11 Must Avoid Beverages During Pregnancy


They say that fluids and beverages are essential during pregnancy. However, not all kinds of beverages are good for you. There are few drinks you should dodge pass, during those precious 9 months. These drinks can affect you and your child in a very bad manner. Few drinks can even lead to the termination of your precious pregnancy.

So, it is advisable that you avoid such drinks, whilst you are pregnant. Starting from the obvious caffeine and alcohol, there are many fruit juices which you should avoid drinking. Check the list and get yourself updated.

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11 Must Avoid Beverages During Pregnancy

Egg Yolk Juice

No matter how much health benefits raw eggs can provide you with, it is a strict ‘no-no’ during your pregnancy. This is because raw egg yolk increases the chance of Salmonella. This kind of disease triggers fever, nausea, vomiting, stomach cramps and even diarrhea among pregnant mothers. It can also hamper your baby’s health.

Avoid Beverages during Pregnancy


Coffee should be avoided as much as possible. Pregnant women are advised to limit their daily caffeine intake to less than 200 mg. Not having coffee at all is the best possible solution. However, if you are already addicted to coffee then try and limit. This is due to the fact that neither your unborn child and nor your placenta is ready to digest caffeine and for that reason, it affects your baby by a great extent.


Unpasteurized Raw Milk

Unpasteurized milk contains certain microbes. These microbes can cause certain stomach ailments which can be harmful for you and your baby. This bacterium can cause certain infection in pregnant women. This kind of infection will not only impact your new born baby but also can ruin his/her overall development.

Ginger Tea

Restricting ginger tea after restraining you from having coffee is harsh, but ginger roots are known to have negative impact on overall pregnancy. It raises the temperature of your body and increases the blood pressure over normal level, during pregnancy.

Wild Yam Tea

Known for its contraceptive benefits, wild yam tea is broadly used for preventing pregnancy after having unprotected sex. That is why wild yam tea should be strictly avoided during your pregnancy.

Regular tea, however, can be had without any restrictions. Normal tea leaves do not have the similar impact. They do tend to increase the blood pressure a bit but not as much as these two forms of teas.

Papaya Juice

Like wild yam and ginger, papaya is also known for its contraceptive properties. Papaya juice can trigger early labor and miscarriages. That is why papaya juices should be avoided during pregnancy.

Pineapple Juice

Pineapple also falls in the same group of fruits which can actually counter the development of your fetus. It is also known as a natural pregnancy terminator. Pineapples contain bromelain, This tends to soften the cervix. This can actually trigger the chances of early delivery or miscarriage. Drinking of pineapple juice should be avoided during this time period, especially during the first trimester of your pregnancy. The risks are high and the chances of miscarriage and pregnancy termination is also present.


Grape Juice

Not only wine, but grape juice in general is not advised during your pregnancy. However, the studies show that it has nothing to do with grapes as such, but the pesticides which are being sprayed on the vines of grapes. In most of the grape vines, huge amount of pesticides are applied to prevent the insects from ruining the produce. These pesticides are harmful and consuming them puts you and your child at grave risk.

Any kind mock-tails containing any of these juices should also be avoided. You should be extra cautious during your pregnancy and cannot just slip to take the wrong sip.

Aerated Soft Drinks

Aerated drinks like Pepsi or Coke are also not wise choices during pregnancy. Try and avoid having them, as much as possible. These drinks contain high amount of caffeine and carbon, both of which are harmful for your child. The drinks are hard to digest for your child and that might cause permanent damage in his/her internal system. These drinks also have adverse effect on the overall health of your placenta and hence it can actually have tremendous negative impact on your overall pregnancy.

Stew of Half-Cooked Meat

Consuming raw meat is always a threat to your health. The threat increases when you are pregnant. Under cooked meat stew might have some hidden in between the muscle fibers. These bacteria cause various problems for you and your child. It can lead to serious ailments and even infection in your child.

Also stew made from unwashed vegetables is equally dangerous. Like fruits, vegetables are filled with pesticides and unwashed vegetables carry threats of infestation for you and your fetus.


Finally comes the obvious culprit, in the form of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol is a strict no-no during pregnancy. Some people might suggest that a glass or two of wine is fine. Especially since wine is good for your heart. But research shows that it is better if you stop drinking alcohol completely during pregnancy. Whilst wine posses no challenge for your developed liver, but as the alcohol crosses the placenta, it might damage your baby’s developing liver. This is something you should avoid at any cost. There are also other studies that confirm that consumption of alcohol can cause many physical and behavioral disorders for the fetus in your womb.


Other Factors:

Under normal scenario, it is always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated during your pregnancy. Water, juices and stews can be had as frequently as possible. You can also have teas, shakes, smoothies and sherbet.

Keeping your stomach calm is the main idea behind all these. The more you drink your bodily toxins get flushed off more rapidly. This helps your fetus to stay healthy and have a good metabolism.

However, the above mentioned drinks should be avoided along with anything you are allergic to. Some people who are allergic to coconut should also do well to avoid coconut water or any drink containing coconut milk.