Top 100 Indian Boy Names for 2021


Parents these days do a lot of research before choosing a name for their child. Most parents prefer a trendy and meaningful name for their son. So if you are recently blessed with a baby boy, then here are the top Indian baby boy names with meanings for you to choose from.

indian baby boy names for 2021

Top 100 Indian Baby Boy Names for 2021 with Meanings

AadrikThe sun rising between the mountains
AahanDawn, sunrise, or first ray of light
AaravWisdom, one who is powerful
AarnikBeing one of its kind or something unique
AbhinavBright and clever
AditFrom the beginning
AdhyanOne who is rising
AdrithOne who supports others
AdvaithFree from duality
AjayOne who is invincible
AkshajA thunderbolt
AkshantAn individual who wants to win all the time
AkshayOne who is immoral
ArijiOne who triumphs over his enemies
ArjunHonor, bright and courageous
ArnavOcean or sea or waves
ArujBright rising sun
ArushFirst rays of the sun
AryanSpiritual or someone noble
AshokHappy and content
AshvikOne who is blessed to be triumphant
AtharvThe first Veda
AvaneeshLord or master of the Earth
AvikBrave and fearless
BharatGod of fire or clever
ChetanIntelligence or vigor
DaiwikSacred or divine
DakshTalented or excellent
DilipKing, defender, or protector
DarshilOne who is good looking, attractive and sober
Deepak Light
DevGod or Lord
DevanshA part of God
DhruvPole star
GauravDignity, honor or pride
Gautam Wisest
Gurdeep Lamp of the teacher
HariThe one who removes evil
HarshJoy, excitement or happiness
HarshadOne who gives hoy and happiness
HemantEarly winter season or gold
Hitansh Lord of goodness
HitenThe heart
HridhaanThe heart
HrithikAn intelligent person
IndraKing of all the Gods
IshaanThe Sun
Ishank Peak of the mighty Himalayas
IvannThe Sun, glorious and gracious gift of God
JaganWorld or universe
JeetVictory, success, or triumph
KairavOne who is born from the water
KamalThe lotus flower
Karanan intelligent and talented warrior or person
KarthikOne who bestows courage
KavanPoem or poetry
KiaanBy God’s grace
KushSacred or holy grass
LakshyaTarget or goal
LalitHandsome, charming and graceful
LavishGod of Love
ManishThe God of mind
ManvikA kind-hearted individual
MayankIndividual who is calm and serene like the moon
MihirRays of the sun
MiranshSmall part of the ocean
MitanshA friend
NamanSalutation or to bow down before the creator
ParthivSon or prince of the Earth
PrabhasBrilliance or lustrous
PraneethAlmighty God
PrathamFirst or number one
PremA loved one
RahulEfficient and competent
Rajesh King of Kings
RajatOne who is courageous
RaunakPride and glory
SachitOne who is joyful and conscious
SarvinOne who is the best archer
ShauryaBravery and power
TanmayTo be engrossed
ViratBrilliant or majestic
YashFame, success, glory or victory
YuvrajPrince or heir apparent