11 Amazing Wearable GPS Tracking Devices for Kids


Tic Talk 1.OS, Kids connect, Gizmo Pal 2, Tencent QQwatch, GDB, Doki Watch, HereO, Lineable, The Buddy Tag, Pocket finder, and Weenect kids are some of the best wearable GPS tracking devices for kids.

Every parent panics when they couldn’t find their child. This is a very common situation one faces as if the whole family goes to a new place and somehow the kid got lost its very difficult for the parent to find out and then police helping out or some sort of announcements etc are done so that the child could find out his or her parents. What if a child wears a GPS tracking device, there won’t be any such problem again. The child could be easily tracked because of the device and their won’t be any further tension a parent will face. But the kid should also like the device which he’ll be wearing because if he doesn’t like that he will remove that definitely. And every child is very much interested as well as into gadgets and they love using it, playing with it, wearing it, showing it and so on. They enjoy something which is attracted and make them look charming.

What is GPS?

GPS refers to global positioning system. GPS originally is navstar GPS, is a satellite based radionavigation system owned by the united states government and operated by the united states of air force. It is a global navigation satellite system that provides geolocation and time information to a GPS receiver anywhere on or near the earth where there is an unobstructed line of sight to four or more GPS satellites.

What is the basic concept of GPS?

The GPS concept is based on time and the known position of gps specialized satellites. The satellites carry very stable atomic clocks that are synchronized with one another and with the ground clocks. Any drift from true time maintained on the ground is corrected daily. In the same manner, the satellite locations are known with great precision.

How communication does take place?

The navigational signals transmitted by GPS satellites encode a variety of information including satellite positions, the state of the internal clocks, and the health of the network. These signals are transmitted on two separate carrier frequencies that are common to all satellites in the network. Two different encodings are used: public encoding that enables lower resolution navigation, and an encrypted encoding used by the U.S military.

Now, as we got to know what is GPS and how does it work. It is also important for the kids to know about this so that they can help themselves find their parents if they face any problem regarding a new place and are afraid or scared visiting a place they can contact their parents.


Every parent freaks out when they hear that their child is missing, and many times it dies happened that they just lost the child forever. First of all be very careful when you are outside with your child. Be alert and always be attentive towards your child. But, every time this is not possible, as one cannot be attentive all the time. So if the child wears a tracking device it will be easy to find him or her. Or if they are in trouble they can inform their parents from where ever they are.

GPS Wearable Devices: Trackers for Kids

wearable gps tracking devices for kids

So, the best wearable GPS tracking device for kids are as follows:

Tick talk 1.0S

Tick talk 1.0S is a pretty touch screen wrist phone for kids. That means it takes a sim card that will enable two way communication between your phone and the tick talk.

Except working as a phone and locator, the tick talk is a full featured pedometer. It has, besides, SOS, calculator, stopwatch, voice message, calendar, firewall and such features.

Kids connect

Kids connect is even though not actually a watch, an all in one security solution and wearable for kids. It is a convenient cell phone for younger child to have constant with him.


Gizmo pal 2

Gizmo pal 2 is an original kids product from the manufacturer LG in pursuit of providing parents complete peace of mind.

It supports two way voice calling and real time GPS tracking. The built has a dedicated call button for both receiving and making calls.

Tencent QQwatch

Tencent QQ watch, a fancy looking wrist watch comes in with a tracking system combined with camera, wi-fi, GPS, LBS and gravity sensor.


GDB gps tracker uses three modes GPS, AGPS, LBS to provide location information on their app, that is available both on android and ios.

Doki watch

After successful crowd funding from kick starter, doki watch made a great entrance in the parental world. It is alone a smar twatch, a fitness tracker, a security device and gps tracker as well. It is identical for introducing integrated video calling feature alongside voice calling.


The hereO is the first gps tracking device cleverly disguised to look like a cute, colourful watch so little ones can show off and tell the time while you keep tabs on their whereabouts via your iOS or Android device.



This is one of the most affordable tracking device. That’s probably because the Bluetooth- powered location device is engineered to last approximately one year from the time for purchase. The silicon based minimalist design is dust proof and water resistant plus holds a no charging required battery life.

The buddy tag

This device uses Bluetooth instead of GPS  and makes it another affordable option. While you can use it in as a normal kid tracker, its also touted as a device that helps prevent accidental drowning, as there is a panic alarm for any this kind of threatening situation.

Pocket finder

The pocket finder uses GSM, GPS  and while it looks like a key fob for your car, its rugged and won’t break easily, making it the perfect little stowaway to keep track of your kid.

Weenect kids

Te excellent weenect system is comprised of a 6cm water resistant tracker, protective pouch and a USB charger.

so, these are some of the devices which are very helpful for a child’s safety and more than that it is easy to wear and doesn’t bothers anyhow. Every kid will like wearing a digital sort of a watch and as they’ll like it they won’t remove it.