Top 100 Indian Girl Names for 2021


Parents these days do a lot of research before choosing a name for their child. Most parents prefer a trendy and meaningful name for their little baby girl. So if you are recently blessed with a little baby angel, then here are the top Indian baby girl names with meanings for you to choose from.

indian baby girl names for 2021

Top 100 Indian Baby Girls Names for 2021 with Meanings

Aabha Glow
Aahna Exist
Aakanksha Desire or wish
Aakriti Shape
Aalia Highborn or exalted
Aanya Inexhaustible
Aarna Water, wave or stream
Aarohi Music tune, progressive or evolving
Aarushi Dawn or the first ray of the sun
Aashi Smile, joy, or laughter
Aditi Free, boundless, unimpaired or entire
Advika Unrivalled, unique or matchless
Akshara Word or speech
Alekhya Painting, picture or writing
Amaira One who  is forever beautiful
Amna Safety, secure or unscathed
Amrita Immortal
Amulya Priceless, invaluable
Anaisha Special or unique
Bhanu Sun, beautiful woman,
Brinda Sacred basil, numerous, multitude
Chakrika Disc or circular
Chakshini Beautiful, good-looking or illuminated
Chandni Moonlight
Charita Successful, accomplished or rightfully attained
Chetana Intelligence, sensible, perceptive
Chhaya Shadow
Daksha Earth
Deeksha Spiritual initiation
Deepali Collection of lamps
Dipti Luster, glow, or to shine like a flame
Divya Charming, divine, heavenly
Diya Lamp, glow, or light
Eesha Powerful, supreme, master or ruler
Ekta Unity
Eswari God-like
Gagana Sky or heaven
Gaurika Fair, beautiful, lovely or pretty
Gavya Holy, or pure
Gayatri A sacred verse, goddess
Geetika A short song or a hymn
Gitanjali A collection of songs
Gulika A beautiful pearl
Hamsika The one with a swan
Harini Like a deer
Harita Green or nature, a type of moss
Harish Joy or happiness
Harshita Full of joy
Hemani Piece of gold or made of gold
Hiranya Golden
Idika Earth
Ira Speech or talk
Indira Beauty or splendour
Indu Spark, moon or moonlight
Ishita Omnipotent, almighty or superior
Jaanvi A bright person or the precious one
Jagruti Awareness or to be watchful
Januja Born or creation
Jaya Victory
Kaira Peaceful or unique
Kalpana Idea, imagination, or concept
Kalyani Auspicious or prosperous
Kamala Excellent or the exceptional one
Kanchana Gold or golden
Kangana Bracelet
Karishma Blessing or gift from God
Kashika Silk
Kavya Poem, or poetic creation
Lata A plant creeper or a string of pearls
Lalita Pleasing, beautiful, graceful or gentle
Lekha Writing
Leya Lion or loyalty
Lipika Manuscript
Maanasi The one with deep mental devotion
Maanyata Principles, values or recognition
Madhu Sweet, honey or nectar
Megha Cloud or rain
Mitali Friendship or a loving bond
Mukta Pearl
Neeta Well-behaved, well-composed, well-guided
Neha Dewdrop, rain, affectionate or the loved one
Netra Eye
Nidhi Treasure or wealth
Nisha Night, vision or dream
Oorja Energy or vitality
Ojasvi Brave or fearless
Oorvi Earth
Padma Lotus
Pallavi Tender leaves, new shoot or a bud
Pari  Fairy
Pooja Worship, honor or respect
Rachana Creation or composition
Rati Affection, delight, or love
Roshni Illuminated, shining or brilliance
Sakshi Witness
Suhasini One with beautiful laughter
Tamanna Wish or desire
Tara Star
Uma Splendor or tranquillity
Vanya Of the forest or of the trees
Yukta Attentive, skillful, or clever