11 Best Stem Toys for Toddlers(2-5 YRS)


STEM primarily refers to the education received in four primary fields, namely Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. An interdisciplinary approach is followed towards the teaching process of these subjects, for the students are to know the basics of every mentioned subject and not just focus their attention on one particular subject. Experts say that STEM education is the basis of a bright future, where the entire world will be condensed into the form of a global village, with all citizens coming together to bear the fruits of advanced technology and engineering.

Keeping this in mind, if you think that your child has even the slightest inclination towards and STEM subject, then it is advised to guide them early, so that their energy is rightly channelized towards something that they truly love. In this regard, it is important to introduce them to the world of STEM toys, which basically ignite the interest in these subjects and sharpen your child’s brain.

In this article, we will discuss 11 best stem toys for toddlers. There are many toys available, but they are classified according to the age groups. The list of toys suitable for your genius toddler is given below-

Stem Toys:  11 Top Cool Toys for Toddlers

Best Stem Toys for Toddlers

Flash cards(birds)

Experience augmented or virtual reality, where your child’s favourite bird will come to life. Tap the screen to make them move or make a sound or go for a walk with your favourite bird in the virtual world.

Learning is no longer boring. This is an ideal indoor games for kids, serves the basic purpose of learning and education in the most effective, interactive and playful way. These flash cards makes them smarter and wise by working on their imagination, creativity, visualisation, cognitive skills, vocabulary and general awareness.


For parents, teaching through flash cards is effortless and give a practical insight of the topic, the learning imparted via flash cards is understandable and easily retainable. Parents need not to run around their little one and constantly bug their loved one to study.

The link for the game is given below:


Flash cards(wild animals)

It is the same as the above mentioned flash cards, but the difference is that this time, it is related to wild animals and not birds. Again, a game that is enjoyable while sharpening your child’s brain. The link for the game is given below-


Flash cards(aquatic life)

Again the same set of aquatic animals, this time featuring animals living in water. The link for the game is given below:


Skola toys

 This set includes a wooden tree with branches on which 4 wooden blossoms can be twisted, turned and placed on. Also, it includes a pink wooden blossom that is placed on top of the tree this is an excellent fine motor toy that helps in building dexterity. The hand movements in slotting the wooden blossoms on the tree also help in pre-writing motor development. As the child twists and turns, he figures different patterns of placing the blossoms on the tree branches. The link is given below:


Education and drill toy building set

Engage your kids into interactive playing, facilitate their cooperation with other kids and boost the feelings of sharing. Ameliorate hand to eye coordination, help them develop fine motorskills, promote logical thinking and aid in problem solving to the fullest. Keep your kids busy and entertained for many hours. The link for the game is given below-


Genius box learning toys

 This is another stem game, which is aiming to enhance all kinds of mental abilities. It is available at amazon at a discount. The link is given below-



Retroscope stem toy

 The link is given below-


Wooden building toys

 These educational stem toys encourage role play with a building theme, help your child use the building parts for ideas to create new pattern of their own. With 6 colors and 12 shapes, your child will definitely take an active part in this game. Build imagination and motorbility at an early age. These building block toys are designed to improve their operation ability. The link for the game is given below-


Kidwerz construction toys

This kit includes a real electric drill, interchangeable drill bits and a screwdriver. These vehicles all come fully assembled so your child can start playing as soon as they open the box. Their busy hands will get to work deconstructing these take apart toys, and using the power tool to put them back together again. The small nuts, screws and bolts promote coordination and dexterity. These skills will not only build your child’s confidence, but will improve their fine motor skill for handwriting, dressing themselves and other craft activities. Watch your child’s excitement and confidence grow as they solve the puzzle and fit the different pieces in place to create their own set of construction vehicles.



Learning resources stem toys

The link is given below-


Shifu toys


In this age of science and technology, these games are a must for your growing child. Don’t hesitate to buy them soon!