11 Pregnancy Apps You Can’t Do Without


When you are pregnant, it is quite an overwhelming experience. It is more so if you are a first time mom. You are curious about what is going on inside of you. There is a whole new person that is growing in your tummy. You need some tools to get through this time that is both emotionally and physically demanding.

11 Must Know Pregnancy Apps That are Both Useful and Entertaining

1. WebMD Pregnancy: This app is available on iOS platform. If you are looking up pregnancy related facts online, there are chances that you are thoroughly confused. It is advisable not to follow the advise found on the internet without consulting with your doctor. This is because the internet is a place full of inaccurate and unverified data. WebMD app provides you with reliable and well-vetted information that you feel you need about your pregnancy. The information shared on this app is drawn from actual practising doctors. The featured articles are all well cited with credits to reliable medical sources and also verified by medical practitioners.

To get started you will need to download the app and create a profile. Fill in your due date and you are good to go. You will get useful data relating to your pregnancy depending on how far along you are. There are a lot of pregnancy related articles for you to read from. The app also allows you to keep journal entries, photos and videos of the unforgettable memories of your pregnancy.

There is also the pregnancy 101 section that allows you to learn about your baby and yourself on a weekly basis as your pregnancy progresses. There are important notes on health, safety, nutrition, exercise, illness, and other topics that might interest you. For the dads, there is a section that is just for you!

11 Pregnancy Apps

2. BabyBump Pregnancy Pro: Available on both iOS and Android platforms, this app is another great free pregnancy app that you can’t do without! For a free app, this one is loaded with features and functionalities. Some of the most awesome features of this app include:

  • a baby name function that lets you search for names by gender, meaning, sound, and origin
  • a kick counter
  • a journal to record your daily moods and thoughts
  • a contraction time monitor
  • Super helpful group tabs to talk to share your experiences with other members and ask questions

There’s even a section in the app that lets you watch vaginal birth videos. These can be super helpful in preparing you mentally for the reality when the day comes.

This is definitely a must know pregnancy app for all of you moms-to-be out there!

3. Totally Pregnant:  This app has an eye catching interfact that looks like info-graphics. You can find this app for both iOS and Android based handsets. Once you enter your name and due date you find yourself in the colorful world of personalisation. Pick out the options that are best suited for the totally pregnant you.

Among the amazing features that this app offers include signing up for baby registry on Amazon, prenatal yoga classes, tracking your pregnancy through photos, and finding baby-related shops near you. The best thing about this app is that it’s not intrusive. It asks for very little information from you and provides you all the information that you seek. You can avail weekly updates of your baby’s development. All in all it is definitely an app worth looking into.

4. Sprout: Available on both Android and iOS platforms this app has all the necessary features. You get a hasslefree tracking of the progress of your pregnancy. Among the great features that this app offers are:

  • Tracking functions such as weight, kicks, and contractions
  • Organisers for your doctor’s appointments
  • Weekly medical tips

You also get separate tabs for listing your tasks, newborn essentials, what to pack in your hospital bag when it’s time, and so much more!


Probably the best feature of this app is the simple view of the development of your baby. There are time-wise descriptions which can be accessed via tapping on your screen. You can even share these on other apps and social media platforms!

5. The Bump: Available both on Android and iOS platforms this is the app supplement of the well known website, TheBump.com. Through this app you can search for articles by the trimesters. You can find excellent articles on innovative ways to announce your pregnancy to the best feeding supplies for your new born.

That’s not all! You can even find the explanations for your bizarre pregnancy dreams, curiosities related to pregnancy, and so much more. Find informative articles on the latest pregnancy related research and news. You can continue to use the information available in this app even after your baby is born. The app contains useful tips for toddlers and older kids also.

You can also find real life answers from other Bump app users and pregnancy experts. All answers will be tailormade for your specific trimester So you only get the relevant information.

6. Pinterest:  Pinterest is a veritable treasure trove of ideas for you to consider for your little one. You can search for just about anything and you are sure to find over a thousand ideas. When you are pregnant you have so much planning to do for your little one’s arrival.

So whether you are planning for ways to announce your pregnancy, or how to decorate your baby’s room, you are sure to get many creative ideas. So go crazy and pin all the ideas that catch your eye. You have ample time on your hands to sort through the pinned ideas and zero in on the final choice.


