11 Benefits of Hiring a Doula


Anyone who has been part of a birth process would claim that any additional support during this phase would be a life changer. Doula derives its origin from the Greek word meaning “servant”. They have been around for centuries and any support during labor process entices positive feelings in a woman.

Benefits of Hiring a Doula

Doulas are professional trained who is well versed in emotional, physical, educational and mental support to a would-be mother. Their main objective is to ensure that pregnant women have a hassle free birth experience. They could also be termed as labor companions. Here are some of the benefits associated with hiring a doula.

1} Doctor and a doula- a combination of both

A doctor will move in and out of the labor room, but a doula will stay till the time of birth. To enhancethe level of comfort doula can massage the key pressure points.

2} Doctor would be of valuable help

The moment you intend to hire a doula, have a discussion with your gynaecologist. The doctors are aware of the benefits and their presence in delivery room is a value addition. Their prime objective is to support people and any form of support is encouraged during delivery.


3} The doula cannot be a third wheel

Unless it is a gynaecologist they would have limited knowledge about birthing process and the doula. If it is your second baby, then also chances of your partner feeling overwhelmed increase. The doula is a helping tool while respecting privacy and intimacy level of partners.


4} Word of mouth

There is no substitute as far as word of mouth is concerned for doulas. Seek a list from your near and dear ones. Schedule a telephonic interview about their skill sets, why they decided to venture into this domain and how many deliveries they have been part of.

5} A face to face interview would not be a bad idea

This may seem a bit obvious as you would be spending a lot of time with a doula, you would need to like her. Seek their opinion about medical or natural births and what would be her approach in the labor room.

6} Doulas work out to be a cost effective option

In reality doulas are more affordable than you could imagine. As part of the training schedule of a doula birth experience is needed and many would like to attend them for a nominal fee.

7} Doulas can be used as an information know how

Expectant mothers look out for emotional support and advice from various quarters. This tends to benefit first time moms who cannot distinguish between true and false contractions. It is all the more so in the weeks leading up to delivery

8} The doula will be with you always irrespective of the arrival time of your baby

Doulas schedule is restricted to a few births a month. So a guarantee is there that they will be beside you on probably the biggest day of your life. With doctors being super busy, it is a solace that there is going to be a medical expert with you.

9} No need to be shy to hire a doula before and after delivery

There is no need to be shy in asking a doula to perform tasks for you. Be it your personal or medical needs a doula is there for your service.


10} Post-partum doulas could be hired as well

Most doulas assist birth process, but post-partum ones tend to support mothers in the initial phase. It is money well spent as their expertise would be of immense help during the first few weeks.

11} Power of massage and touch

The doulas with their power of massage and touch are bound to reduce stress levels during labor process.

In a nut shell, a client doula relationship starts a few weeks before the baby is due. At this juncture, a woman is free to ask questions, specify their concerns or fears and formulate a birth plan. They are available on the phone to answer any questions which a would be mother has. Though they are not authorized to provide any medical care, but their knowledge does come forth on various aspects of labor or delivery.

In hindsight they can help a patient understand the process of delivery along with complications emerging during this phase. During labor, they are in close proximity to a mother for emotional support.

A doula is hired not to replace a partner or a husband but contribute their experience to the birth process.