9 Surprising Benefits of Honey and Milk During Pregnancy 


Milk and honey are both highly nutritious food components which can be incorporated into your diet in a number of ways. During pregnancy your aim is to maintain a healthy lifestyle, clear toxins from the body, establish a healthy sleep pattern and look after your emotional well-being. Perhaps Rupi Kaur called her collection of poetry Milk and Honey for the same reason. She wrote

“how is it so easy for you

to be kind to people he asked

milk and honey dripped

from my lips as I answered

cause people have not

been kind to me”

In her poems she talks about the power of empathy, emotional strength and strong women who uplift themselves. Milk and honey are two such components which take care of your mental and physical health.

honey and milk

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Is it Possible to Have Milk with Honey During Pregnancy?
The Precautions are
Milk with Honey During Pregnancy with Colds
Milk with Honey and Butter in Pregnancy
Hot Milk with Honey During Pregnancy
Milk with Honey at Night with Pregnancy
Benefits of Honey and Milk During Pregnancy

All you Need to Know about Honey and Milk During Pregnancy

Is it Possible to Have Milk with Honey During Pregnancy?

Yes, it can be. Both are naturally occurring sources of nutrition and when they are properly treated, they are fit for consumption. However, one should keep in mind certain precautions. This should be done because every person has a unique medical history and consumption of milk and honey can affect them in different ways.

The Precautions are:

Firstly, milk and honey should, under no circumstances, be consumed by women who are allergic to bee products or dairy products. One should also be careful about excessive consumption. Excessive consumption of honey can increase the risk of diabetes and ruin dental health. It can also cause weight gain as one tablespoon of honey usually contains 60 calories. If milk is consumed more than usual, then bloating and indigestion can occur. Around 3 cups of milk a day is permissible generally, but not more.

Secondly, to remain cautious and not cause any adverse effects, honey should only be added to warm milk (but not very hot milk). The reason behind this is that in the heated state, say up to 60 degrees, in honey a toxic substance is formed – oxymethylfurfural. This component is a strong representative of carcinogens. Obviously such substance formation and consumption are highly undesirable, especially during pregnancy, and should be avoided.

Thirdly, do not consume milk and honey in generous amounts if you are at risk for diabetes, or if you have kidney stones, or if you are lactose intolerant.

Milk with Honey During Pregnancy with Colds

The anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties of milk and honey have made it a classic and popular herbal remedy, a good alternative to chemical medicines during pregnancy. A mixture of milk and honey is a simple drink. It should be consumed at room temperature. This drink reduces the pain in the throat and soothes the chest in case of a cough. When you consume milk and honey their nutritional ingredients will promote immunity and help the development of the fetus.

A lukewarm glass of milk mixed with 2-3 tablespoons of honey should be consumed by women with symptoms of a cough. In the morning the cough should be significantly gone. You can also suck on some ginger or clove throughout the day to reduce cough.

Milk with Honey and Butter in Pregnancy

You can enhance the healing qualities of milk and honey by adding natural oils like butter and cocoa butter. Butter should be added to warm milk. This will reduce the soreness of your throat and prevent relief from the incessant coughing and hoarseness of the voice.

Butter is not just something that makes you fat and unhealthy. Contrary to popular belief, the chemical composition of good quality butter includes carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins A, D, E, PP, and B, and a large amount of minerals. Of course butter should be consumed in moderation. Half to one tablespoon of melted butter can be added to warm milk and honey.

Cocoa butter contains triglycerides which are esters of glycerin. It also contains theobromine, which is a natural substance that helps to treat blood pressure and reduces cough. It is a stimulant like caffeine which speeds up the body’s mechanism and brain function. You can also massage the inside of your nose with cocoa butter to prevent respiratory infections and viral diseases.

Hot Milk with Honey During Pregnancy

Making the mixture of milk and honey very hot destroys its valuable nutrient content and can burn the already affected mucous pharynx. It can also result in the formation of the carcinogen oxymethylfurfural. Hence milk with honey should best be consumed in a lukewarm temperature of about 40° C.

Milk with Honey at Night with Pregnancy

A cup of milk with honey before sleep makes the immune system stronger, especially during the seasons of weather change. They are a good alternative instead of artificial sweeteners and white sugar. The level of sugar in the bloodstream is maintained properly, leading to a calm and steady nervous system which ensures a smooth and deep sleep.

Benefits of Honey and Milk During Pregnancy 

  • A faster metabolism due to the mineral content in milk and honey
  • Rich source of Calcium content in milk helps shape and strengthens the baby’s bones.
  • Rich source of Iron which increases the level of hemoglobin in the mother and the child.
  • Vitamins like retinol and Vitamin D aid the growth of the fetus.
  • Honey helps in overcoming insomnia.
  • Honey and milk boost the immune system through its antioxidant properties
  • Honey and milk act as a cough suppressant.
  •  Honey is also known to cure ulcers
  • Honey and milk reduce inflammation, especially that inside a sore throat.

It is safe to consume both milk and honey while pregnant. However make sure the brands you are buying from is reliable, check the contents to be aware of any harmful preservatives as well. Milk and should be pasteurized so that the unhealthy and harmful bacteria in them have been destroyed. Apart from being a good substitute to fulfill sugar cravings, milk and honey contain various health benefits which shall make your pregnancy smooth and happy.




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