7. Nurture by Glow:  Another pregnancy-tracking option that’s suited to studious new moms is Glow’s pregnancy app, Nurture. It is available both on Android OS and iOS. There is great ease of use and it is comprehensive to the user.

Find out how big your baby is at one glance with this app. The results are given both in inches as well as in fruit sizes! The app even tells you how many days away you are from D-Day!

The main purpose of the Nurture app is to track your pregnancy. The more you use the app, the more relevant feedback and accurate suggestions you will receive from the app. Jot down useful notes and tips, set reminders for your doctor’s appointments, and get helpful advice from other app users.

One of the best features of the app is the awesome timelapse capture of your pregnancy! All you need to do is take a photo of your baby bump everyday of the pregnancy and upload it in the app. It’ll surely be a keepsake worth your efforts! Just make sure to remember to upload the photos everyday of the pregnancy.

Its best feature though is its community tab, where you can read advice shared by other parents who are also using the app. While this is a free app, Glow does offer subscription services for access to comparative insight data, exclusive articles, private messaging, premium support, and the ability to customize your profile.

8. My Baby’s Beat: This ones a paid app that is available on both iOS and Android platforms. It is the app that will help you scan your baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of your own home. If this is you first pregnancy you are sure to be really excited about seeing how your baby is doing inside you.


The truth is that you will only visit your doctor few times during the entire pregnancy So it can be quite frustrating for you to not know or hear how your baby is doing. There are other equipment such as fetal stethoscopes that are there to help you detect the baby’s heartbeat. But in reality they are not so easy to use.

My Baby’s Beat app will help soothe your nerves by letting you hear from the tiny angel within you. Hear your baby’s heartbeat by using your smartphone as a scanner and the app as a recording device. Lie flat on your back when using the app. Make sure that your phone is in airplane mode and removed from any sort of casing.

The description page says the app was designed for use during weeks 30-40 of your pregnancy, so be sure to manage your expectations.

9. Baby Names: This one is definitely an app you can’t do without! What to name your baby has to be one of the most important decisions that parents are faced with. You are sure to have some favorites and then there are the trending names and those suggested by friends and family.

You may already have some ideas of your own as to what to call your baby and may even have some favorites from very early on. However, when making the final decision this app can come in quite handy.

Baby Names is an app that compiles thousands upon thousands of suggestions in an easily sort-able list. It can be arranged by initial, by popularity, or by gender (including unisex). You can learn about name origins and common pronunciations and save the ones you like as favorites.


If you upgrade to the premium version of the app, you can even ask it to recommend names it thinks complement your name and your partner’s. It is absolutely free of cost and available for both Android and iOS phones.

10. CineMama: Other apps might make it possible for you to take memorable tummy-growth photos, but CineMama actually makes it easy to take then, then turn them into a movie after your baby’s birth.

The app’s camera provides a handy aligning guide so that you’re sure to take each photo at about the same angle and position. You can add your text, music, and effects to the movie once you have finished taking the photos. Save the movie to the camera roll once you are done with the edits.

The app also allows you to keep track of memories and milestones. The diar feature of the app allows you to record:

  • Your baby’s first kick
  • Your first ultrasound
  • The day you have your bag packed for the hospital

You can set the privacy settings of these logs to be viewed by only you or you can even share them for your friends and family to see on various social media platforms. It is a free app available on both iOS and Android.

11. Foods to Avoid When Pregnant: This paid app is available only for iOS platform. It is an extremely handy and useful guide for moms-to-be. It may not have a very imaginitive name, but the app does exactly what the name suggests – tells you what foods to avoid during pregnancy.


For the first time mommies-to-be it is definitely an essential app that gives them an easy reference of what food is safe to consume. So whatever you are craving you can always glance at the tabs of the app to see whether it is ok to have or not.

Check your app to see whether what you are craving falls on the unsafe lists of cheeses, sauces, deli meats, and other edibles you must skip until your baby arrives. In addition, this app gives you guidelines for foods that need to be cooked to proper temperatures and/or pasteurized for prenatal consumption.

Foods are broken down into categories (meat and eggs, cheese and dairy, vegetables, etc.) and sub-categories that make it easy to do a quick search on your phone while you’re at the grocery store or at a restaurant.


So there you go, the list of 11 must know pregnancy apps is at your fingertips. For the paid ones you can check in your app store for the latest cost. Remember, even though the information available in these apps are usually verified by medical professionals, it is always best to consult your doctor for any specific queries you may have.