Top 11 Terrific Minecraft Toys for Kids


Minecraft magentic sheet blocks, Minecraft light up Redstone Ore, Minecraft blue diamond sword and pickaxe set, Minecraft wall torch, Minecraft stop-motion movie creator, LEGO Minecraft The Fortress, Minecraft Mini-Action Figure Collectibles are some of the best minecraft toys for kids.

Minecraft has been taking the internet by a storm since its inception back in 2009. Essentially being a game based on placing blocks that could lead you on to adventures. While blocks might remind you of Legos, Minecraft is set in the virtual space and is thus more vivid in terms of terrain and different characters, and the types of blocks used to create structure.

But this entails your child spending a lot of time staring at a screen, and having little interaction with the things in his environment. So, we have prepared a list of some of the best Minecraft toys for kids, that will not just capture his interest, but makes for a great play item.

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11 Amazing Minecraft Toys for Kids

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Minecraft magnetic sheet blocks

These square magnets allows your little one to explore their creativity while creating fun spaces all over your house! Since the sheets are magnetic, the best way to use them would be as refrigerator magnets. The pack comes with two magnetic sheets with up to 160 different blocks that colourful yet quintessentially Minecraft. These include a workbench, furnace, chest, TNT, bookcase, jack-o-lantern, snow, coal, iron ore, red-stone ore, diamond ore, grass, trees, sand, brick, dirt, and many more. The blocks fit perfectly with each other, and your little one can create snowy terrains or beautiful landscape.
You can buy it here.

Minecraft light up Redstone Ore

Acting as a night light, this Minecraft light up toy is cute and makes for a great decorative item as well. It adds life to your child’s imagination because of its realistic representation of a red-stone ore.

You can buy it here.

Minecraft blue diamond sword and pickaxe set

Swords are used in the game to fight the different hostile mobs and even other players. Understandably, it is a crucial element in the world of Minecraft to maintain one’s territory!
The diamond sword is different from its wooden, stone and iron counterparts by being the most durable of the lot, and can thus fight many a battle. Similarly, the diamond pickaxe is also the most long lasting of its brethren. So, you may understand a player’s excitement when gifted one of these blue diamond sword and pickaxe set!
You can buy it here.

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Minecraft wall torch

Torches are a crucial element in the world of Minecraft as they not only provide light to already-built structures, but help in melting snow and ices, and keeps away those bad hostile mobs. This Wall Torch is not only a replica, but makes for a great showpiece, illuminating your space whilst acting as a great toy!
You can buy it here.

Minecraft Stop-Motion Movie Creator

This Stop-Motion Movie Creator set is one of its kind- it teaches children the functioning of stop-motion films, and gives them the independence to direct their own movies whilst exploring their creativity. It combines multiple facets of imaginative storytelling and creativity with more technical skills of making movies. It is a great way to combine fun with education and is immensely engaging.
You can buy it here.

LEGO Minecraft The Fortress

While LEGO Minecraft sets are certainly popular in the realm of Minecraft toys, the Minecraft The Fortress is one of its kind. Containing 984 pieces, this collection comes with 6 mini-figures as well. Moreover, the collection can be rebuilt in so many other ways, with cool functions for opening gates by pressing the right brick, and even repel the different hostile mobs as they attack the well-built fortress.
You can buy it here.

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Minecraft Mini-Action Figure Collectibles

The Minecraft Mini-Action Figure Collectibles are miniature replicas of the varied characters from the world of Minecraft. Adding life to your child’s play time, they come in different sets of three and six figures, and make for a great collector’s item. They come in great use especially when you seek put a limit to your kid’s computer-time.

You can buy it here.

Minecraft Tool Wood Pickaxe accessory

The pickaxe tool is one the most popularly used items in the world of Minecraft, for they are crucial to mine different types of ores and other kinds of blocks. There are many types of pickaxes found in the game, made from stone, iron, but the most common ones are made from wood. The wooden pickaxe accessory is a replica of the same, and acts as a great toy, harbouring the spirit of making and building new things, as ingrained in Minecraft.
You can buy it here.

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Minecraft Papercraft Hostile Mobs Set

For the ones who are not acquainted, ‘mobs’ are nothing but the animals and monsters in the world of Minecraft, and is bit of a gaming jargon. Bearing that in mind, the hostile mobs are the monsters that come live in the dark, either in the night or in the caves. They could range for skeletons, zombies, creepers, spiders, endermen, endermites, witches and silverfish. This Hostile Mobs set contains a Zombie with Sword, Endermen, Creeper, Skeleton with Bow, and other figures that not only add life to your little one’s imagination but poses challenges, equipping them to handle obstacles better.
You can buy it here.

Minecraft Lego Weapon accessory bow

A replica of the bow and arrow from the world of Minecraft, its finish is pixelated and reminiscent of the quintessential characteristics of the game. While the bow comes as a fixed product, and an arrow cannot be necessarily shot, it makes for a safe toy for children, especially the younger ones. The toy is a must-have for all enthusiasts of the game.

You can buy it here.

Mattel UNO Minecraft Card Game

No childhood is complete without a game of UNO! And if your child loves Minecraft, what better way to introduce him to the world of UNO than by using the Minecraft edition of UNO cards! The set has basic UNO features but also contains Minecraft characters and even a special Creeper Rule card. Playing with Minecraft character adds to the fun especially!

You can buy it here.

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