear something supportive. A maternity bra will come in handy for even after the delivery.


11. Massage Bottle

Pregnancy comes along with its share of aches and pains. And, there is nothing half as good a hot massage to ease those aching parts of your body. Follow up a hot water bottle with a gentle massage and you will feel heavenly.

Pregnancy is a great phase in every woman’s life. Enjoy your journey to parenthood!