51 Best Toys for 2 Years Old


When it comes to our child, we want to give them all the happiness of this world. We wish to pamper them all day long because what matters the most is their smile. They are the ones who are the most important to us and who we value the most. So, what can be the best way to make them smile even brighter? What can be that one thing that they will remember for the rest of their lives? Yes! You guessed it right. It’s the toys. Kids love to play with different cute little toys. Don’t get confused because we have got you a number of options. You can either purchase these online or at the nearest toy shop. Here are 51 best toys for 2 years old.

51 Best Toys for Your 2 Years Old Child

51 best toys for 2 year old

Melissa and Doug Dust, Sweep and Mop Toy Set

     Melissa and Doug Dust, Sweep and Mop Toy Set

Toddlers love to mimic household chores and this is the perfect toy set.



Hape City Café Play Kitchen


Hape City Café Play Kitchen


Pretending to cook is one of the favorite activities, even though one does not know how to cook.


Playmobil School Bus

      Playmobil School Bus

Toddlers love to play with the school buses along with the figures to take in and out of the bus.

Melissa and Doug Art Easel


     4. Melissa and Doug Art Easel

Your little one would love to draw images and showcase their creativity.




A wooden Doll House

     A wooden Doll House

This is one of the best way to serve their imaginations.


Fun Factory Retro Pack


fun factory



Let your little develop the skills of imagination.

Mini Kick Scooter

      Mini Kick Scooter

Build up coordination with this.



Nutty Helmet


      nutty helmet

You have got two sizes –  Small or X-Small


Boat with helicopter


Get a floating boat and helicopter set only at $32.


Sand plastic set



Give your baby tools who love digging in sandboxes or the dirt.


Ada Twist

ada twist scientist


Featuring an empowering message.



Doll Family



Get a variety of shades and styles and let them understand the importance of a family.


A Steel Crane


You can also Use this crane with a sandbox.


Farm sound puzzle


This puzzle makes sounds when you place the puzzle at the right place.


An excavator


This is from the series – llama llama


A wooden Drum



This is one of the best musical instruments for kids who love banging on a drum.

Roller toy


This also doubles a pull toy.

Lego Duplo



Not only for 2 years old but they will love playing with it for a number of years.

Mod block


A number of shapes and a number of colors.


Tree Blocks



There is no specific way to build them.


Say Zoop

This is a more exciting way of interacting with a book. All you have got to say is ZOOP

A Fire Truck



Toddlers will push these trucks all around the house.


Personalized Name Puzzle


Help your child in creating their own name using this puzzle.


Bath Toy



Why not make bathing a little more fun with giving them a bath toy


Easter Bag with Ears

Give them their own bag and articles to fill with.

Penguin Parade



Pull a couple of penguins along and make it seem like a penguin parade

Eating Utensils


Give your baby an eating utensil that they can also include in their dinner set.



Roll and Bounce Tower



Create a tower and throw a ball from the very beginning that will roll and bounce till the very end.


A tool Set


Does your baby love fixing things up? This will be a perfect one for him.

A bulldozer



Yes! You guessed it right. You can include this one in your sandboxes.

A number puzzle


Build their knowledge and let them know how to count.


Magnetic gear board



A number of colorful objects to stick on the board


Garages and cars

A complete set of garage along with cars

Police car


One of the most preferred toys of all kids.




Bat toddler hooded cape


Let them disguise and roam around being a small litlle bat


A dinner set


For all those pretty babies who love to act as mommy and daddy.



Junior basketball


A small basketball set where they will try to throw the ball exactly in the basket.


A Farm Playset



Get a number of animals and wheels all in one.



Fish bowl


Get a fish bowl that consists of a number of colorful fishes.



A Popper


Trust me, it’s complete fun sitting on a popper and moving in all directions all on its own.



Bowling Set


Make them learn how to bowl.


Cutting vegetables


Don’t worry. It’s not the actual knife and vegetable cutting. You can get this in the form of clay or plastic.



Wooden Dinosaurs


Get a number of tiny little dinosaurs.


Animal puzzle


You will get a number of different animals and have to place them in the right position.





Arranging the cubes is a lot fun.


Forest babies


Get a complete set of mommy and child animals and let your child know the importance of a mother.


Wooden egg set


This consists of a number of white and brown eggs.


Magnetic building set


Get some sticks and balls and join them to form a huge building.



A horse


Get a horse and make your child sit on it and take all of horse riding.




Get a house built up on a boat and a number of figures all in one.


Santa bag


Gift your child a Santa bag that they can fill up with their favorite toys.