Top 100 Indian Boy Names for 2021


Parents these days do a lot of research before choosing a name for their child. Most parents prefer a trendy and meaningful name for their son. So if you are recently blessed with a baby boy, then here are the top Indian baby boy names with meanings for you to choose from.

indian baby boy names for 2021

Top 100 Indian Baby Boy Names for 2021 with Meanings

Aadesh Order
Aadrik The sun rising between the mountains
Aakash Sky
Aahan Dawn, sunrise, or first ray of light
Aarav Wisdom, one who is powerful
Aarnik Being one of its kind or something unique
Abhay Brave
Abhinav Bright and clever
Adit From the beginning
Adhyan One who is rising
Adrith One who supports others
Advaith Free from duality
Advik Creativity
Ajay One who is invincible
Akshaj A thunderbolt
Akshant An individual who wants to win all the time
Akshay One who is immoral
Ariji One who triumphs over his enemies
Arjun Honor, bright and courageous
Arnav Ocean or sea or waves
Aruj Bright rising sun
Arush First rays of the sun
Aryan Spiritual or someone noble
Ashok Happy and content
Ashvik One who is blessed to be triumphant
Atharv The first Veda
Avaneesh Lord or master of the Earth
Avik Brave and fearless
Bharat God of fire or clever
Chirag Lamp
Chetan Intelligence or vigor
Daiwik Sacred or divine
Daksh Talented or excellent
Dilip King, defender, or protector
Darshil One who is good looking, attractive and sober
Deepak  Light
Dev God or Lord
Devansh A part of God
Dhruv Pole star
Gaurav Dignity, honor or pride
Gautam  Wisest
Gurdeep  Lamp of the teacher
Hari The one who removes evil
Harsh Joy, excitement or happiness
Harshad One who gives hoy and happiness
Hemant Early winter season or gold
Himanshu Moon
Hitansh  Lord of goodness
Hiten The heart
Hridhaan The heart
Hrithik An intelligent person
Indra King of all the Gods
Ishaan The Sun
Ishank  Peak of the mighty Himalayas
Ivann The Sun, glorious and gracious gift of God
Jagan World or universe
Jai Victory
Jeet Victory, success, or triumph
Kabir Great
Kairav One who is born from the water
Kamal The lotus flower
Karan an intelligent and talented warrior or person
Karthik One who bestows courage
Kavan Poem or poetry
Kiaan By God’s grace
Kunal Lotus
Kush Sacred or holy grass
Lakshya Target or goal
Lalit Handsome, charming and graceful
Lavish God of Love
Manish The God of mind
Manvik A kind-hearted individual
Mayank Individual who is calm and serene like the moon
Mihir Rays of the sun
Miransh Small part of the ocean
Mitansh A friend
Naksh Moon
Naman Salutation or to bow down before the creator
Navin New
Parthiv Son or prince of the Earth
Prabhas Brilliance or lustrous
Praneeth Almighty God
Pratham First or number one
Prem A loved one
Rahul Efficient and competent
Rajesh  King of Kings
Rajiv Successful
Rajat One who is courageous
Raunak Pride and glory
Sachit One who is joyful and conscious
Samarth Efficient
Sarvin One who is the best archer
Shaurya Bravery and power
Tanmay To be engrossed
Tarak Star
Utkarsh awakening
Virat Brilliant or majestic
Vivek Conscience
Vyom Sky
Yash Fame, success, glory or victory
Yuvraj Prince or heir apparent