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Best Winter Fruits for Your Kids


Winter is here and with it brings whole lot of chill, snow, vacation, Christmas, New Year and lots and lots of fun. But, fun’s apart, winter is also a great time to give good fruits to your kids. These seasonal fruits help keep your kids’ immune system healthy and thereby reducing the chances of seasonal diseases such as cold, cough, fevers, etc.

Must Know Winter Fruits for Your Kids

winter fruits

Winter Fruit for toddler
Best Winter fruits in your babies food

Apple: Apple, one of the most popular fruits in the world, grows plentiful during winters. Apples are good for people from all ages and especially good for your kids. Apples offer numerous benefits like remedy against cough, fights dental infections, cure for stomach disorders, etc.

Winter fruits for Kids Apple
Apple is available in plenty during winter

Banana: Another fruit that is plentiful during winter is the banana. Banana is perhaps one of the cheapest fruits that you can buy. Banana has numerous benefits such as it is easy to digest, it can control diarrhea, it strengthens bones, best food for stomach ulcers, good for eye sight, etc.

Winter fruits for Kids Banana
Banana is available all round the year

Orange: Orange is another fruit that is available in plenty during winter. This citrus fruit is high in vitamin C. Vitamin C is a great antioxidant and plays a vital role in enhancing the immune system during winters. It can also reduce the incidence of cold, cough and running nose during winter.  You can also try various types of oranges such as Clementine, sweet orange and blood orange.



Lemon: As we know, lemon also belongs to the citrus group and is the cousin of orange. Lemon is also one of the best sources of vitamin C and it offers benefits such as cure for digestive problems, good for oral diseases and of course boosts the immune system.

Winter fruits for Kids Lemon
Lemon is another great fruit with high Vitamin C content

Pomegranate: This tropical fruit is also one of the good fruits during winters. It offers number of benefits such as cure for inflammations, cure for digestive problems, kills intestinal worms, can control fevers and offers liver protection.

Winter fruits for Kids Pomegranate
Pomegranate, a tropical fruit is best during winters

Pear: One of the widely cultivated and one of the oldest fruits, pear offers health benefits such as supply of antioxidants, heals wounds faster, stimulates the immune system, has antimicrobial properties and it helps in healing wounds faster.

must have winter fruits for kids

Grapes: Grape is another widely cultivated and oldest known fruits in history. Some of the benefits that grapes offer to your kids include bone growth, remedy against indigestion, remedy against fatigue and instant energy, enhances the immune system and is also a good supply of antioxidants.

Winter fruits for Kids Grapes
Grape is one of the oldest cultivated fruit offers several benefits

Avocado: Avocado is a late winter and early spring fruit. But nevertheless, avocado is mentioned because of the benefits that it offers. Avocado is a good source of essential unsaturated fats, it is easy to digest, it offers liver protection, is a good supplier of antioxidants, has antimicrobial properties and helps in faster wound healing.

Winter fruits for Kids Avocado
A late winter and early spring fruit, Avocado is very good for kids

Apricot: Apricot is a late winter and early spring fruit just like Avocado, but dried apricots are available throughout the year. Some of the benefits that apricots offer for your kids include anthelmintic properties or killing intestinal worms, is easy to digest, provides instant energy, increases blood production as it is high in iron and aids in brain development in infants.

Winter fruits for Kids Apricot
With numerous benefits, Apricot is the best fruit for your kids during winter

Kiwifruit: Kiwifruit is the national fruit of China and is often associated with New Zealand. The ancient Chinese have revered this fruit for few millennia now. Kiwifruit offers health benefits such as good source of vitamin C. Vitamin C is found in good amounts in Kiwifruit, which makes it an ideal fruit during winters as it strengthens the immune system. Apart from vitamin C, kiwifruit is also rich in vitamins A, E and K each of which provide benefits like improved eye sight, fights against tissue and cell damage and helps stop bleeding, respectively.

Winter fruits for Kids Kiwifruit
Kiwifruit is rich also rich in Vitamin C, strengthening the immune system


Encourage your kids to have these and many other fruits that are available through winter and all other seasons. Remember that good health develops and is maintained by an wholesome diet with seasonal fruits and vegetables.