Can Maca Get Me Pregnant?


Maca is a cruciferous vegetable with root-like appearance and is regarded as a medicinal herb with many benefits. Though it is popular as a root, it is more of a food. It is interesting to know that Maca has fertility supporting capabilities and this is the reason it has been used since long for treating infertility and other reproductive health problems. Many women who complained on not being able to conceive obtained great results when they took Maca.

Mentioned below are ways in which Maca helps in boosting fertility and helps in getting a woman pregnant:

maca for pregnancy

10 Ways How Maca Can Help You Get Pregnant


Helps in boosting vitality and libido along with bettering sexual function

There are aphrodisiac qualities in Maca. This helps in supporting increased blood flow to the pelvic region in both men and women. With increased blood flow, better arousal is expected and sexual desire is enhanced. Testosterone levels are boosted in men increasing libido and vitality. Vaginal secretions are increased in women with more cervical mucus production.

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Helps in nourishing the endocrine system

Maca has alkaloids and these have great effect on the pituitary-hypothalamus axis. The glands that are a part of this system include thyroid, pituitary and adrenal glands. Each of these glands plays a pivotal role in maintaining hormonal balance in the body so that all the functions run smoothly.


Helps in boosting stamina and energy

Carbohydrate levels are quite high in maca and thus natural energy is derived from the same when one consumes the same. The natural herb contains almost 60% carbohydrates, majority of which is in the form of sugars and starches.

Helps in maintaining hormonal balance

Having the right hormonal balance is important for proper sexual health. Consuming Maca helps in influencing estrogen production in women. It also boosts testosterone in men. Production of progesterone is also balanced whenever needed. With the right and proper balance of the hormones, libido is improved and boosted in individuals.

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Betters sperm motility, sperm quality and sperm count per ejaculation

With intake of maca, improvement in all these three areas have been noticed and this has also been proved medically. Good sperm health is definitely needed for a woman to conceive successfully. Since it supports hormonal balance perfectly, thus these results are evident. It also provides the required nutrients to the body so that cellular health gets proper support.

Helps in boosting egg health successfully

Various kinds of nutrients are offered by Maca for supporting body health right from the cellular level. With healthy cells and healthy hormonal balance in the female body, healthier eggs are produced, which, when fertilized will lead to successful conceiving. Without good egg health, conceiving will not be possible.

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Ensures endometrium health and regulates smooth menstrual cycle

Innumerable women complain of irregular and painful menstrual cycles. Maca plays an active role in ensuring that a woman has healthy and normal menstrual cycle each month as it is one of the signs of a healthy woman. It is capable of nourishing the endocrine system in women and thus hormonal balance and hormone functions are improved. The pelvic region gets more blood flow. Along with supporting healthy menstruation, it also regulates ovulation and the endometrial lining as well.

Betters follicle health

It plays an immensely active role in stimulating follicles’ maturation within the ovary. This result has been derived after studies of animals from various sources and all of them have shown to have positive results.

Betters thyroid health

In many healthy study reports it has been seen that in about 10 grams of maca root, there is about 52 micrograms of iodine. In fact the dark roots of it contain more iodine content than the lighter roots. For proper thyroid function, iodine is the main component. With maca, there is nourishment and balancing effect on the hypothalamus gland. Almost all the important glands are controlled and provide improved results.

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Helps in better stress response and betters immune health

An adaptogen, maca is really helpful for people who have fertility issues, which are immune related. With proper stress response and immune response from maca, various kinds of fertility issues can be addressed without much problem.

There are many ways in which maca can be included in the diet. Do the same and reap the benefits.