15 Astonishing Health Benefits of Elderberry Syrup for Kids


Elderberry has medicinal properties and its health benefits have been known to us from time immemorial. Elderberry are natural cure for flu and cold, allergies, constipation, infection and even stop the spread of cancer. They are widely available today in the market and are used medicinally for the kids. So, if your child is suffering from any of the ailments, you can make them have elderberries.

Elderberry for Kids 

Elderberry belongs to the berry family. It is a fruit of a plant called Sambucus. They vary in color from black to dark blue and they have a pleasant sweet taste. They are found in the form jams, syrups, jellies, spreads and in other forms.

Can I give Elderberry to my Child?

You can make your child have elderberries by spreading jam on their breads or cakes. Can bake elderberry cakes or muffins or simply spread the syrup on them. You can use the elderberry syrup on the Sunday roast to add flavor to it and can give them elderberry jellies to your child when they are having hunger cravings or can replace chocolates with elderberry jellies.

Health Benefits of Elderberry Syrup for Kids

Cold and Flu relief

It is widely known for its curing ability for cold and flu. They are rich in anti viral agent who protects your child from the attacks of the bacteria’s and viruses causing cold and flu. So if your child is suffering from bad cold or severe flu, then you make them have elderberries as they boost your Child’s immunity system.


If your baby is suffering from constipation then you can add elderberry products in their diet. It is good for healthy bowel movement as it is rich in fiber. You can also give them elderberry juice for maintaining healthy digestive system.

Controls blood sugar level

Many a time’s lack of activities may increase the sugar level in your child. So to control the level of sugar in their body you can give them elderberry juice or syrups as it is a good absorber of carbohydrates.



Elderberries contain a high level of anti-oxidants known as phenol. This protects your child’s cell membrane from any sort of damage caused by the free radicals. This means your child will be less prone to falling ill if prunes are given on a regular basis. It will protect your child’s heart and help it remain strong.

Elderberry syrup benefits

Protects your child’s heart

Being rich in anti-oxidants, it protects your child’s heart from all heart related diseases. So giving your child a glass of elderberry juice everyday will improve their heart health.

Boosts Immunity

Elderberries are rich in vitamin C. That boosts the immunity of your child. It protects his/her body from various infections. Regular intake of elderberries will ensure less suffering from common cold and flu.

Natural Detoxifier

Elderberries are rich in antioxidants. They spread out free radicals in your child’s body. It helps them to flush out harmful toxins from their bodies. This will keep your child healthy and help him/her to protect the organs.

Cancer Fighting Ability

Elderberries have the ability to protect your child from cancer. Research conducted at the University of Portsmouth has evaluated that elderberries have the potential to fight off the pathways causing tumor formation.


Protects Eyesight

Elderberries are rich in Vitamin A and other minerals which will help keep your child’s eyes healthy. If your child is exposed to too much multimedia then his/her eyes need proper nourishment. Elderberries offer that nourishment to your child.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

Elderberries have the potential to cure pain and diseases in your child. The anti-inflammatory property of grapefruit cures any injury or disease faster. The European Journal of Pain has published studies about how the certain elements found in elderberries help in the cure of injuries and diseases much faster.

Strengthens Bones

The lycopene present in elderberries have the potential to strengthen your child’s bone. Not only just vitamin K and calcium help in this process. But the element present in elderberries has enough potential to develop good amount of bone fiber and tissues in your child.

Cleanse & Protects the Liver

Elderberries also help clean your child’s liver. It excretes the toxic elements from your child’s liver and keeps it healthy. Also if your child is exposed to the risk of fatty liver, then also elderberries are of great use.

Improves Respiratory Health

The vitamin C present elderberries help improve your child’s overall respiratory health. Problems like asthma or bronchitis can be cured with the help of elderberries. If your child constantly suffers from runny nose or chronic cough, then grapefruits can offer a good solution. Many children suffer from severe shortness of breath. In those cases elderberry syrups can be a natural remedy.

Good for Skin

The vitamin A and C present in elderberry syrup are very good for your child’s skin. The anti-oxidants and the vitamins protect your child’s skin from the environmental hazards and pollutants. Also at the same time the amino acid present in the elderberry helps keep your child’s skin soft. At the same time the potassium present in the fruit will protect your child’s skin from the harmful UV rays.


Elderberry for Kids: Precautions

Elderberry syrups are very beneficial for your child. However, you must keep certain things in mind before feeding him/her with grapefruits on a regular basis.

  • You should always consult with your doctor before starting with elderberry syrup. It is mostly due to the high acid and fiber content of the fruit.
  • If there is a history of citric allergy in your family, then it is better to avoid giving grapefruit to your child. It might cause adverse effect.
  • You must check whether or not your baby has any allergic reaction elderberries. You must stop immediately if he/she shows any signs of intolerance. There are chances that your child might suffer from hives, abdominal pain or even severe diarrhea.

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