11 Health Benefits of Using Coconut Scrub


There’s lotion for your face, for your hands, for your feet, for your body. Why? What would happen if you put hand lotion on your feet? Would your feet get confused and start clapping? Each kind has something special in it – aloe, shea butter, coconut, cocoa butter, vanilla, lemon extract. That’s not lotion. That’s one ingredient short of a Bundt cake.”      Ellen DeGeneres

A culinary ingredient, an essential oil source, a savoury, a body coolant due to the water – coconut has a wide range of uses in the food industry. We all are very familiar with coconut being used in the kitchen of every household in variety of dishes, either as a main ingredient or a garnish. Most of the people are also familiar with the coconut oil being used as a regular hair oil. But, how many of us are aware about the advantages coconut can provide health wise? I’m guessing not much of the populace.

Coconut is not just an internal refresher, but also an externally exfoliating and hydrating agent for the body. Apart from its palatable properties, coconut is one fruit that provides an exhaustive nourishment to the body, majorly skin and hair. Not just its oil, but the coconut can be used in other forms as well like in soaps, water, moisturizing creams, scrubs, etc. Let us take a sneak peek at 11 most essential health benefits of Coconut scrub:

Coconut Scrub: 11 Surprising Health Benefits

Health Benefits of Using Coconut Scrub

Skin exfoliation and hydration

You don’t always need to have a dry skin to have pores in it. Pores are a very common phenomenon in human body that make the skin look pale. This can be easily dealt with by using coconut scrub over the skin. This prevents flakiness in the skin and gives a great sensation while using. Coconut scrub not only cleanses the skin and makes it free of pores, but also hydrates it and helps to retain the moisture required by the body and make it smooth, soft and supple.

Prevent dullness

Flakiness and pores often cause the skin to look dull and unhealthy. This usually happens due to the environmental effects such as dusty air and the pollutants in it. Being a natural and gentle exfoliator, coconut scrub helps to prevent dullness by removing the dead cells from the skin. It helps in the prevention of rashes on the skin and irritation caused due to it, while beautifying it simultaneously.


Prevent infections

Infections, bacterial or fungal, are often seen in people from time to time if proper hygiene is not maintained. Coconut scrub contains high amounts of monolaurin and lauric acid that help in killing off bacteria, which in turn helps to keep infections at bay. Thee oil of the coconut scrub contains acids that help to kill candida and thus, prevents fungal infections.

Relaxes the body

Having a busy and hectic schedule all day long really takes a lot out of your body. Coconut scrub, due to the presence of the coconut oil, has a nice fragrance in it. This helps to relax the body and provide a cleansing aura. This, thus, gives a soothing and calming effect overall with excellent exfoliating results.

Boosts circulation

The skin, if not maintained properly, may lose its glow and softness with time. Hence, it is mandatory to give it an energising boost every now and then to keep it healthy. A mixture of coconut scrub and sea salts, if used on a regular basis, helps to remove toxins and boosts the circulation of the skin. This leads to an amazingly refreshed and energized skin and brings out its beauty naturally.

Prevents acne

A hair follicle, clogged with sebum along with dead skin cells & bacteria, when breaks down, forms acne lesions on your body. The antibacterial properties of the coconut scrub have proven to be a good option to prevent the formation of acne on the body. This doesn’t clog any pores on the body and instead acts as a smooth cleanser for it.

Treats sunburn

The harmful UV rays of the sun definitely do not feel warm and are actually responsible for causing sunburns. The coconut scrub come sin handy to tackle this situation. The presence of vitamin E in it protects and moisturizes the skin and helps to relieve the pain, redness and swelling caused due to any inflammation. It can also be used to reverse the effects of tanning.

Prevents early aging

No one wants to grow old. Everyone wants a younger looking skin. Well, coconut scrub is one thing that can help you achieve this naturally. It contains cytokines that are responsible for encouraging cell growth and activation. This improves wrinkles, dark spot and fine lines. Presence of vitamin C promotes elasticity and flexibility of the skin which makes the skin look youthful and fresh.


Cures damaged hair

Damaged hair is difficult to maintain. The presence of moisturizing property helps to challenge this problem. The moisture helps in preventing brittle and frizzy hair and help to get rid of an irritating and itchy scalp. The antifungal properties help to keep dandruff at bay and leave you with soft, strong and manageable hair.

Promotes hair growth

Hair fall is a result of weak ant unattended hair. Coconut scrub helps to strengthen the hair follicles and thus promote healthy growth of hair. The longer you use coconut scrub to massage the scalp, the more moisture and strength it will provide. Being rich in vitamin K and iron, it helps to make the roots stronger and results in thicker hair with regular use.

Protects lips

Coconut scrub when mixed with sugar, proves to be an amazing remedy for cracked or chapped lips. Being rich in vitamin E, antioxidants, fatty acids and minerals, this scrub provides you with soft, smooth and healthy lips. It not only exfoliates and nourishes your lips, but also drenches them with moisture.

Hence, we see that natural healthy treatment isn’t really as expensive as it may seem by the advertisements of various products. Coconut scrub is not only useful for the skin but shows equally fruitful results when used on hair and lips. So, I guess, we all now know the ‘go-to’ natural product for a refreshing and rejuvenating treatment for our external body, that too with the most minimal side-effects there could ever be!

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